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Halloween Hashtags – Get Spooky for Halloween 2019!

Halloween Hashtags - Get Spooky for Halloween 2019!

Dancing skeletons and prancing pumpkin-headed riders! Meandering shapes in the shadows and horrible sounds that are bound to make one’s hair quite erect and one’s heart racing as fast as that of a field mouse who’s off his blood-pressure medications and has just had a near-death experience! That’s Halloween for ya, boys and girls!

Also known as Hallowe’en (stylishly contracted from All Hallows’ Evening), or All Saints’ Eve, this holiday represents the time of the year when the folks from the Western hemisphere pay their respects to their dead. Everyone’s in for remembrance, as far as they’d lead a fair and Christian life in their days here on Earth!

Curiously, though, this otherwise rather serious holiday has been linked to dressing up in scary costumes and asking strangers for candy if you’re small enough to get away with it. (Or short enough, who knows. Sneaky grown-ups can also try to get it on the fun if they aren’t of a, well, tall posture, so to speak.)

Halloween is as good a time as any to enrich your Instagram feed with some creative and clever content! Plus points for making it as eerie and spooky as possible, of course.

In this article, we’ll offer you some Halloween-themed hashtag suggestions which you can then pair up with your unique captions. Thus concocted, the resulting post should be as attractive to your followers as the treats that are passed around during this time of the year.

Well then, we’ve got some examples and we’ve got some categories here as well, so do brace yer sorry bottoms lads and lasses! Eerie stuff ahead, we’re telling ya!

The Terrible Bag o’ Treats!

Here’s an idea: If you’re a female Instagram user, simply upload a selfie without any makeup and see what happens!

Hey, it’s tough, we know, and you may lose a follower or two, but it’s those who stick around after such an experience that really counts! Jokes aside, Halloween is a holiday that really allows for plenty of creative posts without running the risk of offending anyone or otherwise ruining your reputation. (Unless, that is, you decide to wear the Harley Quinn or the Joker costume, in which case – you brought your own Internet demise on yourself. Nothing to do with hashtags. Way too overused, those two costumes.)

Addressing the Holiday

If the whole rancid bunch o’ hashtags you’re about to see is the whole trick ‘n’ treat bag, then these examples are the very worst sort of treat you’ll find in them! That’s right—we’re talking fruit around here! On a more serious note, these are the very basics of Halloween ‘hashtagging’, so these are suitable for making basic posts where you simply acknowledge the holiday. Of course, you can also spice these up with a clever caption or a photo, so even these ‘stinker’ sweets can be a mighty tool in the hands of a really dedicated Instagrammer!

    • #halloween
    • #happyhalloween
    • #halloween2019
    • #HalloweenNight2019
    • #trickortreat
    • #halloweenhaunt
    • #October
    • #HalloweenStyle2019

Addressing the Trick or Treat Business

Ah, the best part about Halloween! (If you’re a kid, that is.) Still, plenty of material for Instagram posts in this department. To make a witty and spooky post about this ancient custom, get an interesting photo of some dressed-up kids, make sure you’ve captured them at their scariest (and cutest) and then add one of the following hashtags to round up the post:

    • #candy
    • #scary
    • #skeleton
    • #zombie
    • #trickortreat
    • #halloweendecorations
    • #halloweenbaby
    • #halloweennails
    • #JustHereForTheCandy
    • #NoTricksJustTreats

Addressing the Makeup

As far as makeup for the Halloween night is concerned, there’s so much potential material to work with that it’d be tough to describe it all in one paragraph.

Whether it’s simple white sheets with two holes for the eyes, witch costumes with black boots and pointy hats, or elaborate zombie masks complete with blood ‘n’ gore that look almost like they’re real, you can simply take a photo of it and add a simple line of hashtags for a bullseye on Instagram! Again, let us reiterate – it’s the caption or the photo that matter the most. The hashtags are just there to add a flavor on top of it! Here are some ideas you can use:

    • #halloweenfun
    • #halloweenmask
    • #halloweencontest
    • #halloweennight
    • #halloweengiveaway
    • #halloweenspirit
    • #halloweenwitches

Bottom line is – spook your followers, make them watch disfigured bodies and gory sights on your Instagram feed (Not of real people, of course, we’re talking about costumes predominantly.), spice it all up with some standard Halloween time hashtags and they’re going to love you for it! Remember – the spookier, the merrier!

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