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Does Tinder Gold Show On Your Profile?

Does Tinder Gold Show On Your Profile?

If you’re looking for love online, then the odds are high that you’re using Tinder. This incredibly popular dating app has grown to absolutely dominate the online dating scene since its release in 2012. People use Tinder to find true love, to find a date, and even just to make friends. It’s so very easy, too.  A swipe right, a swipe left… it’s almost as easy to operate as Candy Crush!  But in this case, the “crush” part is a little more meaningful.

For those who are really serious about making matches, there’s always the option to upgrade from the basic service to one of the higher levels, like Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold. (Check out this article about the various levels of premium Tinder service for more info.)

Tinder Gold was first introduced in June 2017 and it’s currently the highest tier of Tinder that the general public can subscribe to. Tinder Gold takes the services of Tinder Plus (Passport, more SuperLikes, a free monthly Boost) and adds the ability to know instantly what users have liked you.

Rather than having to scroll through hundreds of pictures liking people, just waiting for that magic moment, you can just wait and see who swipes right on you and then decide whether or not to instantly match with them. It’s a great feature that takes a lot of the guesswork out of matching, for those of us who are super busy and not willing to be glued to our phones!

What the Advantage of  Tinder Gold?

Tinder Gold offers you unlimited likes, one free Boost per month, the Passport feature (which allows you to change your location directly within Tinder instead of having to hack around with your operating system on your phone), five free Super Likes per day, the ability to rewind swipes, the ability to hide your age and your distance, the ability to use 10 Top Picks per day, and the Likes You feature. (In this article, you can see an updated list of these features.)

“Unlimited likes” speaks for itself. You can swipe right as often as you like and will never run out of likes. “Super Likes” is for those situations when you really like the look of someone and want them to know it in a major way. Tinder Boost sends your profile to the top of the stack in the deck of your potential matches, increasing the chances of being chosen.

The Passport feature lets you change your location to anywhere in the world, anytime you want, allowing you to interact with people beyond your general area. The ability to “Rewind” is a very useful feature that allows you to undo an accidental swipe, as long as you “Rewind” before going on to the next person. With the Top Picks feature, you can Super Like up to 10 Top Picks per day for free.

The Tinder Gold feature “Likes You” lets you see who has swiped right on you already without you having to swipe on them first. On the “Likes You” page within your profile, you’ll be able to see everyone who has swiped right on you. It’s the shortest of short cuts and has gone down very well with users. If you’re a user in a major city, the “Likes You” feature can cut down your swiping time to seconds a day, while still giving you access to all of the possible matches in your vicinity.

Does Tinder Gold Show On Your Profile?

The big question everyone asks: can other users see that you have Tinder Gold? On your own version of the app, when you swipe right on someone on the “Likes You” page, a little gold heart appears by their profile. This has led people to wonder if this little gold heart is visible to the other person. The answer to that, thankfully, is no: you are the only one who can tell you’re using Tinder Gold by direct means.

However, that doesn’t rule out someone figuring out that you have Tinder Gold (or at least Tinder Plus) by indirect means. For example, if you use Passport and end up matching with someone in another city, and then that person finds out during a chat with you that you aren’t actually in their area code, then they are going to be aware that you must have Passport and are thus at least a Tinder Plus member (or at least really, really good at playing the game).

If someone matches you and your age isn’t displayed in the app, they are going to know that you must have at least Tinder Plus. Similarly, Tinder Plus subscribers can hide their distance from other users, so if the distance doesn’t show, you know the person is at least a Plus subscriber. So you need to be careful how you use the features of Tinder Gold if you really don’t want people knowing that you use it.

Many people also ask whether Tinder Gold is worth the five dollars a month extra charge. The answer depends on how you use Tinder. For those who appreciate the ability to meet fine men and women via the internet, Tinder Gold is one of the best features introduced on a dating app. For those who like the swiping process itself and considering prospects, it has the ability to really reduce the amount of time you spend swiping, and increase the amount of time you can spend chatting up possible matches.

Does it Matter?

One important question is, does it matter to other users whether you are using Tinder Gold or not? The fact is that it varies from person to person, and on what that person is looking for, and what you claim YOU are looking for. So basically, it’s up to you.  Let’s examine this more closely.

Let’s say you indicate that you’re looking for a long-term relationship.  Maybe you are in theory, but in practice, you’re a swiping fool who collects matches and meets up with several of them each week.  Maybe you haven’t had a relationship more serious than a repeat hookup in months.  As a result, other people on Tinder are going to assume that you’re here for fun, and not for anything serious.  We’re not here to judge you for that, but it’s a proven fact that what you say and what you do matter to other people… especially in the dating pool.

People who use Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold generally tend to be people who are putting a lot of energy into their Tinder life. They’re dating a lot or trying to. So if you are dating a lot, but presenting a facade that you aren’t, then letting people find out that you have Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold may require a bit of explaining. If you’re trying to conceal your usage of the premium services, then you need to do several things:

  • Don’t use the hide age / hide location features
  • Don’t use the Passport feature constantly to change your location and make connections with people from out of town, unless you are actually going to that location
  • Don’t talk to your matches about all the Superlikes you’ve handed out or all the Top Picks you’ve met

The Dirty Little Secret of Tinder Gold

Here’s a secret about Tinder that not many people know, and one that kind-of-sort-of duplicates the functionality of the Likes You function of Tinder Gold:

If someone has swiped right on you already, they appear at (or near) the top of your stack anyway. That’s right, every time you log on to Tinder, if anyone has already swiped right on you, they will appear at the very top of your list. This doesn’t always mean that all of the people who are at the top of your stack swiped right; it could be that nobody has.

But you can get a lot of the benefit of the Likes You feature of Tinder Gold by giving those first few profiles extra consideration because they might have already chosen you. If you swipe right on one of them and immediately match, then you know that they had already swiped right on you.

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2 thoughts on “Does Tinder Gold Show On Your Profile?”

Ecko says:
I am not able to buy the gold subscription. My card not getting accepted. Can anyone tell how this can be resolved?
Hanna Aase says:
There’s an error in this article I believe. In the “feed” you actually can see if people have Gold. It shows with a small icon in the “feed” when people update their photos/bios. (And I don’t have gold so it’s not something only I see as I see it on others) This was a fairly big shock to me too as I though as author did but you guys should look into it again.
David says:
Fuck, I saw it too. I have golf but I DONT WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW. Fuck. I think some girls will swipe left because the think I am desperate.

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