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The Funniest Group Descriptions for WhatsApp

The Funniest Group Descriptions for WhatsApp

If you are a WhatsApp group creator or administrator, then you can change the group name, image, and description. Some people keep their group names and descriptions very professional, especially if they are work or family-related groups. Other people chose more whimsical or funny names.

Change the Name or Description

If you want to change your group name or description, then go to the WhatsApp Web (an app) on your desktop or your WhatsApp app on your phone. Tap the group you wish to alter so that you enter the conversation screen.

Next, tap the three dots that are in a vertical line. They are located at the top right of your screen. Tap the option, “Group info.” That will bring up a screen where you may click the group picture to change it. You may click the pencil next to the group name to change the group name. And, you may click the pencil icon next to the group description to change the group description.

How Do WhatsApp Groups Become Popular?

In most cases, the groups and their invitations are shared on social media, and people join the same way they may join a Facebook group. Numerous apps claim they can help you join a great many WhatsApp groups.

The Think Tank

There was a group called the ThinkTank. It was initially started to host a range of philosophical debates surrounding matters of the world, but it soon degenerated into a slanging match reminiscent of the things 13-year-old girls write on YouTube comments. The group image featured a photo of Rodin’s thinker, and the description line was whimsical with a dash of cleverness.

The Think Tank


Fans of Rick & Morty will recognize this group mascot as the one-time beloved parasite Pencilvester. Appearing only once in Rick & Morty, this beloved character has become an icon in many forums and is part of a popular meme featuring him and John Wick.


Initially, this group formed due simply to the description line but eventually disbanded after a team of left-wing supporters made the group all about being WOKE. What being WOKE has to do with a talking pencil is still a mystery.

Mr. Poopybutthole

What once appeared to be yet another one-time character on Rick & Morty, Mr. Poopybutthole, actually became one of the show’s most beloved characters and is not only an Internet sensation but is also a recurring character on the show.

His catchphrase, “Ooh wee,” spoke volumes to people when it was used as a group description. Invites to the group were posted on Facebook groups, and its numbers filled out nicely. Things went a little dark in the group during the long space between season three and four, but things soon livened up again once season four started.

Mr Poopybutthole

Oxygen Not Included

A briefly lived WhatsApp group, its tagline related to one of the many ways you can die in the game “Oxygen Not Included.” Invitations were shared on forums, and it brought together quite a few lovers of the game. Most of the conversations were regarding what the group should have been called, and the rest were funny names for bases in the game. Here are just a few:

  1. Committee (the game is set on a comet)
  2. The Nether Region (ref your nether region)
  3. Deep Space Mine (ref Deep Space Nine)
  4. The Flatulent Weasel (ref Heroes of Olympus)
  5. 3rd Rock from the Sun (ref to the TV show of the same name)
    Oxygen Not Included

Angry Gangstas

What originally started as a forum became a WhatsApp group when a team of comedy writers decided to cooperate over WhatsApp. The name was conceived with the notion that angry gangsters wouldn’t want you talking to the police.

Angry Ganstas

However, many members thought the tagline description was a reference to a character from “The Fast Show.” The group collaborated for months working on uploading on FunnyJunk until they all quit after the FunnyJunk admins started allowing comedy related to animal cruelty on their website.

Funny Female Comedians

This group’s invitations were passed around the forums as part of a joke. It was a poke at the lack of good female comedians, and probably a poke at Kathy Griffith, who seems to have had some sort of mental breakdown over the last few years.

Ironically, the group became intermittently populated by people who were joining to check to see if the group had no members. The group lasted about as long as the joke did.

Funny Female Comedians

Meet 2 Date

The sad part is that the “Meet 2 Date” group was not set up as a joke. The original creator set up this group with the hopes he could get a date. As his description said, he had become so lonely that he was even setting up a dating WhatsApp group and then inviting anybody he could find to join it.

Meet 2 Date

Soggy Waffle Friends

Perhaps this is not the funniest group name and description you will ever find. But, it was floating around Facebook for a while, and it seems sweet and pretty original in its unique way. The fact the girls are all stood together seems to compliment the overall meaning of the group and its description.

Soggy Waffle Friends

Being “in” on a Joke Often Makes It Funnier

Funny WhatsApp descriptions are just some of many examples where people insert humor into their everyday dealings. You can find humor in the weirdest places, from the comment sections on illegal copyright pirating sites to forums where people are discussing the price of Bitcoin.

Just like the WhatsApp descriptions shown in this article, most of the time, the humor is very esoteric and only funny to the groups participating, but that is almost half the fun.

Have you ever been in a WhatsApp group with a funny description? If so, feel free to share the description in the comments section below.

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