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The 65 Best Snapchats to Add [February 2021]

The 65 Best Snapchats to Add [February 2021]

There’s no denying that Snapchat is a fantastic way to share your silliest moments with your friends. But since its inception in 2011, Snapchat has also attracted major brands, personalities, and trends. There’s way more to the app than just seeing what hijinks your buddies are up to. You can catch breaking news, appreciate unique works of art, and get some incredible laughs. And all from the comfort of your couch.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular Snapchat accounts for a variety of interests. However, don’t stop here. There are dozens more just waiting to be discovered.

Glamorous Lifestyles

Sometimes all we want is a peek into the lives of the rich, famous, and adventurous.

DJ Khaled

Snapname: djkhaled305

You’ve probably heard this name floating around the social media sphere for a while now. DJ Khaled is a record producer, radio personality, and, you guessed it, a DJ. In an age when playing beats over the radio waves has seemed a profession of the past, DJ Khaled remains relevant with a strong social media game. Follow him on Snapchat to see some of his crazy adventures and hear some of his colorful life lessons.

Will From Home

Snapname: WillFromHome

Over the last five years, Will Smith has gone from one of Hollywood’s top leading men to a social media influencer, all while still holding his spot as a chart-topping actor. While he’s created work for YouTube and Instagram, he’s finally brought his social expertise to Snapchat in a new original series, Will From Home. Thanks to current events, Will Smith is stuck in his house, and he’ll be premiering new episodes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week to encourage people to stay home.

Rebel Wilson

Snapname: rebelwilsonsnap

Plenty of celebrities have left behind Snapchat for Instagram, which offers more controls for how personalities use social media to interact with their fans and followers. Rebel Wilson, however, is still going strong on the app, and is well worth following for any fans of the Australian actress and comedian.

Bobby “Hundreds” Kim

Snapname: bobbyhundreds

Bobby Kim, known widely as Bobby Hundreds, is a co-founder of the popular L.A. street wear brand, The Hundreds. He’s also known for living big on social media. Follow him and you might see some behind-the-scenes party snaps. You might also get to watch him get stopped by the cops. His wild life is a bit of a wild card.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Snapname: arnoldschnitzel

The terminator turned governator offers a backstage pass to not one but two words: Hollywood and politics. Learn all about what it takes to be a star of the silver screen and a respected politician. If that’s enough you’ll also see plenty of sweet gym selfies.

Ryan Seacrest

Snapname: ryanseacrest

If celebrities are your style, then you need not look much further than Ryan Seacrest. He already makes it his business to give us all a long look at those in the limelight with his engaging red carpet interviews. but what if you could look even closer? Make sure you’re following Ryan before the next big award event for a more intimate look at your favorite celebs.

Keep It

Snapname: KeepIt

Directly from the original Crooked Media podcast of the same name, Keep It is a Snap show that covers everything in entertainment. From the latest movie and music releases to celebrity Twitter fights, Keep It is one of the best podcasts for anyone interested in the mixture of online culture and Hollywood entertainment. The Snap show takes highlights from hosts Ira Madison III and Louis Virtel and makes it into a bingeable series.


Snapname: Driven

The three men behind PTG365, a multi-million dollar car dealership startup with locations across the nation, have joined with Snapchat to create this Snap Original. Watch as these entrepreneurs deliver their custom cars to celebrities and rich clientele using nothing but their phones and sheer ambition. The show just premiered in February, and already has featured clients like Swae Lee and Rich the Kid on their show.

Works of Art

Thanks to Snapchat’s extensive editing tools, snaps can be so much more than reality allows. Some users have even made it their business to perfect their snap editing skills.

Christine Mi

Snapname: miologie

Although she occasionally breaks her mold, Christine likes to snap selfies and then draw famous works of art around her lovely face. Who doesn’t want to be the star of every painting?


Snapname; turbanchino

That’s right…Chino. This snapchatter has one name, like Madonna or Cher, but he’s not belting out power ballads. No, he’s snapping elaborately drawn movie and television scenes with his face inserted in the middle. If you love movies, you might get a kick out of what Chino has to offer.

