How To Ask Questions in an Instagram Story

If you run a small business, social media marketing can be a confusing place to operate in but is an essential part of your marketing mix. As Instagram is on such a high right now, it is the one place you need to concentrate on and deliver as much engagement as you can. One powerful way of doing that is by asking questions of your audience in an Instagram Story.

Instagram Stories have gone down a storm. There are around 250 million Instagram Stories consumed every day and that number isn’t slowing down. That makes it fertile ground for marketing and somewhere you need to be if you want to be known. If that wasn’t enough, the more recent Questions stickers for Stories has added another engagement method to your posts to add more interest.

The Questions stickers were originally added so friends could ask each other stuff to help keep them chatting. Then businesses and brands heard about them and they snowballed from there. Now everyone is using them.

Asking questions in an Instagram Story

As a brand, you will already be aware of the necessity of treading lightly on social media. Users are tired of boring ads or blind to most brand messages so you have to look further and deeper to find a path to engagement. Thinking up interesting questions, pairing it with a cool image and posting it to your Instagram page is one way to reach out effectively.

Using Question stickers

As with most things on Instagram, Question stickers are very simple to use.

  1. Open an Instagram Story on your phone or tablet.
  2. Select or take a meaningful image.
  3. Select the small sticker icon in the top right of the screen. It looks like a face with a corner peeling back.
  4. Select a question sticker from the page that appears.
  5. Compose, edit and style your question as needed.
  6. Publish your Story in the usual way.

If you promote yourself on Instagram already and have a few followers, they will see the question as soon as they check your Story. The answers will be collected on the Responses page accessed from within that individual Story.

What questions to ask in an Instagram Story

So you now know how to ask a question in an Instagram Story but what about the kinds of questions to ask. As you likely know, questions are a powerful engagement tool on any medium. Customers and followers love to have their opinion heard and feel valued if you take their views into account for future products, updates or improvements.

Asking questions of them is a key way to show them you’re interested in what they have to say and value them more than merely as customers. Here are some ideas on what kinds of questions you could ask.

Questions on products or services

Asking for feedback on your products or services is the obvious place to start. This is especially useful after a launch or product update. Getting feedback from the people who actually use your stuff is key in every aspect of your business. This is a fast, free and effective way to get it.

Something simple like, ‘Do you like the addition of the widget on our new product?’ or something preemptive like ‘What would you think if we changed the color of our widget to royal blue instead of emerald green?’

Open questions

Everyone should ask open questions of their audience. It provides the widest scope of engaging answers and shows you’re interested in what your audience has to say. Something simple like ‘What do you think of X?’ is super-simple. That X could be anything. A new product, service, color, feature or something not even related to what your business does.

Engagement is about a relationship and shouldn’t be purely about promotion. So asking about the Super Bowl, a world event, the Oscars or something unrelated may not directly promote you but it will help with engagement. Examples like ‘What year would you travel back in time and why?’ or ‘Would you choose the mountains or the beach?’ are fantastic for engagement as they show interest in the people rather than promotion.

Use Polls

Polls work as well as questions for gathering feedback and you can use them in a similar way. They aren’t open like questions can be, but for binary choices they are ideal. Easy to create, fast to answer and Instagram collates all answers in a very easy to understand way.

Your questions will have to be phrased more carefully but you can still get the feedback and the engagement you’re looking for. Try ‘Do you like our new widget? Yes/No’, or ‘Can I email you with a free sample of our new product? Yes/No’ or even ‘Are you a cat or a dog person?’. You get the idea.

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