How To Delete All your Messages in WeChat

Whether you’re so active on WeChat that you’re running out of manageable space, you’re leaving the app for a while or no longer want to see conversations you have had, you can delete all your messages in WeChat. The reasons why you might want to do this are many and varied but the methods you use to do it remain the same.

WeChat is a Chinese chat app with over a billion users a month. It works similarly to WhatsApp and looks very similar too. Chats are encrypted, chat logs are apparently not retained by the company and the servers will not record your conversations or content. Despite being Chinese, WeChat is TRUSTe certified and holds international server security compliance standard ISO 270001–2013.

If you wanted to delete all your messages in WeChat because you were worried about security, it may not be necessary. Despite our government’s suspicion about everything from China, it isn’t all bad and this app seems to be better than many in terms of privacy and security. You should never take anything for granted as you will see and you still need to watch what you post.

Delete all your messages in WeChat

Chat data doesn’t take up much storage on a phone but it can make the interface very cluttered. If you want to perform housekeeping or want to delete evidence, remove annoying chats or something completely different, it is actually very straightforward to do.

Just remember, as WeChat allegedly does not retain chat logs, once you delete a chat, files, pics or whatever, they are gone forever!

While you can use WeChat on a PC, all the heavy lifting is done on the app. The Android version and iOS version work slightly differently so I’ll cover both. You can also delete individual chats or your entire chat history. I’ll show you both of those too.

Delete individual WeChat messages on iPhone

To delete individual chats on WeChat, do this:

  1. Launch the app and go to the Chats page.
  2. Select the Contact with whom you chatted.
  3. Press and hold the chat(s) until a Delete or trash button appears.
  4. Select OK to delete.

You can also select individual messages, press and hold, select More and then Delete. Both achieve the same goal. The message will be deleted and will not be able to be retrieved.

Delete your chat history on WeChat for iPhone

If you want a clean slate or just want a clear out, you can delete all your chats from the app.

  1. Open WeChat and select Me.
  2. Select Settings and General.
  3. Select Storage and clear the WeChat cache.
  4. Select Clear Chat History from the General page to do just that.

We clear the WeChat cache because your phone caches data from WeChat as you use it. Theoretically, chats and media can be stored in your cache for later use. If you’re selling your phone or giving it to someone else, this completely wipes WeChat data from your phone.

Delete individual WeChat messages on Android

The process of deleting stuff from WeChat is similar to iPhone but not exactly the same. That’s why I split the methods between phones. Here’s how to do it on Android:

  1. Launch WeChat and go to the Chats page.
  2. Press and hold the chat(s) until a Delete button appears.
  3. Select the trash icon to delete.

You can also select multiple messages by long pressing one message, selecting Select, highlighting all messages you want to delete and then selecting the trash icon.

Delete your chat history on WeChat for Android

You can also delete your entire chat history with Android and the process is similar to iPhone.

  1. Open WeChat and select Me.
  2. Select Settings and General.
  3. Select Clear Chat History.

You can also clear the WeChat cache from the Apps section of your phone OS if you’re selling or giving away your phone.

As long as you have not set your iPhone or Android phone to back up WeChat as part of your normal phone backup routine, all your messages, or specific messages will now be gone forever. If WeChat are telling the truth and are not saving chats, that’s it.

Is WeChat secure?

Despite having both TRUSTe certification and ISO 270001–2013, there is some evidence that the Chinese government accesses WeChat. A news piece by the South China Post says the Chinese government accesses old chats from the app even though the company says it doesn’t keep them. TechJunkie isn’t political but as our readers use these apps, it’s important you know the facts.

That piece is from April 2018 and may no longer be true but it is important that you know the potential for data loss in the apps you use. This is likely no better or worse than other social media apps but if you know the facts, you can make an informed decision about whether to use WeChat or not.

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Avatar Mich says:
You didn’t say how to do so on Windows. I would assume most users already know how to do so on an android or iphone. And it seems like it can’t be done on Windows which is nuts

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