What Is the Heart Icon on Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform with the most heart icons. Is it really a place of love and caring or is this heart trend a little oversaturated? Instead of likes and thumbs up, on Instagram, you can heart somebody’s posts, send them heart messages, or heart their comments.

To be clear, the heart symbol is not something Instagram invented. It has been used on the internet for many years, mostly by typing out the less-than sign followed by the number three (<3). Nowadays, we are surrounded by emojis, and hearts are probably the most commonly used ones.

Read on and find out all about heart icons on Instagram, what they represent, and what you can achieve with them.

Instagram Feed Heart Icon

The first heart icon you will see on Instagram is the one on your feed. Anytime you launch the Instagram app, you will see a heart icon in the bottom right corner. When you tap on it, you will see all the likes on your posts by your friends and followers. Also, you will see your mentions, tags, and comments other people have left on your posts.

ig likes

Besides that, you will see the follow requests at the top of this heart icon screen. Tap on that and see all the people that want to follow you as well as some follow suggestions. Simply tap on Follow next to their name to send them a request. You will get the memo if they follow you back, which will also appear on this screen.

ig follow requests

That is the heart icon on Instagram that sticks out the most, but you probably already know what it does. It is a very transparent and neat feature that keeps all your social interactions on Instagram in one place.

Instagram Comment Heart Icon

The next heart icon on Instagram that keeps popping up is the one next to every comment in the direct messages. You can tap on the heart next to any comment from a friend to like it. If you want to like your comment for whatever reason, you can do that too (people don’t consider this to be cool, but we are not going to judge you).

ig like comment

Spare your comment likes for some great announcements, like this one about the new Rick and Morty season coming out in November 2019.

Unfortunately, you can only like somebody’s comment on Instagram; you can’t add other reactions like on Facebook (laughing, crying, smiling, etc.).

Of course, you can also like a person’s comment on your posts on Instagram as well. The process is the same – just tap on the heart icon next to the comment.

Finally, you can like posts from other people on Instagram by tapping on the heart icon below the post or double-tapping the photo/video.

Instagram DM Heart Icon (Updated)

The heart icon on Instagram that gets a lot of hate (pun intended) is the one that used to be in DMs. People complained about sending accidental hearts to total strangers, their crushes, or even worse, their exes.

This icon used to be located at the bottom-right part of the DM screen. Thankfully, Instagram listened to the many complaints and changed this some time ago. Now, there is a sticker icon where there used to be a heart.

You can still send a heart to someone this way, but you need to tap on it again, instead of just tapping it once.

ig stickers

The infamous heart is still the first on the list of stickers, but this change has made it much less infuriating. People are finally spared from embarrassing themselves due to accidentally tapping on the heart icon. If this has happened to you before, you know how bad it was.

Instagram’s Change of Heart

Heart emoji and symbols have existed long before Instagram, and they will survive on the internet even if Instagram doesn’t. They are a very important part of social interaction over the web, and people love sending them.

However, nobody likes sending anything by mistake, and sending an unintended heart is probably among the most awkward things you could do on social media. Instagram realized that in time and removed this heart icon, sparing a lot of people from further embarrassment.

What do you think about all this? Have you experienced a similar situation where you accidentally sent a heart to someone on Instagram? Let us know in the comments below.

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