Georgio Bassil

Snapname: georgio.copter

Georgio’s particular snap artist style is to add whimsical monsters to his snaps. He’s so talented at creating lovable creatures, that his creatures could be at home in a Pixar film. More to the point, there’s nothing else out there like them. Every snap you see is a truly unique experience.

Cyrene Quiamco

Snapname: cyreneq

Once a web designer for Verizon, Cyrene is now a full-time snapchatter. That’s right, she makes a living entertaining others via the snap. Her elaborate and colorful scribbles are sure to entertain. However, it’s her “celebrity selfies” where she draws detailed images of everyone from Ellen DeGeneres to Bruno Mars next to her own, that really set her apart.

Geir Ove Pedersen

Snapname: geeohsnap

Watch out. You might be the subject of one of Geir’s next snaps. He likes to take candid shots of strangers and make them extraordinary with his Snapchat drawing skills. Think of it as the Geir brand of augmented reality.

Audrey Spencer

Snapname: cakes1todough1

In case Audrey’s punny snapname isn’t enough of a reason to follow her, she also has cats. Yes, we’ve finally reached the subject of cats. You didn’t think you were going to get through an article about social media without cats, did you? Audrey offers them up in adorable fashion with drawings to boot.

Steven Paananen

Snapname: stevenballoons

Ok, fine. He’s not strictly a snap artist. Steven doesn’t typically share elaborately dressed snaps. However, we wanted to include him here because he is an artist in his own way. Steven is a Boston based “Balloon Artist Juggler Unicyclist Photographer.” He loves to make people smile and share those smiles across social media. And honestly, who isn’t fascinating with a job title like that?

Bitmoji Stories

Snapname: BitmojiStories

Make sure you aren’t missing out on some of the best content on Snapchat today by checking your page for Bitmoji Stories. You’ll need to have cretated a Bitmoji account and linked your Snapchat account to it in order to get these stories, but once you have, you’ll get custom comics delivered to your feed everyday featuring you and your best Snapchat friends.

Bitmoji TV

Snapname: BitmojiTV

While Bitmoji Stories may be one of the most fun and enjoyable things Snapchat has offered to date, but Bitmoji TV takes it to a whole new level. This animated story follows your own personal Bitmoji through any number of crazy, wacky fun stunts, completely animated every week. The first episode has only aired, but so far, it’s a whole lot of fun, and we can’t wait to see how much better it gets through the next several years.

Social Media Animals

We’ve already mentioned one account involving cats, but they’re not the only animals in the social media game. Many dogs have graced our presence with their adorable snouts and fluffy faces.

Doug the Pug

Snapname: itsdougthe pug

In case it wasn’t abundantly clear, Doug is a Pug. These smooshy faces have been strong internet players for a while now. Doug is no exception. Whether he’s modeling the latest Halloween fashions or doing his best impression of a couch potato, Doug is sure to make you smile.

The Dodo

Snapname: thedodo

One of the most popular social media apps on other platforms (especially Instagram) also has a pretty major presence on Snapchat, which helps to watch some adorable videos within the same app you message your friends. On The Dodo, you’ll find all sorts of creatures, from dogs and cats to snakes, cows, and pigs.


Snapname: jiffpom

Nope, not the peanut butter. This Jiff is a Pomeranian. What’s a Pomeranian you ask? Imagine a thick orange cotton ball with eyes. Now imagine it sticking its tongue out and wagging an orange cotton ball tail. Are your cute receptors about to explode? Maybe you’re not ready for full-throttle Pomeranian. But if you think you can handle it, Jiff could be your dog.


Snapname: wesnapdogs

Sure, you can follow a single dog. But why limit yourself when WeSnapDogs allows you to see up to twenty different good pups per day, depending on how many snaps are sent in. WeSnapDogs acts as a catalyst for users to look at new photos of dogs everyday from all over the world. If you love dogs and you enjoy looking at cute pictures, WeSnapDogs is a must-follow.

