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How Does Instagram Choose the Displayed Profile Names on Likes?

How Does Instagram Choose the Displayed Profile Names on Likes?

If you’ve been using Instagram since its first release, you might have noticed that this app no longer organizes your Newsfeed chronologically. Because of the new algorithms, your Newsfeed is organized through a ranking system. As a matter of fact, everything you see on Instagram now is ranked by certain criteria.

When you post content to Instagram’s news feed for all of your friends and followers to see, they can choose whether to double-tap and like your content or to keep scrolling. If they choose like your post, you’ll see that they did by clicking on the ‘Likes’ under the post. But, Instagram does give you a preview with a couple of profiles. So, how does Instagram choose which profiles to show you?

This article will explain how the algorithms work and how the app chooses which profiles will appear first on your Likes.

Why Has Instagram Changed The Algorithms?

You’ve probably asked yourself, why did Instagram change the algorithms? Everything worked well even in the early versions of the app. So, why fix something that’s not broken?

The answer is quite simple. Instagram is an app whose success mostly depends on its users’ interactions. The more interactions users make on Instagram, the more time they will spend on the platform. And you already know that time equals money.


With that in mind, Instagram had to come up with new features and ideas that would make in-app interactions easier. That’s how they came up with the Interaction Algorithm. This algorithm was actually invented even before Instagram, but Instagram’s developers have optimized it for the platform’s needs.

The algorithm’s impact on the app was immense. It changed how Instagram organizes your Newsfeed, which accounts pop up as Suggested, what ads you see, who appears first on your Likes, and many other things.

But how does this Interaction Algorithm actually work? Does it affect your privacy?

How Does Interaction Algorithm Work?

There are so many questions about Instagram’s Interaction Algorithm. We will try to answer them and explain how everything works.

In essence, this notorious algorithm controls Instagram’s ranking system by gathering the users’ data. When you’re using Instagram, everything you tap on is a valuable piece of information. This includes the posts you’ve liked, profiles you’ve visited, Stories you’ve tapped on, and people you’ve chatted with.

Instagram’s Interaction Algorithm uses the gathered information to create your user profile. All of this is happening in the background while you’re using the app.

Once Instagram gathers a sufficient amount of information about you, can guess who and what you would like to see.

While using Instagram, have you ever encountered an ad sponsoring something you’re really interested in? If so, that is a sign that the algorithm has already successfully made your user profile.

As you can see, the algorithm does affect your privacy to an extent. That begs the question – can it use this information against you?

The Security Issue with the Algorithm

All of the info that Instagram gathers from your activity is used to provide you with content you would want to see. In other words, the information is used to make your interactions easier and keep you scrolling, typing, and tapping longer.

Although it might not seem like it, there are no reasons to raise any alarms as your personal information remains intact. Instagram has a very strict privacy policy that protects your personal information from being misused.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the algorithm’s activity as it is only designed to make your in-app experience more enjoyable.

How Does the Algorithm Choose Which Names Appear First on Your Likes?

Now that you know what’s behind Instagram’s raking system, it’s time to learn why it chooses certain people before others.

So, when you tap on one of your Instagram posts, you’ll notice one or two Instagram account names next to the number of likes your post has. When you tap on someone else’s post, you either see an account you follow or just the number of likes. What does that mean?

Simply put, the accounts that appear first on your Likes are people that you interact with the most. If the same people appear first on your Likes, it probably means that you’ve liked their content, chatted with them, and viewed their Stories the most. It could also mean that you share the same interests.

It’s not hard to figure out that all of that is controlled by the Interaction Algorithm. The algorithm is basically guessing which people you’d want to see first in your Likes based on the info gathered.

Instagram plays this guessing game when it comes to the Stories, Posts, and Suggestions, as well.


However, the algorithm isn’t always as accurate. Sometimes it can get confused and mess up the entire ranking system. For example, if you have just recently followed a certain account and got followed back, that account might appear first on your Likes or Newsfeed. That defies the algorithm’s logic as you practically have only one interaction with that account.

In case you don’t see any names next to the number of likes on a certain post, that’s because none of your followers have hearted it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Followers list Chronological?

Yes. While Instagram’s algorithm shows you who liked your posts based on who you interact with, it shows your followers based on your most recent additions. Although it isn’t confirmed by Instagram, the best we can guess is that the chronological order of the followers list is also designed to get you interacting with other people more often.

When you become friends with another user, they’re easily found at the top of your follower list. This means they’re more accessible to you immediately after adding.

Can I tell if someone is checking my Instagram page frequently with this algorithm?

This one’s actually up to debate and is yet to be confirmed. A popular theory is that users can tell who their biggest fans are (or their stalkers are depending on the relationship) by who comes up first in their Likes list.

If someone repeatedly appears at the top of this list and you rarely interact with them, it is likely that they’re having some sort of interaction with your page. Assuming you’re not private messaging them and you aren’t liking all of their posts, it’s an easy conclusion to come to.

Can I change who appears on top?

Not really. There’s no option in Instagram to change the order that people show up in. The only way to alter who and how people are listed is to interact with other profiles more option, remove the friends you don’t want, or reset your Instagram account.

Becoming an Instagram Guru

Now that you’ve learned all that there is about the algorithm and its connection to likes names on your posts, you’re one step closer to becoming a bona fide Instagram guru.

Keep in mind that Instagram almost never reveals information about the algorithms they use. Although it isn’t officially confirmed, evidence suggests that the Interaction algorithm is indeed a real thing. Many experienced developers claim the same thing.

So, what do you think about the algorithm? Has it made it easier for you to get in touch and communicate with other users or not? What about the names that appear under your Likes? Did it get them right? Tell us in the comments below.

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