What Does the Gray Box in Snapchat Mean?

Snapchat is one of the most popular and important social networks around today. It is especially popular with younger, more tech-friendly audiences, Snapchat is built on sending temporary photos and videos to your friends, or posting Stories that last twenty-four hours for your selected friends to view. Of course, despite its success, Snapchat has a reputation for being difficult to use, with strange UI decisions and other elements that can make it difficult to figure out what you’re doing on a specific page.

Aside from all of the symbols, it can be difficult for new users’ to understand whether someone has added them in Snapchat, read their messages, etc. Once you better understand what each of these symbols means, Snapchat messages and friendships become much less elusive.

One of the questions we see most often arising from Snapchat users comes down to the viewed icons the app uses on the main chat page. While we’re all used to the red, purple, and blue boxes, the grey ones are a bit more unclear. Let’s dive into what the grey box means in Snapchat and more questions that you might have about the popular photo-sharing app.

What’s the gray box in Snapchat?

The gray box symbol generally appears when you’ve never snapped with another person. It’s essentially an indicator that not much communication is happening between you and another person on Snapchat.

It can indicate that a user has blocked you or that they haven’t accepted your friend request. If a gray box appears after you’ve snapped a contact, it likely means they’re no longer accepting communications from you.

Similar to the gray arrow, which states that the recipient is not accepting private messages from you, the color gray essentially means that an action is pending.

As you can see with this screenshot, there are several icons that exist among the contacts within Snapchat’s messaging feature. Those grey boxes are individuals who have been added but never snapped, while the others mean there has been some form of conversation within Snapchat at some point.

If you’re concerned someone blocked you on Snapchat there are other ways to be certain. The gray box symbol can vary in meaning, so it’s best to be sure before jumping to conclusions.

If you’re wondering what you can do about the grey box in Snapchat, your first course of action is to send a Snap. Assuming it’s only showing because you and the other person haven’t communicated with each other, this will solve that problem.

But, if the grey box remains, it’s likely just because you can’t communicate with them for one reason or another. This doesn’t mean that they’ve blocked you, just that maybe you haven’t been added yet. If you have the person’s phone number, or they’re a contact on another social media page, try to reach out to them to find out more.

What About the Other Symbols?

  • An unfilled red box means your Snap without audio was sent to the recipient and has been viewed.
  • An unfilled purple box means your Snap with audio was sent to the recipient and has been viewed.
  • An unfilled blue box means your chat has been viewed.
  • A filled red box means you have an unopened Snap without audio.
  • A filled purple box means you have an unopened Snap with audio.
  • A filled blue box means you have an unopened chat.

There are other icons used to signify different chat or Snap view status.

  • A red circle with an arrow means your audio-less Snap has been replayed.
  • A purple circle with an arrow means your Snap with audio has been replayed.
  • A strange red arrow with three lines means someone took a screenshot of your audio-less Snap.
  • A purple arrow of the same design means someone took a screenshot of your Snap with audio.
  • A blue arrow means someone has screenshotted your chat.

As you can see, there are a lot of icons used in Snapchat and we haven’t even covered the arrows yet. Fortunately, the system is so simple that after a couple of hours of using the app they will become second nature. Once you know what they all mean of course!

What are the arrows in Snapchat?

So now you know that the boxes are chat and Snap status indicators. What about the arrows that you often see around the app?

  • The filled red arrow just means you sent a Snap without audio.
  • The filled purple arrow means you sent a Snap with audio.
  • The filled blue arrow means you send a chat.
  • The filled gray arrow means the person you send a friend request to has not accepted it yet.
  • The hollow red arrow means your Snap without audio has been opened.
  • The hollow purple arrow means your Snap with audio has been opened.
  • The hollow blue arrow means your chat has been opened.

Again, there are a lot of icons to get to grips with but the system is so simple that it won’t take too long to remember them all. If you start by remembering that red icons signify Snaps without audio, purple means Snaps with audio, and blue is for chats, you can build up from there. It’s a simple system so you’ll quickly master it.

I personally don’t know why Snapchat differentiates between Snaps with audio and without but I guess if you always have your phone volume on high, it might be nice to know what to expect in advance.

Additional FAQs

Why won’t my snaps send?

This can happen if your internet connection isn’t strong enough. Try switching between wifi and cellular data if possible. Also, close the app completely and restart it if your snaps aren’t going through.

If your snaps are stuck in pending it could mean that the recipient removed or blocked your account. Assuming a snap isn’t sending and nothing is appearing at all it’s most likely your internet connection.

What’s the gold heart in Snapchat?

We are asked a lot about the gold heart appearing by a friend’s name when on Snapchat. So what does it mean? It just means you have sent more Snaps to this person than anyone else and that they have done the same to you. It’s Snapchat’s Best Friend icon and just means you have been most active with them than your other friends.

There is also a red heart for a best friend over 2 weeks and a pink heart for the person you have been friends with for over two months. It’s the Snapchat BFF icon.

As you use Snapchat and engage with more people, these heart icons may change as you Snap with other people, or not if you remain in constant contact with that friend. Either way, those two hearts are friend icons, nothing more.

Snapchat loves its icons but has made them simple enough to understand and use. I’ll cover emoji another time as that’s a huge subject!

One thought on “What Does the Gray Box in Snapchat Mean?”

Avatar Vanessa says:
So I added someone on Snapchat. I sent a message and it was on pending with a grey arrow for a day and then it changed to delivered but still has a grey arrow. I have researched the name to see if my friend request I sent was declined. It does not show me the add sign again, it says added in blue. So does this mean that the friend request was not declined?

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