How To Disable Comments On your Facebook Timeline, Wall & Profile [April 2020]

Facebook is a leading social media platform that connects people by enabling them to share photos, videos, text, and more about their lives. It ensures that no matter where you are, you have a space to express yourself online towards your peers and friends.

However, the internet is somewhat free of consequences. Instead of people being punished for being wrong, users tend to get away with whatever they’d like. This translates over to other social media as well. Anything you or somebody else posts can be commented on by others on the internet. That can lead to trolling, negativity, and other negative forms of communication.

Facebook is notorious for limiting a user’s ability to customize their interactions. Hiding comments is no exception to this. Unfortunately, Facebook does not make it easy to disable comments on your posts. This means that you’ll have to get creative to take control of your privacy and content.

Whether you’d like to hide all comments, keep some contacts from commenting, or remove comments, we’ll explore your options in this article. Some users may want to use Facebook and other social media for sharing and communicating with their close friends, but not with everyone on the internet. In this case, these spaces tend to offer privacy options that allow you to choose who can do what on your content.

How To Disable Comments On Facebook

To start, go to your preferred web browser on either your desktop or mobile device. Then, log into Facebook with your account’s connected e-mail or username alongside your password.

Next, go to the drop-down arrow on the top right of your screen and select “Settings.”

From there, you’ll want to change your privacy settings. Here you can choose who sees your posts, and even allow you to review others tagging you before they go live on your Facebook Timeline/homepage.

Now that you know you can limit who on the internet can even access your personal information, it’s time to disable comments on your Facebook shares.

The “Only Me” option means that only you can see your post, which also relates to: only you can comment. You can always update the privacy settings in a post after it has been published.

  1. Locate the post you’d like to edit privacy for.
  2. Tap the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner of that post
  3. Tap “Edit Privacy”
  4. Choose from ‘Public’, ‘Friends’, or ‘Friends except…’

The ‘Friends except…’ option allows you to hide your post from select Facebook users.

Curating Your Content

You can control your comments in some way, however. To start, with your personal settings, you can turn off who can post on your timeline.

To do this, go into your account settings, choose the “Who can post on your timeline?” option. Then, click the “Edit” button on the right-hand side to choose between “Friends” or “Only Me.” This will prevent any random posts on your timeline.

Also, you can adjust the “review post settings.” This part is also in the account settings page and forces any post made to your timeline into a pending period. Because of this, you can take the time to look over anything anyone tries to put onto your page, ensuring that you can curate an online look for yourself that works for you.

Finally, you can choose to hide comments with specific words. This setting is also on the account management page. You can hover over it, select “Edit,” and put in which words you want to limit from showing up on your page. Any comments made with these words will be automatically hidden from your timeline – a nice feature.

While none of these are official workarounds, they enable you more control over your Personal and Business pages than you had beforehand. Also, if you want to go all out, you can throw a ton of commonly used words into the “hide comments” section and prevent nearly every comment from showing up on your page.

Deleting Comments

At this time, the most effective option for managing comments on your Facebook posts is deleting them. Whether it’s unwanted content or you simply don’t want feedback, the option to remove comments is available.

Deleting Comments in the App

To delete and remove comments from the Facebook Application follow these steps:

  1. Locate the offending comment and long-press it
  2. From the menu that appears – Tap “Delete”
  3. Confirm that you’d like to remove this comment

This menu also presents the option to ‘hide’ comments meaning you don’t have to delete them altogether.

Deleting Comments from the Website

Removing comments from a web browser is simple:

  1. Find the comments you’d like to delete
  2. Directly to the right, you will see three horizontal dots – tap on them
  3. A menu will appear with the “Delete…” or “Hide Comments” option – Click on whichever one you’d like
  4. Confirm to remove the comment

Although this may not be an ideal solution like a simple checkbox that will permanently disable comments, this does give you some control over unwanted content.

How to Turn Off Comments on Facebook Groups

Facebook has created a way to turn off comments on Facebook pages and groups, but you need to be the group admin or the original poster to do so.

  1. Start by selecting group posts which you don’t want to receive comments.
  2. Click the three-dotted icon in the upper right-hand corner, and select “Turn Off Comments.” Unfortunately, you still can’t turn off commenting entirely for the entire website.

If you’re controlling your own Facebook group, you’ll be able to correct and delete comments with ease, so stick to your own pages that give you administrative approval. This way, you’ll have more control over your content, and how people respond to it. You can also privatize your group, so only those you let in will be able to comment.

Chrome Extensions

There are Google Chrome extensions that aim to give you more freedom over your social media accounts. The Shut Up Comment Blocker for Chrome claims to do just that. With great reviews, this addition to your Chrome browser will give you the option to stop all comments.

The only drawback to adding an extension to Chrome is that it only works for that browser. So if you’re using the Facebook application on your mobile device, you may run into problems. If you’re truly dedicated to comment-free scrolling, this is an option for you!

Limiting Your Followers

It’s unfortunate that Facebook doesn’t provide more moderation options than these. Other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr deliver all sorts of different ways to prevent others from communicating with you. Social media should be all about the control it provides users regarding their privacy. When it fails in this, it fails its users significantly.

That said, limiting who you connect with on Facebook can help prevent any online issues as well. Try sending or accepting friend requests of those you trust inherently. Make it so any posts to your timeline must be reviewed—giving you full control over main posts on the page. It will take up a little more of your time, but in doing so, you will have a perfectly curated page for yourself.

It’s also a little frustrating because people have been asking for the ability to disable Facebook comments for some time now. The Zuckerberg-led company just seems to keep ignoring these requests, ensuring that users are not getting what they wish.


3 thoughts on “How To Disable Comments On your Facebook Timeline, Wall & Profile [April 2020]”

Avatar Nouveau Druid says:
These instructions are truthful but do not address the most common issue: comments made by people, even friends, under a post one has made on one’s own wall. All we want is “Turn off comments” for our own timelines/walls and not just for pages. That still has never been hacked or even addressed by any online techie.
Avatar TRACY LANE says:
FB sucks for limiting control of our content. Disgraceful!
Avatar Karen says:
Honestly, FB is the worst actor on social media. It’s enormously popular and powerful, and frankly it abuses that power by failing to provide its users with enough tools to protect and control our own wall. As you mention, other sites, like Twitter, are more robust. FB needs to step up and do a better job. Right now they are becoming the poster child for why we need government oversight of social media – something I do NOT want to see happen. But as people get more frustrated with FB, there will be more calls for it. Come on, Mark Zuckerberg, please clean up your act – and FB’s act.
Avatar Chris says:
Karen, Facebook has exactly the tool you are looking for. It’s called “deactivate your account.” It works great. It allows you to focus your time and energy on developing authentic relationships in the real world. Give it a shot, and see if it works for you!

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