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How to Draw a Dog in TikTok

How to Draw a Dog in TikTok

As a video-sharing content platform, TikTok is the number one short video talent social media hub. Quick-drawing tutorials are very popular on the platform. With 60 seconds to spare, however, knowing how to actually draw a dog isn’t enough. Doing it properly to fit it into the 60-second video limit is absolutely crucial. Here’s an example of how to make a dog drawing tutorial on TikTok.

The Two Approaches

To fit a dog drawing tutorial into the mentioned one-minute timeframe, you’ll have to adapt and compromise. The obvious way to go would be learning how to draw a simple dog sketch. This, however, will leave you with enough time to draw the simplest of outlines, using some quick-drawing techniques.

The other approach would be to take your time with drawing, draw an ideal dog while recording yourself the entire time and edit your video in the end, so that it’s no longer than 60 seconds in duration.

Both of these ways are completely legitimate but require vastly different approaches to dog drawing. Choosing the best way for you will largely depend on your drawing style and your goals. For instance, if you actually want to teach people on TikTok how to draw a dog in 60 seconds, or simply show your skills, you wouldn’t edit the video at all. Otherwise, you may want to consider the second approach.

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Doing It in Real-Time

If you’ve opted for the real-time approach, you’ll have to go through some trial and error. Bear in mind that you can speed up the video here, too, but if you overdo it, it will become obvious. The best way to go is to use the stopwatch to time yourself while practicing. If you already have a quick drawing method, time yourself anyway, because you might need some practice to meet the one-minute deadline, and you may have to remove certain parts of the sketch to speed things up.

Try to get your drawing speed to 50 seconds. This will leave you with much more room for error and will make the 60-second mark much more bearable. Of course, you may even want to do it in less than 60 seconds. In this case, just subtract the 10 seconds from your desired speed drawing goal. If you’re going to do the drawing in MS Paint, practice on paper too and vice-versa. All of this will help you execute your goal perfectly.

Taking Your Time

Now, whereas the previous method was all about practicing your speed, taking your time to make a detailed, realistic drawing is all about preparation and editing. First of all, you’re likely going to be sitting at your drawing desk for at least half an hour. While going to the toilet and taking a break is easily edited, the actual footage of yourself drawing needs to be uninterrupted. Spill something on the paper and you’ll have to start over.

Secondly, it is really all about editing. Speeding the video up is a huge part of it, but you’ll also have to cut out the parts where you aren’t drawing (e.g. taking a break). Regarding the actual practice, well, drawing a dog for TikTok is no different than drawing a dog just for the sake of drawing. The more in-practice you are, the better the final result will be. New takes are quite a nightmare here because you’ll likely have to start over from scratch every time.

Drawing a Dog in 60 Seconds

Although there are many ways to quickly draw a cute dog, here is one example that is simple and totally doable within the given timeframe. First, draw two medium-sized adjacent circles. These will be the dog’s cheeks. Within both circles, draw a number of randomly-positioned small circles. Between the two circles and a bit upward, draw a small circle and fill it. This will be the dog’s nose.

Below the place where the two adjacent circles meet, draw a semicircular line and draw a line from the place where the two circles meet, perpendicular to the semicircle. This will represent the dog’s tongue. Above each of the two main adjacent circles, draw a potato-shaped figure so that it looks like its bottom part is behind each of the main circles. These are the dog’s eyes, so you should draw a filled circle inside both of these to represent the irises.

Then, starting at the point just left of the left eye, draw a semi-oval shaped line that ends just to the right of the dog’s right eye. Now, it’s time to draw the dog’s ears. To do this, add two semi-ellipsoid shapes on both sides of the dog’s head.

Drawing a Dog in Detail

There isn’t too much advice to give here, really. Drawing takes a little bit of talent, a steady hand, and a lot of practice. To learn how to draw a dog as realistically as possible, practice by looking at dog drawings and photos available online. If you still can’t nail drawing a dog for TikTok without an example photo or drawing, make sure that the example photo/drawing is out of the frame in the video.

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Showing Your Drawing Talent on TikTok

Don’t refrain from getting into drawing on TikTok immediately. The mediocre videos are quickly forgotten and there isn’t a whole lot of backlash and criticism on the platform. Don’t be afraid, and start practicing your dog drawing as soon as possible.

Have you ever made a drawing video on TikTok? What did you draw? Hit the comment section below and tell us about your TikTok drawing experiences.

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