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How To Get Famous on TikTok

How To Get Famous on TikTok

Of the many hundreds of reader questions we receive here at TechJunkie, one of the most common is ‘How do I get famous on TikTok’. As you can imagine, that’s not an easy question to answer. We cannot actually tell you what to do to become famous but we can give you some tips that should help you find your own way.

TikTok is one of the many ways to become an influencer or just get famous but is also one of the easiest. It’s a free-form performance platform that gives you your fifteen seconds of fame from which to build a personal brand. Alone it won’t make you a millionaire but with other efforts, could make you a decent living.

Become famous on TikTok

Someone who has already hit fame on TikTok, Amber Doig-Thorne offers some advice. With a couple million social media followers across all networks, she is worth listening to.

She says:

‘Think about what you want to do. Everyone has a niche, be it dancing, painting, and drawing, for me it’s comedy – there are so many different things you can do. I think it’s nice to know what your main style is then you can go from there. ‘Look at what’s trending. If a song is trending, do a cover.’

Stop making excuses, get on the app, upload some videos. Rome wasn’t built in a day so if you’re dedicated you’ll succeed.’

Finding fame on TikTok

So Amber tells us what to do to get famous on the app but not necessarily how to do it. That’s where these tips come in. They won’t do the hard work for you but if you use them alongside your hard work, you should be gaining fans steadily.

Be active online

People need a reason to follow others on any social network. If you want to become famous, you need to give people a reason to follow you too. Be active, post interesting stuff every day or even multiple times if you have the time and creativity.

Remember to save some time for interactions too. It isn’t just about posting stuff and waiting people to follow. It’s also about engagement. If someone compliments you, acknowledge it. If someone criticizes, acknowledge it gracefully even if you completely ignore it. Talking to followers is part of what social media is all about.

Find your niche

As Amber said, you need to find your niche if you want to be famous on TikTok. There are millions of people all craving attention and you’re going to need to be really, really good or completely different from anyone else if you are to be noticed. While you may have a presence on TikTok already, you need to find your place.

Once you know what you can do and are good at it, start producing content around it on the platform. Once you’re at a standard where you think you’re ready for the big time, start promoting yourself.

Work with influencers

To begin with, influencers and crowns will likely not want to work with you as you’re an unknown. If you have an interesting niche, are completely different or are rapidly gaining a following, that may change. Either way, when you can work with crown holders make sure to work with them.

Collaborate, engage, follow each other, promote each other and generally be seen with them in TikTok.

Use data to drive your content

Yes I know data is boring but it really can make a huge difference to how successful you are on TikTok. Identify trends and the most popular songs, clips or whatever and use those to create your own content. What is being like the most on TikTok? What is being searched for? Knowing this is a surefire way to get attention to be noticed.

Don’t buy your fame

There are a bunch of services out there offering to sell followers, crowns or views. They all cost money and can generate popularity. But TikTok is fighting back and those followers may end up disappearing or holding you back.

Also, TikTok users aren’t dumb and can tell when someone rockets out of nowhere with thousands of followers who never say anything and who all followed within hours of each other. This isn’t going to make them want to follow you.

Fame comes hard to most of us. It requires practice, dedication, effort and a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Some people make it look easy but ask them how much work they put into making it look that easy and they will likely answer with, a lot!

Becoming famous on TikTok is a laudable goal and whether you just want to feel good about yourself or want to make a career of it, you can do it with these tips.

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