How to Delete Search History on Facebook

The Facebook Search History log keeps a record of all of the searches that you’ve ever done on the platform. Clearing this and your activity log regularly is a great way to ensure that your privacy is protected even if you have any unauthorized logins. For this, we’ll show you how you can delete your search history on Facebook, among the other options on your account’s Activity Log.

Deleting the Search History

Your Facebook search history information is hidden behind several menus that aren’t really obvious. Your search history is used by the Facebook algorithm to better tune the results whenever you search for anything. If you regularly search for familiar terms, the search results will display those first if you look for them often. If you wish to delete your search history though, you can follow these steps:

1. If you’re using the Classic Facebook Theme

  1. On the front page, click on your profile icon to open the Profile page.
  2. Click on Activity Log that’s located on the top and inside your cover photo.
  3. On the Activity Log page, refer to the menu on the left. If you cannot find Search History, then click on More to show the hidden options.
  4. Click on Search History to display all of your recorded searches.
  5. Scrolling up and down will show you all of your existing search history by date. You can delete these individually by choosing a search, clicking on the Edit button on the rightmost part of the bar, then choosing Delete.
  6. You will be asked if you want to remove the search, click Remove Search to agree.
  7. If you wish to remove your entire search history, click on Clear Searches on the top of the history menu.
  8. You’ll be asked if you’re sure that you want to delete all your searches. Click Clear Searches to confirm.
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2. If you’re using the New Facebook Theme

  1. Click on the down arrow on the upper right corner of the page (near your profile).
  2. Choose Activity Log.
  3. Look for Search History on the menu to the left. If you can’t find it, click on More.

To delete the search history either individually or as a whole, follow the instructions as detailed in the Classic Theme.
delete search history on facebookOther Activity Log Entries

The Activity Log, as the title suggests, contains records of all your activity on Facebook. Unless you regularly delete your records, you’ll probably find posts dating back to when you first created your Facebook page here. There is currently no way to delete the entirety of your Activity Log, though you can do so individually if you really wish to. This is done by choosing a particular entry on the log, clicking on the edit button on the rightmost part, and choosing to allow it on the timeline, keep it hidden from the timeline, or deleting it entirely.

Some of the more interesting activity lists that you may want to browse, either to review the posts for deletion or just to go down memory lane on things that you posted years ago, are:

  1. Posts – These include all of your past posts, other people’s posts that are on your timeline, posts that mention you or you’ve tagged, and those that have been hidden from your timeline but are still saved in your activity history. If you’ve been registered on Facebook for a long time, and are a frequent user, this is going to be a very long list.
  2. Photos and Videos – These are the images and clips that you posted, tagged, or are in your albums. This will be the place to find old photos and videos that you may have lost due to time. If you regularly upload to Facebook, more often than not they will probably still be here. It’s a good idea to give this log a good once over if only to make sure that you don’t have photos from your college days still floating about.
  3. Security and Login Information – Not as comprehensive as the other logs, the Security and Login information page contains a record of the devices that have logged onto your account. This may be a way to find out if others have been able to enter your account without you knowing. The record doesn’t go too far back though, and some of them list only the IP addresses of the devices that logged in. However, if you suspect a hacking attempt, looking through here for clues is as good a start as any.
    facebook how to delete search history

Safety from Potential Hacks

Although the search history helps you easily find the items that you usually look for, having that data stay on Facebook is usually not a good idea. Regularly clearing your search history and your Activity Log in general keeps your data safe from any potential hacks. Do you have other tips on how to delete your search history on Facebook? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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