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The Best Bumble Questions

Bumble is among the most popular dating apps currently on the market. Its goal? “To reinvent the antiquated rules of dating.” But if you just thought “great, another dating app,” you’d be wrong. This isn’t just another dating app. Bumble is a dating app that puts women in control.

On Bumble, it’s the women that make the first move. It’s the women who have to worry about asking unique questions, avoiding cheesy pick-up lines, and having to go through bouts of awkward anxiety.

And knowing how to get a conversation started with men will help many women make the first move.

Asking the Right Questions

No one can really tell you exactly what to ask someone. It all depends on the situation. Sure, there are some generic pick-up lines that may or may not work, but they’ll stick out like a sore thumb. Remember, we’re talking about men; they’ve all embarrassed themselves with a pick-up line at some point in their life.

So, pick-up lines are out of the question (with one huge exception that we’ll get to soon enough). But what kind of questions are left? That’s right, the generic ones. “How’d you like the weather we’re having?” “What’s your favorite movie?” “Can I have your phone number?” Make no mistake, every single one of these questions may work on a man. In fact, there are even less creative prompts that will prove successful!

But you aren’t looking for this type of question, are you? You want to be unique and original. You want to draw attention. The bad news is, the magic formula doesn’t exist. The good news – getting into the right mindset will work.

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Here are some guidelines on how to come up with great openers on Bumble.

Be Original

This is a no-brainer. Be as unique and original as you can. But how do you “be original?” By acting as naturally as possible. Yes, this is quite a cliché, but it’s important that you note the “as possible” part of the sentence. No one acts completely cool when throwing the first conversation starter punch. No, definitely not guys. Even those who seem cool are using the “coolness” as a façade in most cases.

But you need to use your own personality if you want to be unique. How come? Because you are unique. Everybody is.

Therefore, instead of asking, “Do you watch Netflix?” think along the lines of “I can no longer wait another week for a new episode, how are you planning on making Skynet a reality?”

Always keep in mind that you don’t have to be overly creative to come up with a unique conversation starter.

Use the Pick-up Lines

Yes, it is counter-intuitive. Pick-up lines are lame, right? Still, that’s no reason not to make the most out of them. Yes, you can cleverly utilize certain pick-up lines to your advantage. Especially given the fact that you’re female. This means that most of those horrible pick-up lines can actually turn out funny.

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For instance, “Your breasts look like Mount Rushmore – my face should be among them.” For a guy to say this – absolutely horrible. We’re pretty sure that there isn’t a single woman in the world that would fall for it.

When you use this on a guy, though, the context will be so nonsensical, it’ll most likely make him laugh. It’s also a pretty original way to go, so you get another point for uniqueness.

Be Confident

You’re a girl, you know that confidence can be very sexy. Well, the concept that guys are the ones who need to be confident, while all girls need to do is sit there and be cute, is very antiquated.

As it turns out, guys also favor confidence. They like being approached, they like being appreciated, and they like feeling special, warm, and fuzzy with those butterflies fluttering around in their stomachs.

So, instead of waiting around on other dating apps for the next lame pick-up line, go ahead and make the first move. And be confident and open (to a degree).

Think along the lines of “Hey, I like that you’re into music. That’s a sweet band T-shirt.” or “That bio made me laugh my butt off. You’re funny.”

Be Humorous

Most guys don’t like women who lack a sense of humor. But there isn’t such a thing, really – every person out there has a particular sense of humor. The thing is, for some reason, some women don’t choose to show it right off the bat.

This is actually what guys dislike. They’re interested in girls who make jokes and respond to them too. In other words, they’re looking for a girl who can be their “buddy”, as well.

Puns are excellent conversation starters. Even if they turn out lame, they are, in a sense, supposed to be lame. For instance, “I love your dog. Canine ask you out?” A cool pun will definitely make them laugh.

Be Direct

You don’t have to be direct with your conversation starters, but there’s nothing wrong with it. Most people like being approached directly – and men are no exception. If you think that you’re the only one who finds online dating awkward and borderline ridiculous, you’re absolutely wrong.

Being open and direct about it may just work for your potential date.

Think along the lines of: “Hey, I find this whole online dating stuff weird. Wanna get to know each other this week?”

Be Lighthearted

Some women like to add a full-disclosure when making the first step. Things such as: “I just wanna be clear about it. I don’t like being called ‘babe,’ I’m a democrat, and I like punk rock.”

Don’t be so serious. A full-disclosure isn’t a good conversation starter. Be lighthearted, open, and direct. Leave getting to know each other for dates.

Making the First Step on Bumble

These tips will hopefully help you be smoother when making that first step with the guy that you’re chatting up. Remember to keep things open, direct, funny, and lighthearted.

Which approach would you take when striking up a conversation on Bumble? Have you found these tips helpful? Do you have any other advice? Feel free to join in on the discussion in the comments section below and ask any questions or add any tips that you may have.