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How to Change the Search Distance in Bumble

How to Change the Search Distance in Bumble

First, let’s answer your burning questions. Unfortunately, Bumble has removed the search distance slider from the app and the site. There is no way to change the search distance in Bumble at the time of writing this article.

That may change in the future, but nothing is confirmed yet. Your best alternative for expanding Bumble’s search distance is changing your location. You can do this in several ways, only one of which is official, while others involve some loopholes.

Read on and find out how to change your location in Bumble.

Update Your Location

If you search for the option that allows you to change your location in Bumble, you will notice that there is no such option. Both the Bumble app and website use GPS on your device to track your current location. Android and iOS apps don’t have any settings for changing the location.

However, you can update the location on the site. Have in mind that you’ll have to change your physical location for the site to update it; you can’t manipulate it. Follow the steps to update your location:

  1. Open the Bumble website and Sign In.
  2. Click on your profile icon in the top-left corner of your screen.
  3. Select the Settings menu.
  4. Find the Location setting, and tap the refresh button next to your town.
  5. Bumble will update your location automatically, but you need to permit it to track your device’s location.
    give permission

Bumble mobile apps use your device’s location every time you use to start the app. The mobile version also requests to know where you are, and you need to permit it if you want your location updated.

The Unofficial Way – Use a VPN App

The first “unofficial” way of changing your location on Bumble involves something you might have already guessed. Yes, a VPN (virtual private network) service can take care of many problems or boundaries you may have online, including changing your Bumble location.

With a VPN, you can set your geolocation manually, by selecting one of the many available VPN servers. Like always, our first recommendation is ExpressVPN because it is the best one around. The best alternatives are NordVPN and OpenVPN.

All of these VPN services offer exceptional security, speed, and value for your money. Refer to their official user guides or manuals if you want detailed instructions on setting them up and getting the most out of them.

Unfortunately, Bumble doesn’t allow you to choose your location as you please, which sometimes limits your ability to find the right match. With the search distance option removed, there is no way you can expand the search within the app.

In essence, using a third-party app to change the location is your only way out.

GPS Faking

If you don’t want to pay for a VPN, you can use a free mobile GPS faking app. There are many available on the Play Store, but we try to find the best ones for you.

For Android, we recommend Fake GPS Location. The app is relatively simple to use, and it’s on the official Google Play Store, so it should be safe. Its counterpart for iPhone has the same name. Here is a direct link to its App Store page.

Note that both the Android and the iOS apps should work, but some caution is advised. If you notice anything sketchy going on, or if the location spoofing isn’t working, delete the app from your device and refrain from using it again.

Look for New Updates

The search distance feature used to exist in Bumble settings, but it was removed for unknown reasons. Perhaps Bumble will revamp it, so be on the lookout for any future updates to the app and site. Using a reliable VPN is your best choice for changing your location on Bumble. Otherwise, you will be stuck with your current location, with a limited number of possible matches.

What do you think about this? Should Bumble improve these features? Let us know in the comments section below.

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