Lifestyle Lessons

Maybe your done with cute and pretty and you want something you can really use. Look no further than these helpful gurus.

Cassey Ho

Snapname: blogilates

If you’re reading a one thousand work list on the best Snapchat accounts to follow, then maybe you need to get off the couch. We got you. Cassey is a fitness guru who makes it her Snapchat mission to get others motivated (and moving).

Naomi Davis

Snapname: love.taza

Naomi is a lifestyle blogger who loves to talk about being a busy mommy in the Big Apple. She snaps about her three kids, her crazy city, and how she works hard to balance it all.

Erica Domesek

Snapname: psimadethis

Erica’s is probably the handiest Snapchat account on this list. She has made a name for herself as a DIY (do it yourself) expert. What’s more, she’s happy to share all that she knows with her followers, including craft tips, tasty food, and behind-the-scenes snaps at photo shoots.

This is Life

Snapname: This Is Life

Brought to Snapchat by LGBTQ publication Pink News, This is Life is one of the most wholesome series you can follow on the app today. Each episode looks at someone’s life, and what makes them unique from the pack. Looking at how sexuality and gender affects the lives of young people today, This is Life offers viewers both a look at perspectives they may not share, and a heartwarming vision of the future.


Snapname: FailArmy

There’s no shortage of “fail” videos online, but FailArmy has aggregated some of the best content we’ve ever seen on the platform. They’re some of the best in the game, creating some of the best fail montages online today. Each episode is guaranteed to make you laugh again and again. With a format that goes back to the laughs of America’s Funniest Home Videos, it’s guaranteed to be a hit every time you open the app.

Snaps of the Day

Snapname: SnapsoftheDay

Snapchat’s own daily roundup of the best Snaps from around the world is basically a must-follow. Every day, Snaps of the Day gives you the best snaps, from challenges to brand-new filters. Each episode is quick, fun, and gives you a few different themes to pick from each day. We’re as surprised as anyone it took Snapchat this long to launch such an obvious idea, but it’s a great way to keep informed on the app.


Snapname: Benchmob

Snapchat’s audience skews younger, so if you’re still in high school (or college) and you want to see some of the most fascinating young athletes around the world today, Benchmob is the perfect story for you to follow. Designed to highlight user-submitted stories from around the US, you’ll see high school athletes performing incredible feats of strength.

Fashion Favorites

Interested in the latest accessories? Maybe you just want a closer look at what makes some fashion experts tick. Whatever your fashion needs, there are dozens of awesome accounts to meet them. Here are a couple of our favorites.

The Cut

Snapname: the.cut

This popular internet publication is a catch-all for beauty tips, fashion news, product reviews, and more. But you don’t have to visit their website to get a taste of what they have to offer. Just follow them on Snapchat and let the beauty buzz roll in.

Sophia Amoruso

Snapname: sophiaamoruso

Ever heard of that new Netflix series Girlboss? It’s about a sassy young entrepreneur who took the fashion internet world by storm in the mid-2000’s. The show may not have made it past one season, but the very real and very incredible person on whose best-selling memoir it was based is alive and well…and snapping for your entertainment.

Hooked on the Look

Snapname: hookedonthelook

A Snapchat original show, Hooked on the Look has been running for four seasons now, and it’s perfect for anyone curious in how those who crave attention manage their lives. Hooked on the Look follows people who will do anything to be the star of the show, from cosmetic surgery to outrageous fashion choices. It’s one of the better Snapchat-exclusive shows, and well worth your subscription.

Snappy Eats

Fashion not your thing? Not to worry. Snapchat has a plethora of culinary accounts that will make your mouth water. These few are only the beginning.

Levi Eirinberg

Snapname: levicooks

Levi is a fourteen year old chef who you may remember from season two of MasterChef Junior. He may not be on TV anymore, but he’s still at it and sharing recipes, cooking tips, and more with all the unfettered enthusiasm of a child.

