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Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy

FLIRTY QUESTIONS TO ASK A GUYSo, let’s say you really like someone.  Maybe this is a Tinder someone.  Maybe this is a “friend of a friend” someone.  Regardless of how you found this guy, you’ve found yourself in the terrible position where you know you need to start getting your game on, but you don’t know how to start. It’s totally ok to feel a bit flustered right now.  What you really need is to have a proverbial “ace up your sleeve” when it comes to breaking the ice.  You could always wait for him to make the first move, sure, but why not do whatever you can to keep the conversation heading in a promising direction?

Do you want to ask something sexy, but not too naughty? Well, you can opt for good flirty questions to ask a guy you like. They are hot enough to get him thinking, but not so dirty that he might freak out.  We know there are guys who are into that, of course, but if you’re looking for advice on how to make a conversation take a turn for the hotter, you’re probably both a little on the shy side, right?  We’re not judging- everyone goes at their own pace!

Your goal here is to get to know your crush better, so you can a) decide if he’s worth your time, and b) exactly how awesome he is. You can’t get to know someone without asking a few questions, right?

Are you planning to make eyes at some handsome guy you really like? You will be the queen of all coquettes with a few funny daring questions to ask a guy. Read on for a little inspiration in fine-tuning your flirting techniques, perfect for a quick copy-paste into a chat or messaging service of your choice!  But remember:  Always be you.  Feel free to make these your own, and get that sultry “hey boy” voice just right for YOU!

Flirty Questions to Ask A Boy:  The Cutest

Flirty communication with a boy may be a real challenge for some. The problem is that all girls want to flirt, but coming up with the right questions and timing is often hard. If you feel frustrated because of the difficulties in choosing the words, check out these cute-yet-flirty questions:

Really Good Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy You Like

When you like a guy, it can be difficult to communicate with him. Why? Well, you’re probably afraid of saying or doing something wrong. Here’s a little secret:  we’re ALL a little awkward, so forget your fears! Go in with some really good flirty questions, and if he’s totally freaked out, then it just wasn’t meant to be.

Hot Flirty Questions to Ask a Boy You’d Like to Hit on

The beginning of new relationships will never be easy! As a rule, when you decide to hit on somebody, you face a whole minefield of anxiety and nervousness. What if I say the wrong thing?  What if I use the wrong words?  What if he’s just not that interested?  Here’s the thing, ladies:  you won’t know unless you ask.  You can either suffer through weeks and months of avoiding the issue, or you can go ahead and ask some hot flirty questions and get things going.  Besides… if he thinks you’re being weird, you can always just reply “Oops… that was for someone else.”

Samples of Personal Questions to Ask a Guy You Like Over a Text

Sure, talking to someone either in person or over the phone is MUCH more intimate than texting them.  But hey, this is the 21st century, and practically the only way to reach someone is via some sort of chat, text, or messaging system.  Besides, there’s something inherently sexy about building up the tension over text, and it keeps you from getting too nervous when you finally meet in person!

Best Random Questions to Ask a Guy You’re Crazy About

Do you know what is the best way to know something about a guy you like and make him get interested in you at the same time? A little game of “Random Truths” should get things going.  Basically, it’s like Truth or Dare, only there’s no dare option… the questions are daring enough! The idea is to start out with something really benign, like “what’s your favorite breakfast?” and then work your way up to one of these thought-provoking topics!

Get His Attention with These Funny Daring Questions to Ask a Guy

Sometimes, a conversation can hit a brick wall.  Maybe this lull has gotten super frustrating.  In that case, it’s time to spice things up with some daring questions.  These may seem brazen at first, but there will be a time when pulling out one of these questions will head the conversation into the next dimension!

Interesting Flirty Questions to Ask Your Crush Over a Text

Are you sure that you are not good at flirting over text messages? You’re probably much better than you think, and besides- it’s quality over quantity. Take a look at some of these text-worthy questions to help inspire you to be your flirtatious best when talking to the man of your current dreams.

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