Christmas Gift ideas for Teenage Girl

So, the Christmas is coming up and you need a good gift for a teenage girl. Is it your daughter? Sister? Friend? It doesn’t matter: the gift must be great in all these cases.
And of course, everything must be perfect when you give a gift — because, well, it’s Christmas day, not something ordinary. We understand this, and if you want to find a perfect gift, you are in the right place.
Here we’ve collected 24 best gifts for a teenage girl. We understand that the definition of a “teenage girl” term is quite controversial, so we’ve found the gifts that would work well for the girls from 13 (or even 12) to 18 (or even 19). Some of the gifts from our list would suit 13 yo, the others would work better for 18-19 yo girls, but the majority of the offers are perfect for all teenage girls, we guarantee it.
So, there are 8 paragraphs, each one includes 3 categories of gifts and each category includes one product that we’ve considered to be the best one. However, the links to these categories are included, too — so you are not limited to one product only. Let’s start?

Cute things to get a teenage girl for Christmas

So, we’ll begin with some cute gifts. And, well, when it comes to cute things, the first word that pops into your head is usually “Teddy”. It makes sense that the second word is “Bear”, right?
That’s why we’ve decided to add one of those cool teddy bears to this list. And of course, we couldn’t forget about jewelry!
That’s why we also recommend to pay attention to bracelets and earrings. We won’t talk about those expensive, gold jewelry with diamonds — but the options here are still great. Take a look!

Teddy Bear

Teenage girls don’t usually admit that they want teddy bears. You know, they are too old for this (well, at least they think so). However, when you give such a gift, she’ll be surprised and happy with it, 100% — and this is especially relevant to the girls from 13 to 16. But take all the factors into account — if she wants something else (or if she’s at a difficult age), it may be not the best gift in the world.
We’ve chosen the best bear on the Internet, but if you want to choose another one, click here.

Huge Teddy Bear

Huge Teddy Bear
Well, it’s really huge. 38 inches tall bear made of soft and high quality materials would be a good friend for the teenage girl. Her age doesn’t matter!


It’s a classic gift, you can’t deny that. Maybe, it’s too early for golden jewelry, so we recommend to look at silver ones. However, you can choose any other material and design of a bracelet here.

Sterling Silver Byzantine Bracelet

Sterling Silver Byzantine Bracelet
.925 sterling silver is a perfect material for such jewelry. The design is really cool (it’s byzantine bracelet which means the structure looks like a rope), the quality is high and the feedbacks are very good. Very good choice for a teenage girl.


Another jewelry gift, another gift that will make every teenage girl happy. We’ve decided to include silver earrings in this list (the reasons are the same as for the previous gift). Well, there is only one problem: you have to know the girl very well to choose the best earrings (or ask her about her preference.

Dazzling Rock 0.22 Carat Silver Earrings

Dazzling Rock 0.22 Carat Silver Earrings
Silver earrings with real diamonds for such price — it’s possible! Real sparkling diamonds would 100% surprise your daughter, sister or friend. The price is quite reasonable, too.
Ok, we’ve done with jewelry and teddy bears here — now it’s time for more interesting and unusual gifts. Are you ready?

Best toys for teen girls on Xmas

We’ve decided to add something really interesting and not classic here. Well, some of these gifts may look like not the best choice for Christmas, but believe us — girls love such gifts regardless of the date. Let’s go.

Instant print camera

So, we’ll start this paragraph with instant print cameras. Do you remember the cameras with instant printers which were quite popular 20-25 years ago? Well, you’ll be surprised by what they are nowadays! What’s more, teen girls love such stuff — 90’s trends are back, and such popularity is another clear indication of it.
Click here to choose by yourself (or follow the links below, because we’ve already chosen the best camera).

Kodak Mini SHOT Instant Print Camera

Kodak Mini SHOT Instant Print Camera
The camera is quite good, although it’s only 10 megapixels (but as everyone knows, it’s all about the sensor size, and it’s very good here). The design is just perfect — the camera is very small, yellow (you can choose another color), it has an LCD screen and the photos made with this camera are quite good.
And don’t forget about the cartridges, of course.


