How To Change Location or Region in TikTok

One of the newer, more popular social networks online today—especially among younger users—is TikTok, the video-based social network that allows users to create and broadcast short video clips ranging from 15 seconds to a full minute to their fans and followers, racking up an audience as they publish to the platform.

Since merging with former (and quite similar) social network, TikTok has become incredibly popular, surpassing apps like Facebook and Instagram in terms of total monthly downloads in 2018.

This popularity is, in large part, thanks to the teenagers and twenty-somethings have been attracted to the site thanks to its younger demographic, the ability to create content based around or set to popular media (including music, stand-up, television clips, and more), and the service’s replacement as a video-sharing network that exists in the void created by the death of Vine.

Of course, if you want to get a look at how various other regions use TikTok, you’ll need to change your location. Let’s take a look at how to change your region in TikTok.


There’s a lot of content to explore on TikTok. From funny videos to people showcasing true talent, viewers can spend hours scrolling through entertaining and engaging content. For those who are truly passionate about following the apps’ top creators, they can even send gifts to show support.

To understand TikToks’ region targeting algorithm, you must first understand a few things about the interface. When you first launch the TikTok app, videos automatically begin playing. What’s interesting is how these videos are prioritized in your ‘For You’ feed.

Although TikTok is very hush-hush about the subject, there are a few patterns that indicate how these videos appear in your feed.

  • One, of course, is Region, depending on where you live in the world, a brand new TikTok user will start out by seeing content from their home country.
  • Another is language, it wouldn’t make sense to post several videos in your ‘For You’ feed if you couldn’t understand the native language of the creator.
  • Finally, the app will learn your interests and likes over time. As you engage in the content posted, the app will begin showing you videos that you may find interesting based on past activity.

These short 15-second videos tend to vary in content and effects (you can add slow-mo, duets, and more). If you’re interested in content from another country, TikTok doesn’t give you the option to select which area your videos originate from. There are a few workarounds.

None of these are official but users swear by them. It’s important to keep in mind that social media algorithms change constantly so what might work today, may not work tomorrow.

Change location or region in TikTok

Despite being global, TikTok tends to limit what you see and who sees you by region. That’s fine if your region has lots of users or users you want to watch your video. If there aren’t a lot of talented creators in your feed, changing the region is takes a little more work.

Workaround 1: Change Your Language

As stated above, TikTok isn’t likely to recommend any content of a language that isn’t native to your area. Fortunately, you can add multiple languages within the settings of the app.

  1. Launch TikTok and select ‘Me’ in the lower right-hand corner.
  2. Tap on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Select ‘Content Preferences’ under the Account section.
  4. Add the native language of the region you’re looking for.

This may not instantly correct your TikTok region conundrum, there are a few more things to do before the algorithms recognize your intentions and offer the content you seek.

Workaround 2: Start Following

Based on what we’ve seen, TikTok will recommend content based on who you follow and the types of videos you interact with most. It’s time to head over to the app and start following people in the region you’re interested in.

The ‘Search’ option is not available from the TikTok website but it is easily identified in the app version by clicking on the magnifying glass labeled ‘Discover’ in the lower left-hand side of the application. Type the most popular users in the region you’d like to view in the search bar.

Tap the red ‘Follow’ button. Next, tap ‘Followers’, in the screenshot above you’ll see this creator has 43.3 million followers, tap that. Scroll through the list provided and follow accounts there as well.

Next, you can begin engaging in each users’ content. Like and comment on the videos to show TikTok what you’re interested in.

Visit the top TikTok creators for a list of people to follow if you aren’t sure who’s the most popular and what region they’re from.

Workaround 3: The Sim Card Swap

Usually, when someone wants to appear from a different country we suggest using a VPN. That doesn’t seem to work with TikTok. It seems to use your SIM region code to decide what you see. One method you can try is to buy a SIM from a different region and use it in your phone.

The reality of doing that is simple enough if you use eBay. Just buy a SIM card from the region you want to appeal to and use it on your phone when you want to use TikTok. It’s a hassle unless you have a dual SIM phone but it is achievable if you really want to go it.

