How To Edit a Tik Tok Caption After Posting

One of the newer, more popular social networks online today is TikTok, the video-based social network that allows users to create and broadcast short video clips ranging from 15 seconds to a full minute to their fans and followers, racking up an audience as they publish to the platform.

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Since merging with former (and quite similar) social network, TikTok has become incredibly popular with over 800 million users worldwide.

TikTok is both simple and complex at the same time. The design and usability are very straightforward and the app makes video creation and interaction as easy as it is possible to be. The sheer volume of features and options on the app is what makes it complex. Can you edit a TikTok caption after posting? Can you edit a video after uploading it? Can I remove a video if I want to once I upload it? We have received quite a few questions from readers again this week, and it’s worth taking a look at all three. Let’s dive in.


Understanding TikTok

The first step to editing videos after they’ve been posted (including text captions) is understanding the upload process. TikTok provides a + sign at the bottom of the app’s screen. This is where you add new videos.

When you click this ‘+’ you’re taken to the recording screen. From there you can select the length of your video and click the red button to start recording. Once this is done you hit the red button again to stop the recording and click the red checkmark.

This takes you to the editing page you desire to see after the video has posted. The next steps will show you how to get back to this page using a workaround so that you can update the caption after posting.

Can you edit a TikTok caption after posting?

TikTok does not give you the option to edit the caption of a video after posting. There is a workaround so you don’t have a record and re-post the same content again. Assuming you catch the typo or another issue with the caption early on in the video’s life, it’s relatively easy to fix the problem by reuploading the same video onto your profile.


Follow these steps to update the Caption:

  1. Click on the “Me” icon located at the lower left-hand side of your screen
  2. Here, you will see all of the videos you’ve posted. Tap on the video you with the caption you wish to change
  3. To the right (the third option down) is three vertical dots – Tap there
  4. Select ‘Save Video’
  5. Wait for it to save to your phone – if it doesn’t do it the first time; try again.

Now, we’re going to re-post the exact same video with editing options.

  1. Click on the ‘+’ symbol located at the bottom of the app
  2. In the right-hand corner, you will see an option that says “Upload.” Tap there.
  3. This will take you to a list of your devices’ pictures and videos – tap on the one you’ve already saved from TikTok
  4. Tap ‘Next’ in the lower left-hand corner
  5. Tap ‘Next’ in the upper right-hand corner now – On this page, you can add text, stickers, and change effects.
  6. Tap ‘Next’ again located on the bottom right-hand of the screen
  7. From this page, you can update the caption and change your audience preferences.
  8. Once complete – Tap ‘Post’

Your newly updated content will appear in your timeline.

The final step to this process will be deleting the original video. Follow these steps:’

  1. From the home page of the app – tap the “Me” icon located at the bottom right
  2. Tap on the video you’d like to remove
  3. Choose the three vertical line option on the right of your video
  4. Scroll to the right until you see ‘Delete’ – Tap that
  5. Confirm

The downside to this effort, of course, is that you will lose any comments or likes the video received. However, if you caught the issue with the caption early enough, you shouldn’t miss out on much engagement, while simultaneously getting to fix your newest video.

Although this is a lengthy method to do a simple update it does make it possible for you to make edits after you’ve posted content on TikTok.

The video remains the same, with the small change that your downloaded copy briefly includes your TikTok username in the upper-left corner. Otherwise, everything from your music to your effects to your edits remains intact, allowing you to change the caption on your video while retaining everything else.

How Do You Add Text to Tik Tok?

You can add text to your TikTok videos after you are done with your video, and you press the checkmark. After you press this checkmark, there will be more options available for you. In the right-hand corner, you can click the text field, and more options will come up, including text color and font. When you’re done adding text to your TikTok, add any other filter you wish to add, then finalize your TikTok.

How Do You Trim a Video on TikTok?

To trim a TikTok video, press the “+” button, which will record a new video on your TikTok app. Once you record this video, tap the “add a sound” at the upper right corner, then hit the “red button” to record. Press the “Check” icon at the bottom right; then, you’ll find the “Trim” icon at the upper right corner. Once done, press the “Next” button, and you can add the effects for your video.

Can I change the soundtrack to a TikTok video?

Changing the soundtrack is a little more tricky. Because the audio is saved in the original video, you won’t be able to dub the audio without a third-party editing app to do so. As most TikTok videos are lip-synced, changing the soundtrack may break the video. The soundtrack is added as a layer to the video during creation and is then saved as a single file.

This method does take you back to the editing screen though, so it’s certainly worth a shot.

Can I control who can comment on my TikTok video?

Yes, you can. It’s a blanket control in that you can control who can comment on every video you upload rather than individual ones, but you can do it. The setting is in the Privacy menu.

  1. Select your profile icon from TikTok’s main screen.
  2. Select Privacy and Safety from the next screen.
  3. Change Safety settings for Who Can Send Me Comments.

Set it to Everyone to make your account public, Friends to make it friends only. You get the idea. You will also see Who Can Duet With Me, Who Can React to Me, and Who Can Send Me Messages in the same section too. You can edit these in the same way to control who can contact you while using the app.


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Avatar Andrea says:
If I’ve already posted the video without a caption can I still make a caption afterwards?
Avatar Charlie says:
Can we get a visual of how to edit captions because I’m not seeing an edit button anywhere
Avatar Allie says:
Can you guys post a video or a series of pictures of how to edit the caption? Because I have become frustrated to the point of tears, due to this post saying you edit it them, when we cannot find the “edit” button on our videos. Please be more clear.

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