Christmas doesn’t look like a perfect day for sunglasses, right? But believe it or not, girls adore sunglasses so you will not make a mistake if you buy one of them. The category is here, but don’t miss the sunglasses we’ve chosen especially for you!

Ray-Ban 3025 Mirrored Sunglasses

RayBan 3025 Mirrored Sunglasses
In case you don’t know anything about sunglasses, Ray-Ban is one of the best and the most reputable manufacturers of sunglasses. It’s not just sunglasses, it’s a brand — and brands are very important for teen girls.
Too important, maybe.
The quality of these shades is extremely high, the frame is made of metal and the design… Just look at it.

Makeup gift set

Of course, girls love doing makeup. A high quality makeup set would work well if you don’t know what to choose — it’s like a universal gift for every girl from 12 to 18. Choose anything here or look at the set below:

Maybelline New York Bestie Bundle

Maybelline New York Bestie Bundle
Any makeup look is possible with this set, that’s what we can say about it. It’s quite cheap, but the price is not its main advantage, while the high quality is. Highlighter, 24k palette, Matte Ink (red lipstick) — these three products will make every teenage girl the biggest star!
We’ll continue talking about popular gifts for teenage girls. Now it’s high time for perfumes, watches and… and something else.

List of good Christmas gifts for teenage girls

And when we say “something else”, we talk about hoverboards! They are really great and teens (not only girls) from 12 to 19 adore such things. In addition to the hoverboards, we’ve also added perfume and watch — and if you still haven’t made your final choice, you most likely will have made it by the time you read this paragraph.


Let’s begin! All the girls love perfumes and that’s why it’s one of the best gifts possible. It’s not something Christmas-related, but we are sure that every girl would be glad if you give her a new perfume. Choose something here or (it’s the best thing you can do) choose the perfume we’ve found for you. It’s perfect for teens. Why?

Wonderstruck Taylor Swift 2 Piece Set

Wonderstruck Taylor Swift 2 Piece Set
Because this perfume isn’t just an average perfume. Do you know Taylor Swift?
You can be sure that a girl you want to give a gift to knows her much better. This perfume is truly the best gift for a girl who listens to music. For all of them, basically.
Perfect gift box, nice and soft fragrance, the singer who is popular with all the teenage girls — we would highly recommend to buy this gift. It’s in the top three.

Smart watch

Watches slowly become new classic — they were popular several decades ago, then people forgot about them, and now (thanks to smart watches) they are popular again.
That’s why we’ve chosen smart watches. You can click here and choose something that would fit your budget, because the product we have chosen is quite expensive. But it’s the best product, so it’s up to you to choose.

Apple Watch Series 1 38mm

Apple Watch Series 1 38mm
Aluminum watch with accelerometer, gyroscope, activity tracker (so the owner can use Apple Watch as a fitness tracker), and 1.3” display. There aren’t better smart watches than Apple Watch, that’s all you need to know.


Hoverboards are extremely popular now. Look out your window, go outside and you’ll see teenagers on hoverboards or segways!
Segways are actually self-balancing scooters, too, but they are bigger, they have handlebars and of course, they are much more expensive than hoverboards. We think that when it comes to a Christmas gift, $200 is a much more popular option than $500, so we’ve decided to pay attention to hoverboards instead of segways.

Swagtron T580

Swagtron T580
It’s a great hoverboard, the best choice for all ages. It looks great (cool modern design and 2 led lights), it works well (up to 7.5 mph, 8 miles with one charge) and it’s not too expensive. Every teen will adore such a gift!
Let’s now talk about some more gift ideas. We don’t know if the following ideas have already come into your head, but we can guarantee that they are fresh&original. Let’s continue our travel.

Cool presents for young teenage girl

Looking for some cool presents? Then you’ve come to the rightest place on the Internet. Here we’ve collected 3 more gifts — and they would work perfectly for both teenage girls and for girls over 18!
Of course, it’s all about makeup and hair care. Because, you know, girls are always into it, no matter the age.

Curling iron

It’s a very common women’s problem. The thing is, if they have straight hair, they always want to make it curly. It works the other way, too — girls and women with great curly hair always try to straighten it.
If the girl you are going to give this present to has straight hair, look at the curling irons. They are easy-to-use, not expensive and they don’t need any special skills from a person who uses them. And they let the owner change her style, so why not? Girls like it, so it wouldn’t be a bad gift.