Hot Ones

Snapname: HotOnes

This Snap Story comes to you from the immensely popular YouTube channel of the same name. Hot Ones on Snapchat shows you highlights from the newest episodes, making it easy to catch up on what you haven’t seen when you’re on the go. If you aren’t familiar with Hot Ones, the premise is simple: it’s an interview show with celebrities of all types, while the interviewee has to eat chicken wings that increase in spice dramatically throughout the run.

Snack Wars

Snapname: SnackWars

We all love snacks. This is simply a fact of life, and Snack Wars knows it. This Snap original invites celebrities to try snacks from around the world, to see what works and what doesn’t. From Tom Holland and Ryan Reynolds to Danny DeVito and Colin Ferrell, Snack Wars has the food and the celebrities you love.


Snapname: REACT

Reaction channels have been massively popular for years on end over at YouTube, and with this Snap original, Snapchat has come to the game prepared. With two seasons and over 100 episodes in the backlog, you can binge through this Snapchat classic. Kids, teens, college students, adults, and elders all bring their perspective to TikTok trends, popular shows, food hacks, and so much more.


Snapname: sortedfood

This internet food community is a great place to share recipes, cooking tips, and cooking triumphs. Unlike many other food-based Snapchat accounts, theirs isn’t about making you jealous. It’s all about support, education, and fun.

The Infatuation

Snapname: Infatuation

This food blog has been described as “bro-esque” so it’s no surprise that the name seems to be an homage to Jersey Shore’s “Situation.” However, don’t let that fool you. This restaurant review start-up knows its stuff and shares some spectacularly mouth-watering pics. Just make sure you don’t eat your phone.

Late Night Munchies

Snapname: LateNightMunchies

We’ve all been there: it’s a Friday night and you should be asleep, but all you can think about is the leftovers sitting in your kitchen fridge. Don’t worry—you aren’t alone. If that describes you, you’ll be happy to know Late Night Munchies is an entire Snapchat channel that puts a spotlight on those creations you make out of random ingredients at 2am. Watch and indulge.

Matt Stonie

Snapname: mattstonie

For the unfamiliar, Matt Stonie is a professional competitive eater—sounds like a dream job to us. Matt has a brand-new Snapchat show available within the Discover tab of the app that sees the man taking on some truly wild and outrageous eating challenges, including a mountain of fried chicken, a gallon jar of pickles, and most distressingly, 6,400 calories worth of bologna.

Gaming Fun

If you love to play, watch, or follow video games, you owe it to yourself to make sure you’re keeping up on the hottest news surrounding games, eSports, and everything else surrounding the scene.

Mojo Plays

Snapname: MojoPlays

A whole original show based on the WatchMojo channel on YouTube, MojoPlays counts down the top ten of any gaming list you could possibly think of. The first episode debuted last fall, where the show covered the top ten dances in Fortnite, making it an excellent premiere episode for what is a show well-worth subscribing.


Snapname: Tryhard

From comedy and jokes to hard news surrounding the eSports scene, TryHard is the best way to get access to all the news surrounding everything from Overwatch and Fortnite to Rocket League and Call of Duty, everything you could want in the eSports scene is here. There’s news, quizzes, and a whole lot of memes, making it absolutely worth checking out.

FaZe Clan

Snapname: FaZe Clan

Formerly known as FaZe Sniping, this eSports team group is one of the most popular in the world. Founded in 2010, they’re known for their plays in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)Fortnite, and Overwatch, along with other shooting-based competitive games. The team has made over $6 million from competitions alone, and you can check out their stories while browsing through their Snap stories on your phone.


Snapname: GTAwesome

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most successful pieces of entertainment ever, and a huge part of that is the online portion of the game. In GTAwesome, you’ll get some of the coolest highlights from Los Santos, as players from around the world battle it out in GTA Online.

Name Me If You Can

Snapname: namemeifyoucan

Snapchat’s unique story mode can give way to all sorts of features, including the ability to play some fun guessing games while you’re swiping through your daily stories. Name Me If You Can asks viewers to guess the correct answer from trivia questions regarding your favorite characters from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and plenty of other brands. From naming the character correctly to identifying the “wrong” version, there’s plenty of fun to be had.

