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The Best All Star Tower Defense Codes [February 2021]

The Best All Star Tower Defense Codes [February 2021]

Are you ready to fend off waves of enemies?

If you don’t have the right unit, it could spell disaster for you and your friends. The only way to do this is to unlock new characters for your game.

Unlocking characters is a relatively straightforward process. You just need the gems to do so.

Discover how to get more gems for your game using All Star Tower Defense codes.

All Star Tower Defense Codes

All Star Tower Defense codes follow the same general script for most free online games. You need to scour the internet to find as many codes as you can and redeem them for your game.

You never know when they’re going to expire, and you don’t know when the next batch of codes will drop.

There are a handful of dedicated websites and YouTubers who upload codes as soon as they find them. But even then, you never know how long they’ve been out there or when their time will run out.

Don’t worry, though. It is all a part of the gaming process.

If you’re lucky, you’ll happen upon a valid code that gives gems in the triple digits. Some codes award players anywhere between 100 and 400 gems. Getting 50 gems per code seems to be the norm though. So, expect to collect codes (and gems) until you can get that rare character that can turn the tides of battle.

All Star Tower Defense Codes Wiki

Wikis are a good source for finding valid codes. However, they’re only as good as their fandom community. That means that fans have to find the time to update and test the codes listed and that doesn’t always happen promptly.

They also suggest that any listed codes may work on a VIP server. So, if you happen across one that doesn’t work in your game, try switching servers. These were some of the codes listed on the fandom wiki that were valid at the time of this posting:

  • nano150k – 50 gems
  • decemberfun2020 – 300 gems
  • 100kClypso – 50 gems
  • likethegamepog – 400 gems
  • subtoinfer2x – 50 gems

You can also find more codes and updates at the Allstar Tower Defense wiki.

All Star Tower Defense Codes on Trello

Another reliable source for All Star Tower Defense Codes is on Trello. Check out the All Star Defense Official page and click on the Codes gif in the far left panel. Trello members for this page say that they update their codes daily, so it may be worthwhile heading over there for the latest codes.

All Star Tower Defense Codes on Twitter

There are only a handful of Twitter accounts devoted to All Star Tower Defense codes. They aren’t necessarily updated daily, though, so you may want to put Twitter lower on your list of priorities when hunting codes.

all star tower

All Star Tower Defense Codes on Fandom

The majority of wiki entries online are hosted on Fandom. So, if you’re deciding between going to Fandom or a random wiki page, they’re basically the same thing.

These fan pages are regularly maintained, but keep in mind that this isn’t their full-time job. That means that they can only update codes as time allows. They do this for the sheer love of the game, but they may not be able to move expired codes off the valid list as quickly as you’d like.

All Star Tower Defense Codes for Coins

If you’re looking to evolving your units by buying towers, you’re going to need some money to do it so. In All Star Tower Defense, that means that you need to get your hands on gold. You can find gold in a variety of ways including:

  • Infinite mode
  • Missions
  • Spending 500 seconds in the chamber

You get 8 coins for every 500 seconds spent in the Time Chamber. However, that number doubles to 16 coins if you have a Roblox Premium account.

All Star Tower Defense Codes Tier List

Tier lists are subject to opinion, and you’ll find a lot of them out there. The Fandom page has a suggested tier list, but it’s a work in progress. Trello also has some tier lists uploaded by the community. But once again, they vary from player to player.

Some YouTubers have also uploaded their opinions of the best tier lists, but once again, that is merely based on their own playing experience.

Generally, Light Yagami seems to top most players’ S Tier with his AOE or Area of Effect. But after that, things start to get a little mixed. You’ll have to mix and match to see for yourself which characters work best for you.

All Star Tower Defense Codes YouTube

There seems to be a YouTube video available for virtually everything under the sun, and gaming videos are currently a trending topic. So, of course, you’ll find code videos for All Star Tower Defense on the YouTube platform.

Some prolific uploaders, such as RazorFishGaming and ItzVexo, upload new videos every few days while others only have new videos every week or two.

How to Redeem Codes in All Star Tower Defense

all star tower defeall star tower defense codense code

Redeeming codes in All Star Tower Defense is a very simple process. Start by opening the game and then follow these steps:

  • Click on the gear icon on the lower right corner of the screen
  • Enter or paste a code in the ENTER CODE text box

The game automatically submits any codes entered in the window. If it’s valid, a message pops up in the center of the screen saying, “Code Success” and the number of gems added. You can also check your gem count near the bottom of the screen to make sure it’s adding properly.

Additional FAQ

What Is the Best Character in All Star Tower Defense?

This depends on who you ask. Some say that Mihawk is the best because he has the biggest range and he also has the second-largest amount of damage in the game.

On the other hand, others say that Broly with his charged attacks is the fastest and strongest in All Star Tower Defense.

How Do You Enter Codes in All Star Tower Defense?

Select the gear icon on the lower right side of the screen to open a window to enter codes.

What Are the Best Codes for All Star Tower Defense?

The best codes are the ones that offer the most gems. At the time of posting, it happens to be “likethegamepog” for 400 gems. But that may expire soon.

How Do You Redeem All Star Tower Defense Simulator Codes?

All Star Tower Defense Simulator is a little different than the anime-inspired All Star Tower Defense. To redeem codes for All Star Tower Defense, look for the Troops menu option. It’s located on the left side of the screen.

Click on the text box that says, “Enter Code” and enter or paste your code.

What Is the Code for a Hunter in All Star Tower Defense?

If you want to get your hands on a free hunter troop, use the code “B1RDHUNT3R” in the code redemption box.

When Is Exclusive Tower Defense Simulator?

You only get access to exclusive towers in Tower Defense Simulator during special events, such as the Halloween one. After the event ends, you lose access to the exclusive tower. Currently, the Halloween 2020 event is still running and it’s unknown when it will end.

Get Into the Habit

If you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on any new codes for All Star Tower Defense, you may want to make a habit out of checking. Follow your favorite code uploaders on social media and YouTube and don’t forget to bookmark those wikis.

Where is your favorite place to find valid codes for All Star Tower Defense? Let us know in the comments section below.

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