The Beachwaver S1

The Beachwaver S1
Beachwaver is the brand! Its products are always very good, and this one isn’t an exception.
It’s more expensive than other irons, of course — but it’s worth it. The quality is amazing, the feedbacks are mainly five-stars… It’s a great product. Recommended for all girls with straight hair.

Brush set

Look, we’ve already added a makeup set here, but brush set is a very different animal. The thing is, every girl needs brushes to apply the eyeshadows, bronzer, highlighter and all this stuff.
And we are here to help. If you don’t know this industry well, just trust us — but if you know everything about it, you can choose something here.

Docolor 29PCs

Docolor 29PCs
It’s a professional set. It doesn’t mean that a girl needs to be a professional to use it — it only means that the quality is extremely high.
29 brushes are here, with sable, pony, and goat bristles — if a girl likes doing makeup, she will be surprised and happy with this gift.

Lighted Mirror

Well, we’ve told you that this whole paragraph would be dedicated to the makeup stuff, right? So don’t be surprised.
Lighted mirrors are cool. With the lightning and magnification, they are very important for every girl who is into makeup, and if your girl is into it, too, you’ve just found the best Christmas gift for her.

Conair Double-Sided Mirror

Conair DoubleSided Mirror
It’s another professional tool. If you are now thinking that “teenage girl” and “professional tool” aren’t suitable, well, you are wrong. Just show this gift to her and she’ll use it for years!
10x magnification, fluorescent bulb that will work for 10,000 hours (416 days if kept on 24/7), nice design — why not?
Let’s now talk about more traditional gifts… And more expensive ones. Perfect choice if you want to have the best Christmas!

Popular teen girl stuff to get on Christmas

Here we’ll focus on electronic devices. If you think we’ve forgotten about them, you are 100% wrong, because this paragraph is fully dedicated to such cool things!


Well, who wouldn’t want a brand new smartphone? No teenage girls would, that’s what we know. Choose a smartphone here or look what we’ve decided to add.

Apple iPhone 7 32Gb

Apple iPhone 7 32Gb
And of course it’s iPhone. 12 Megapixel camera (best in the market!), amazing design, Rose Gold color (exactly what girls like), powerful processor, 3D Touch… It’s in every teen wishlist around the world, 100%.


Sooner or later, they all need laptops. Learning, playing games, streaming, recording and editing videos, everything — teenage girls need laptops just as we do.

Dell Inspiron 13 5000

Dell Inspiron 13 5000
It’s 2 in 1 — both a traditional laptop and a tablet with touch display. It’s lightweight, powerful, fast and it looks great — and it’s not as expensive as the latest MacBooks. The latest i5 CPU, 8 GB of RAM, 256 Gb SSD, bright and FHD touch display make this portable laptop one of the best options for this price.


The last product isn’t as expensive as two previous options, but new headphones could be a very good gift, too. We’ve chosen over-ear headphones because… Well, because they look better. And they’ve got better noise rejection. And better sound, of course.

MPOW 059 Headphones

MPOW 059 Headphones
The sound quality is very good here. These headphones are very comfortable, the battery is quite good (up to 20 hours of music), and the design… We think that it’s the best option for a teenage girl, with no doubts. They are pink and they are great.
Ok, we’ve done with another 3 gifts. But what if you just can’t spend $100-600 for a Christmas gift? Well, in this case the next part of the text is exactly what you need.

Small cheap Christmas gifts for teenage girl

Well, sometimes we just can’t spend too much money on a gift. That’s why cheap gifts are important, too — and here we’ve collected three examples of such gifts. They are cheap, but they are cool and every teenage girl would be happy if you give her any of these.

Exercise ball

Exercise ball is one of the cheapest gifts for those who are into fitness — for it’s price you’ll get a ball itself, a pump and a workout guide for those who don’t know anything about it. Girls like fitness and gym!

URBNFit Exercise Ball

URBNFit Exercise Ball
Non-slip surface, soft and anti-burst material, simple design and gift box — every girl from 15 to 18 would be happy with such a gift. And it’s really cheap!