Teleport Yourself Anywhere

That’s really what you can do too with these amazing travel accounts. Just open up your Snapchat app and find out where they are taking you next.

Branden Harvey

Snapname: brandonharvey

A travel photographer, Branden Harvey globe trots with the best of them. And he’s happy to share his snaps from trains, planes, and…well…you get the idea.

Kate McCully

Snapname: adventurouskate

Kate managed to make her way as an independent travel blogger, an impressive feat. Now, she’s settled in Manhattan and putting her travel writing to work on New York City. Follow her to see more of NYC than you ever thought possible.

Mia Khalifa


The former adult actress has taken to vlogging in recent months, following her and her boyfriend Robert as they travel the world, creating excellent travel vlogs anywhere they go. Fans of the couple can keep up with their antics by following them on Snapchat, where Mia posts links to her latest vlogs on YouTube and also shows herself hanging out with Robert on a usual basis. The couple has had a fascinating life so far, and between Mia’s vlogs and her partnership with RoosterTeeth, it’s clear she has a long career ahead of her.

What the Flip

Snapname: whattheflip

This one’s simple. Do you like flips? Of course you do—everyone does. What the Flip gathers some of the best flips online today, from jumping in the ocean to sick flips on trampolines. It’s a must-watch Snap channel.


Over time, news outlets have been getting wise to the social media game. It makes sense too. What better way to get information out there than to find people where they live – their smartphones.


Snapname: nowthis

Never heard of Now This News? It’s time you got a lesson in the future of reporting. Now This News is a news outlet that lives pretty much exclusively inside of social media. It reports and updates using the same tools that you use to tell your besties about your new haircut. As such, the outlet has perfected the art of using media like Snapchat to full effect.

The Washington Post

Snapname: washingtonpost

Of course, the existence of trendy news outlets like the one mentioned above does not mean that classic organizations can’t get hip to new media. The Washington Post uses Snapchat to bust open breaking news stories with lightning speed, giving followers a raw look at what’s happening in their world.

Barstool Sports

Snapname: Barstool

Love ’em or hate ’em, you have to admit that Barstool Sports is one of the biggest names in entertainment today. From sports to colleges and everything in between, Barstool is a must-follow account wherever they go—and that includes Snapchat.

Entertainment Weekly

Snapname: entertainmentweekly

It might seem odd to suggest you follow an entertainment magazine’s online and digital presence, but we have a good reason. Entertainment Weekly often gets first looks at some of the biggest films of the year, including most of the Marvel movies, and with their Snapchat account, you can make sure you’re always up to date on the newest superhero tales, from Captain Marvel, to the return of the Avengers next summer.


Snapname: WatchMojo

With Comic Con about to kick off, it’s the perfect time to subscribe to WatchMojo on Snapchat. Their content covers surprises from past Comic Cons to the latest news from the ground floor. Whether you love nerd culture or you’re a fan of WatchMojo’s top ten videos on YouTube, you should get on board with their Snapchat account.

Genius News

Snapname: GeniusNews

When it comes to keeping track of the hottest stories in music, Genius has you covered. The ever-popular lyrics website has their own Snapchat show that covers breaking stories in music, including the making of the biggest songs in pop and hip hop, various controversies surrounding our favorite performers, and the loss of some of the youngest up and coming artists in the game. If you love music, Genius News is a must-subscribe.

Good Luck America

Snapname: GLAmerica

Good Luck America has actually been around since the 2016 Presidential Election, and was a major player this year in the 2020 US election. This Snapchat Original is hosted by Peter Hamby, a former reporter at CNN and the head of news at Snapchat itself. It does lean left, so if the politics of this show don’t match your own, you may not find it interesting. Those who find themselves either in the moderate or Democrat side of things, however, may enjoy the show’s weekly take on what’s going on in the world of US politics.

