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Thursday Quotes, Sayings, and Captions for Instagram

Thursday is probably the most controversial day of the week. On the one hand, it is really close to the weekend and amazing Friday [1], and has taken up residence on the calendars of the Happy Hour crowd with the festive moniker of “Thirsty Thursday.” On the other hand, the “glass half empty” crowd may see is as the most useless day, as you awaken on Thursday morning with the relaxation of the weekend in sight, but not quite there.

Thursday doesn’t change anything – it is a workday, just as Friday is a workday. Then, of course, there are the people who are reading this and considering the pros and cons of Thursday for the first time ever. Overall, people can be “classified” into three groups: those who love Thursday, those who hate it, and those who do not even know how to feel about it.

Whether Thursday is your favorite day of the week, or whether you’d almost prefer Monday, and Thursday can be improved with a little humor and some kind wishes.

Let’s look at the plus side of Thursday, for those who might need a little more convincing.  Some people refer to it as “Friday Eve,” and that’s a great way to look at it.  Once the mess and stress of Thursday is done, it’s smooth sailing through the final workday, and straight into your weekend plans.

We tried to find the most wonderful Thursday quotes to celebrate the almost-almost weekend, which can be used to help coworkers and friends cheer up a bit, and stay motivated to do as much as possible before the weekend [2]. These gentle reminders that Friday is coming can help make the mood a little better  [3]for those in and out of the office, especially if they’re faced with a major deadline or project.

Some of the Thursday quotes we found are cute, some are a little kooky, and some are downright hilarious. No matter who the intended audience, you can be sure that you will find some you will appreciate a little Thursday humor. Share these awesome sayings with friends on Facebook or Twitter on Thursday morning – that will entertain those who are at work right now.

Remember, everything that almost everything that happens in our life [4], regardless of the day, depends on us and our actions. We can make changes at any time that can have a massive impact.

These Thursday quotes are perfect for posting to Instagram or just to send to a friend.

What is special about Thursdays?

Thursday is an underappreciated day and your followers on Instram likely could use some inspiration!

It’s the second to last day of the week so, so for many people Friday evening the start of the weekend. Thursday is the final stretch of the week leading up to the weekend.

In a sense, Thursday is like early Spring where anticipation of summer and better weather ahead fills the air with a sense of excitement and anticipation.

For many people, Thursday’s a busy day as they try to get as much done as possible so that Friday isn’t too stressful and the weekend can get started on a good note.

So keep calm, live a wonderful Thursday, get stuff done, and have gratitude that the weekend is ahead of you instead of behind you.

To inspire you on Thursday, we have compiled some quotes about the most underrated and one of the most awesome days of the week!

What are some Happy Quotes about Thursday for Instagram?

Well, well, well, we finally made it to Thursday. Our congratulations! While we might still be counting the moments until we can pack up and scoot out of the office, the finish line is in sight.

The mood is definitely higher, and regardless of any stressful customers or projects, it feels like the burden will soon be released. Saturday doesn’t seem so far away.

Once we get through “Hump Day,” the second half of the week is a downhill journey and many people feel tired on Thursday, so don’t forget to wish the people you love and care about a Happy Thursday to cheer them up!

Here are some simple messages you can include on emails, texts, or interoffice messaging to keep that hope floating:

  1. Happy Thursday! P.S. It’s almost Friday!
  2. Happy Thursday! A brand new day and you have a clean state. The possibilities are endless!
  3. Be in love with every minute of your life. Happy Thursday!
  4. Always look on the bright side of Thursday!
  5. Good morning, Happy Thursday, be someone’s sunshine today.
  6. To give and not expect anything in return, that is what lies at the heart of love. I wish you a wonderful Thursday!
  7. May joy and happiness accompany you throughout the day and night on this Friday Eve!
  8. Wishing you a very nice Thursday!
  9. The day is what you make it, so why not make it great one. Happy Thursday!
  10. It’s Thursday. I’m breathing. I’m Alive. I’m Blessed.
  11. One of the best things you can do on Thursday is to keep yourself held accountable for your goals.
  12. I’m grateful to be alive on this fine Thursday.
  13. Today is Thursday so I’m going to get stuff done that I’ve been procrastinating on because I don’t want to worry about it on the weekend!

Funny Quotes and Sayings about Thursday

No matter how desperately we want Thursdays to be Fridays, it’s impossible. Nice try, Thursday, but we can see through you. There’s still a lot of work left to do and, well, it’s not time to relax just yet. But there’s something you can do to make Thursdays better, and that’s approach the day with a sense of humor. Check out this set of funny quotes and sayings about Thursday, and share them with co-workers who share your sense of humor.

Thursday Good Morning Quotes and Messages

People who show up at the office in a terrible mood often say that it’s because they “woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” You know what? Even though this is just a phrase, it shouldn’t be a valid excuse for being rude to others. Anyways, your and other people’s good mood depends on your overall attitude towards life and the ability to be motivated under any circumstances. Bad moods are a real thing, but there’s no reason to bring down the entire office! Check the best good morning Thursday quotes out, and spread them around like wildfire. Stay positive, guys!

Good Inspirational Thursday Quotes

How could we possibly ignore the chance to give you a bit of inspiration this Thursday? No one is going to argue the fact that each person finds inspiration in different things.

For some of us, family is the most important inspiration in our lives. Others might find themselves moved by music or literary pieces. Whatever your source of inspiration is, a few good quotes on Thursday can help us gain perspective and find balance. So are you with us?

Hilarious Thursday Quotes about Work

The jokes about days of the week have become an inevitable part of office work culture. Whether these are jokes about dreadful Mondays, which are mainly based on hate, desperation and hopelessness, or jokes praising Fridays and Saturdays with all the good times they bring. And then there’s Thursday, who doesn’t quite get the same publicity as other days. After a little digging, though, we can assure you: the jokes about this day aren’t any less funny, just because Thursday isn’t as mainstream.

Awesome Motivational Thursday Quotes

If you are looking for that little push which could help you to become ready for doing great deeds, here are the quotes that can provide that extra vigor in your step as you walk into the office. Here are 12 great motivational quotes perfect for getting everything done on Thursday.

Great Words for Thursday, Quote of the Day

Do you wonder what other people think of Thursdays? You’ll surprised to know that there are a lot of great words said about this day. Perhaps these are exactly those words you have been looking for– the quote that can change your whole life. Ok, maybe we exaggerated a bit, but at the very least, you, your friends, and colleagues might feel a little peppier about Thursday, right?

Funny It’s Thursday Captions and Sayings

More and more people tend to share their thoughts, moods and intentions with others on social platforms like Facebook or Instagram. If you are one of them,  check out the following ‘it’s Thursday’ sayings so you can write your own captions and posts to share with your network.

Positive and Encouraging Phrases for Thursday

Chances are good that you decided to visit this page in order to find something positive and encouraging to share with your team to help you all get through Thursday, and we won’t leave you hanging! Even though some of the phrases below sound too cheesy and obvious, they still work to make people feel a little less gloomy.

I Love Thursdays Cool Quotes and Messages

Team Thursday, here’s your moment to shine.  Here are some of the best ideas of quotes and short messages which can help you to express your feeling towards Thursdays. You can start with, “Dear Thursday, I know it was a tough week, so please don’t let me down…” Well, maybe not, but still you have a wide range of cool quotes to express your feelings towards Thursday!

Positive Amusing Quotes for Thursday Night

And here it is – the Thursday evening. There’s only one working day left and you’ll be able to collapse with relief into the weekend. We highly recommend you build up a positive attitude towards Friday, so here are a few amusing quotes about Thursday night. You’ll love them!


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