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How To Go Back in the Hinge App

Hinge is a dating app with a different objective than Tinder and it works very well for its target market. Today, TechJunkie is answering some common questions we see around this dating app, including the most popular which is about going back on a swipe. If you want to know more about Hinge or how it works, this is the page for you!

Where Tinder is all about hooking up and dating, Hinge [1] is more about building longer term relationships. Sure you can get those on Tinder if you’re lucky, but most users are on there just to hook up. If you’re after something more serious, Hinge is where it’s at.

How is Hinge different?

Tinder is a numbers game. Swipe right enough times and you’re sure to get a match at some point. Even if you wouldn’t take the person home to your mom, it’s just a hookup so it doesn’t matter. Hinge is about quality over quantity. You have limited swipes on the free account and only get to see 10 profiles per day so you have to be selective.

If you don’t swipe in Hinge, what do you do?

You can find potential dates in the Discover window in a familiar profile card stack. You still select or ignore but you actively Like or not rather than swipe. You can also leave comments on profile pics, bios or other comments in a more social way. This helps avoid that initial icebreaker moment when you get a match and have to make the first move.

When you’re in a profile, you will see two blue icons, an X and a heart. You X to skip (equivalent to a swipe left) and heart to Like (equivalent to a swipe right).

Can you go back on a selection in Hinge?

If you subscribe to Tinder Plus, you have the option to undo a swipe. While we don’t swipe in Hinge, the term is now so ubiquitous in dating apps that we use it here even though it technically isn’t a swipe.

To answer the question, there is no way to go back on an X (swipe) in Hinge. However, unless you live somewhere like New York or LA with many thousands of users, the person you skipped will appear again in your stack once you have used the app for a while. There is no specific order or rotation but I have seen the same profiles appear randomly even though I had skipped them once already.

What happens when you both like in Hinge?

If you liked someone and they liked you back, you’ll see them in the Like You section of the app. You can then select the blue Match With… button on the page to start a conversation or reply to their opener.

You will see notifications every time someone comments or likes your profile, pic or a comment you made. You then have the opportunity to reply and go from there. It’s more social media than dating but will still have the desired outcome.

Is Hinge free or does it have a subscription?

Like most other dating apps, Hinge has a free version and a premium one. The free version limits the filters you can use to narrow down your search and offers only 10 likes per day. The premium version, called Preferred, offers extra filters for searches and unlimited likes. You also have access to Hinge Experts, staff that can help you with your bio, pic or whatever you need. I have never used a Hinge Experts so don’t know how good they are.

Subscriptions cost $12.99 a month, $6.99 a month in three month bursts or $4.99 in six month payments. It’s not cheap but competitive with other dating apps.

How many people use Hinge?

Exact figures aren’t published but Hinge says ‘In our major markets, one in five of your friends is on Hinge. Our users can receive up to 20 potentials a day.’ While not giving numbers, one in five is pretty good odds if you live in a busy city. It is likely to be much lower user numbers than Tinder but will appeal to a different crowd anyway.

Is Hinge for me?

That’s hard to say without knowing you. I would say Hinge is for more selective people who are looking for something more meaningful than the usual Tinder crowd. Of course you get people on Tinder wanting a serious relationship but they seem to be in the minority. Hinge is built around the relationship and its entire premise is to get you talking to someone and then move it off of Hinge altogether.

If you’re tired of bad dates, ghosting or hookups then Hinge may be for you. It doesn’t have as many of the features you’re used to on Tinder but what it does have is a higher caliber of user who wants something more than another notch on the bedpost.