Unique Additions

This really the only way to describe this last line-up of Snapchat accounts. Each of these accounts brings something fresh to the table and is well worth a peek.

Las Angeles Museum of Art

Snapname: lacma

If you love pairing rap and R&B lyrics to classical artwork, then look no further. The often hilarious Las Angeles Museum of Art Snapchat account plays with lyrics and artwork to attract a younger demographic. They also occasionally play on popular social media trends.

The Slow Mo Guys

Snapname: SlowMo Guys

The Slow Mo Guys have been around since 2007, but they haven’t just stayed on YouTube. From Snapchat and Instagram to newer ventures like TikTok, co-creators Gavin Free (RoosterTeeth) and Dan Gruchy have expanded their reach to billions of views. Follow the boys’ adventures as they explore the world of camera tech to bring you slow motion video you never thought possible.

Alex Richter

Snapname: decalex

Alex is a calligrapher and he loves showing off his dramatic writing skills on Snapchat with funny, inspiring, and beautifully written phrases. Follow him for a gorgeous pick-me-up.

General Electric

Snapname: generalelectric

You probably weren’t expecting to see this name on the list. However, GE has gone out of its way to create its own social media trends. The big corporation’s Snapchat account is charmingly geeky and refreshingly educational. It even includes a series where they explain scientific concepts in a fast and fun way, using the hashtag #emojiscience. Oh…and did we mention Bill Nye?

Science Garage

Snapname: sciencegarage

An original Snapchat production for anyone who loves to check out cool science tricks and other fascinating gizmos, Science Garage is a must-watch Snapchat show. Hosted by Bart, Science Garage is the perfect combination of cars and science. If you like either of those things, this is absolutely the Snapchat channel for you.

Phony Texts

Snapname: PhonyTexts

There’s something to be said for telling stories in a new, innovative way, and that’s exactly what you’ll find happening in Phony Texts, a Snapchat show that features scripted series set through the world of iMessage. From high stakes drama to low-level crushes, Phony Texts is a fascinating way to tell a text-based story purely through your smartphone.

Pop Culture

Snapname: PopCulture

This Snapchat Original hosts Community Stories based around a revolving set of themes every single week. When we posted this, Pop Culture’s theme was Pure Nostalgia, and it featured all the Gameboys, iPods, and Moto Razrs you might’ve wanted as a kid.

Key and Peele

Snapname: K&P

Key and Peele may have wrapped up back in 2015, but the sketches still work as some of the best improved comedy of the 2010s. Their name Snap channel showcases some of the best sketches from the shows entire run. Unfortunately, the sketches are filled with ad breaks, but it’s still a must-follow for all fans of the comedy duo.

Saturday Night Live

Snapname: SNL

Everyone always prefers the SNL of their youth—things were always better in the past, after all—and Saturday Night Live on Snapchat knows this. In addition to sharing sketches from that week’s newest episode, they revisit some classic sketches guaranteed to bring around some solid laughs.

Newest Additions

There’s always new additions to add to your Snapchat collection, so if you aren’t sure which accounts are the best around, check back here every month for a brand new update. Here’s our picks for the month of December.


Snapname: Memestrology

The internet loves memes. The internet loves astrology. What Memestrology—a brand-new Snapchat show to kick off 2021—asks is, what if we combined them both? Memestrology combines your star signs with internet mayhem and a tarot card reading. Memestrology promises to have a brand-new reading for your sign each week, as the episodes combine popular videos and predictions of your future.

Ryan Doesn’t Know

Snapname: Ryan Doesn’t Know

In this brand-new Snap Original, one of the internet’s favorite actors gets his chance to get schooled on all sorts of things that might just make his life better. Ryan Reynolds stars in Ryan Doesn’t Know, which features Ryan learning how to improve himself through all sorts of lifehacks. After just nine episodes, the show already has a million subscribers, which makes it well worth the watch.


These accounts are just the tip of the iceberg, but that doesn’t mean you should pass them by. Try them out and see how Snapchat can be so much more than just snapping and chatting.

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