A potential workaround

While I haven’t tried it, you may be able to work around region restrictions by using an emulator. Something like Bluestacks for Android. Install it onto your PC, install TikTok into Bluestacks and try from there. While I haven’t tried it myself, you control exactly how Bluestacks is configured and it doesn’t use a SIM but your IP address for the location. Here you could definitely use a VPN to appear in different countries.

Bluestacks costs a little money but is useful for much more than just TikTok. It’s a legit Android emulator for PC that you can play games on, test apps on, and a whole lot more. You don’t have to use Bluestacks either as there are other emulators available.

Getting Your Videos Out There

Unfortunately, it’s much more difficult to make your TikTok account global. When you start out, your content is published only to those in your area. Unless you can make Bluestacks, a VPN, or the Sim card workarounds effective, you’ll be at the mercy of making your account one of the most coveted and followed profiles in existence.

There are a lot of ways to become TikTok famous and the great thing about the app is it focuses on self-starters (you don’t have to be a celebrity to become famous). Choose the right lighting and effects, add great music, and show off your talent! As you gain followers you not only get gifts, the TikTok algorithm may push you into new regions.

You can always purchase TikTok Pro to help you identify what is working and what isn’t. The TikTok analytics will give you insight into the demographics that are viewing your content most.

Social media analytics provide an excellent source of information geared towards making you successful. Using the Pro version of TikTok will help you along your journey to international stardom.

11 thoughts on “How To Change Location or Region in TikTok”

Avatar unknown says:
i just want my videos to reach America
Avatar Andjela says:
Avatar mimi says:
I had to take out my Chinese SIM while in Europe in order to get the app to even start working, now my phone has no SIM but it still somehow knows my region and often shows me videos of people from my country. My app language is English, so I wonder what else are they using to figure out where i’m from?
Avatar Edgar says:
Your phone number is registered in tiktok, change your number in there and it’ll show you other region
Avatar Roshan Jimmy says:
Ok, guys, I found it.
First, download a VPN. Nord Vpn works great.

Second, I am from India and I wanted to see US content because that is real lit.

so I shut down the phone, REMOVED MY SIM CARD and then connected to a VPN in the USA.

When I opened TikTok, Dwayne the Rock Johnson popped up and that’s when I knew i got USA content.

I checked every other post and yup. its all USA baby.

Try it. This case has been closed.

If you have the option to disable your sim from even operating in your phone without having to take it out, then try that and see if it works.


Avatar Sandy says:
Hi Roshan,
Thanks for the info it worked!
I would like the content I create to be shown to an Indian audience, but I live in Australia. My analytics tell me that TikTok shows my content to Australians mostly, do you know how I can change this so that my content reaches India?
Any help would be appreciated :)
Avatar Faris khan says:
Can you put your sim card back after doing this?
Avatar Sarah says:
I was originally seeing tik toks from the us which was in my opinion far better content. Now all I am seeing is utter crap from the UK. I want to change it back but changing the region does not work
Avatar Tiffany Strange says:
The only ppl that like or comment on my videos are ppl from a different country with no content?!?!? Why is this??
Avatar Breanna says:
How can I download the old musically version back
Avatar Hiro says:
NordVPN works for me, without changing SIM cards. I’m on airplane mode as well.
Avatar Yas says:
Hey, do you use Android or IPhone?
Avatar Patrick Lepson says:
Can anyone confirm that changing the SIM makes it so your content is also displayed on the region that your SIM is from? Currently I do see the content of the SIM but not sure if mine is shown.
Avatar sudhakar says:
where tiktok video saved in pc
Avatar Avi says:
Can only people from your country see your tiktoks or can people from all over the world see them?
Avatar Tati says:
i think people all over the world could see them but mostly from your own country i guess
Avatar Ambika says:
I’m from India. Once suddenly I have seen various videos of China after changing the region on Tiktok. Since I like china based music & their ideas of making videos around 2:00 a. m. I have seen many videos. Later on I again changed my region to my own country. Again I changed to China… But it didn’t come more still now I’m waiting for more videos
Avatar Siya says:
How do you change the region?

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