Gift soap set

What about a gift box with several pieces of soap? It’s cheap, cute and it’s a very good choice if you don’t know what to get a teenage girl for Christmas. And if you aren’t ready to spend hundreds of dollars on it.

Ecstasy Soaps

Ecstasy Soaps
9 pieces (each weighs 25 gram) of natural soap with essential oils, no toxic chemicals, beautiful box. Great and cheap choice.

Bluetooth selfie stick

Look, all the teenage girls love taking selfies. They do it when they are alone, they do it with their friends, they do it in home, outside… Everywhere. You can make her selfies even better with a new Bluetooth selfie stick!

MPOW Bluetooth Selfie Stick

MPOW Bluetooth Selfie Stick
Bluetooth remote control, good battery, adjustable length and head — it’s one of the best compact selfie sticks in the world. And the price is the lowest here!
Let’s continue talking about not-too-expensive gifts.

Top fun Christmas gifts for teenage girls

Lamp, bath bomb, microphone. Sounds like something fun, right?
Well, even if it doesn’t, it’s still fun. Let’s talk about these gifts.

Bath bomb set

Bath bomb is a ball, made of dry ingredients like oils, colorants and salts. In simple words, when you drop such a bomb, it adds the colors and scents in your bathwater. They are fun and cool, that’s what we know.

Bath Bombs Gift Set

Bath Bombs Gift Set
12 bombs are here! Best for normal and dry skin, perfect for all ages. Each of them has a unique scent, unique color and each of them gives really unique experience. Made in the USA!

Touch bedside lamp

Such lamps look great, but it’s not their main advantage. They are fun and really cool, such lamps are the latest trend and every teenage girl would love such a device. And of course, they are not too expensive, too.

Elecstars Touch Lamp

Elecstars Touch Lamp
It’s a lamp with 6 different color modes, it can work as strobe lights, and it’s also a cool Bluetooth smart speaker. The design is also very interesting, so don’t miss it!

Wireless karaoke microphone

Another thing teenage girls like is singing. They love hosting sleepovers, listening to music and singing their favorite songs (well, the majority of them) — so a wireless microphone could be a great gift for them.

PopSolo Karaoke Microphone

PopSolo Karaoke Microphone
It’s a mic with an HD sound, 1300 mAh battery and a smartphone holder — your girl will like it and her friend will, too! Looks great, of course — looks like it was designed especially for teen girls.
Want 3 more interesting and unique gifts? Then continue reading.

Perfect hot gifts for teenage girl

Hair chalks, night lighting lamps and mermaid tail blanket — these three gifts would work well both as Christmas and as just-because gifts, so don’t miss them.

Hair chalks

Of course, giving a hair chalks set to a 18 yo teen girl is kinda weird — they don’t need it. However, if you are looking for a gift for a 12-15 years old girl, it could be a great choice.

Philonext 12 Hair Chalks

Philonext 12 Hair Chalks
This set contains 12 chalks so your daughter, friend or sister will have dozens ways to style her hair. The chalk lasts up to 3 days, contain no toxic chemicals, it’s not very expensive and every girl will spend hours with it — sounds like a great gift, agree?

LED room decor

Want to improve your girl’s room? Buy one of those LED string lights then! They are perfect for those who want to relax, they can make the room much better and they are really stylish. And cheap, of course.
Be careful, cause it’s not a gift you can just give to her — it’s a gift you’ll have to install in her room before.

WELOVE 20 Led Photo Clip String Lights

WELOVE 20 Led Photo Clip String Lights
String LED light with 20 photo clips — she’ll be able to insert any photos she like, be it her friends, her family or her favorite stars. Looks perfect for a teen girl room.

Mermaid tail blanket

This gift will work well for all ages (but it depends on the girl you are going to give this gift to). We recommend to look at all these mermaid tail blankets, because they are 100% fun and cozy — and this trend isn’t going to be out of style in 2018-2019.

Blankie Tails Mermaid Tail Blanket

Blankie Tails Mermaid Tail Blanket
The material, the stitching and the design are very, very cool here. It’s a big blanket, so it would suit every age, from 11 to 19.
It’s a unique gift and she’ll not forget it!
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