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How to Add Multiple Text Blocks to an Instagram Story

How to Add Multiple Text Blocks to an Instagram Story

Did you know that in 2020 there were 400 million people watching Instagram Stories every day? That’s a captive audience just waiting for you to upload a Story.

Instagram Stories can reach a lot of different eyes, for dozens of reasons. From promoting your band’s music to sharing what you had for dinner, Stories are a great way to grab your viewer’s attention. Don’t just take our word for it—brands and businesses use Stories daily to reach potential customers. They’re as popular as the photos you post on your feed, so it’s no wonder you want to make them as cool as possible.

Although a picture might be worth 1,000 words, text is a key part of making sure your Instagram Story connects with viewers. If you’re curious how to use text with your Story, you’ve come to the right guide.

How to Use Text in an Instagram Story

Text blocks are an excellent way to make your Instagram Story more appealing to your followers.

If you’re posting a video, you can use text blocks to summarize what you’re saying for those who are swiping through stories with sound off. If you’re posting photos or using simple background templates, you can use text blocks to share different info with your audience.

The following steps will guide you through adding text to your Instagram Story:

  1. Launch Instagram on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Swipe to the right on your home page to open “Stories.”
  3. Choose a photo or a video to share.
  4. Tap on the “Aa” icon in the upper right corner.
  5. Start typing your text.
  6. When done, tap anywhere on the screen to exit the text.

You can also add text by simply tapping anywhere on your screen. Your keyboard will immediately pop up so you can start typing right away.

How to Add Multiple Text Blocks to Your Story

Adding multiple text blocks to your Instagram Story is as simple as it gets. When you’re done typing one text block, exit the typing field and move it to a place on the screen. Then tap the “Aa” icon again and start entering a new text block. Repeat that for as many text blocks as you want.

And remember that every text block can have different color and font.

How to Modify Text Blocks in an Instagram Story

You can easily modify a text block on your story before you post it. Just tap the desired text block, and your keyboard will show, and you can start editing.

You can also adjust your text block size by placing two fingers on it and then pinching or expanding them, or using the toggle on the left while in the type mode.

Add Multiple Text Blocks to an Instagram Story

There are other text modifications you can do. The customization options are available at the top of the screen.

  • You have different alignment options (left, right, or center).
  • You can pick various fonts for your text, from classic to bold or italic.
  • You can change your text into different colors and highlight it. As a design tip, use the color dropper option to make sure your text is the same color as an element from the image or video you’re uploading.

And here’s another trick: you can pin your text to a specific place on your video. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Select a video you want to share in your story.
  2. Tap the text icon and enter the desired text.
  3. Exit the typing field and tap and hold the text you’ve added.
  4. New options will appear, with “Pin” at the bottom.
  5. Move the text block to the desired place and tap “Pin” to confirm.

The Best Font Hacks for Instagram

There are only so many fonts you can natively use while creating an Instagram Story. But are there any hacks you can use to be even more creative?

Luckily, yes. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Use Third-Party Apps to Create Stories.

Canva, InShot, Over, Unfold, and other similar apps give you access to even more beautiful fonts that you can use to create unique Instagram Stories. If you have an Apple device, you can use a combination of Over and AirDrop to add your brand’s font to a story.

2. Use GIFs.

You can find more than just cute and funny images among the GIFs available on Instagram. If you type in individual letters or “alphabet” in the search field, you’ll also find letter GIFs that you can use to create text blocks in your Instagram Stories.

3. Make Your Font Three-Dimensional.

The steps are straightforward:

  1. Tap the screen to enter the desired text.
  2. Exit that text block and create a new one with the same text but a different color. They should be the same size, however.
  3. Move the text blocks so they’re one on top of another, but align them so their slightly from one another – make sure both are visible.

That will create a cool 3D effect and make your text pop.

Additional FAQs

Have more questions? Look for the answers below.

How Do You Post Multiple Screenshots to Instagram Stories?

You can post multiple screenshots to your Instagram Stories in two ways – from your screenshots album or from the “Story” screen on Instagram.

If you want to do it from your screenshots folder, simply open it on your phone and select the desired screenshots. Do it by tapping and holding your finger until they’re selected. Then tap on the “Share/Send” button (depending on your phone) and choose “Stories” from the menu. You’ll be able to preview the selected screenshots before posting and edit each one.

If you want to post the screenshots directly from Instagram, open the “Story” screen and swipe up to see your recent images. Select the desired screenshots by tapping and holding, or tap the “Multiple images” icon in the lower right corner. Edit your screenshots and then post them.

How Do You Add New Fonts to Instagram Stories?

You can add new fonts to Instagram Stories by using third-party apps that offer more options. We’ve mentioned some of these apps in the previous sections.

How Do You Add a Color Block to Your Instagram Story?

If you want to color block your Instagram Story, follow these steps:

• Select a photo.

• Tap on the pen tool at the top of the screen.

• Choose a color for your color block.

• Tap the screen and hold until the whole screen is filled with the selected color.

Now you can use the erase tool to show only parts of the original photo. It’s a great idea to share your newest feed post in an interesting way.

Text Doesn’t Need to Be Plain

Who says words are less interesting than pictures? On Instagram, it’s quite the contrary, actually. Text blocks can give that final touch to your story and make it even more innovative. You can add as many text blocks as you’d like, and you can make each of them different and create one-of-a-kind stories that will attract new people to your profile.

How do you typically use text on your Instagram Stories? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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