Instagram Error Challenge_Required – What To Do

If you are using Instagram on a daily basis, you’ve probably encountered an Instagram bug or error at least once. Although there are hundreds of error messages designed for different types of malfunctions, users mostly encounter just a few of them.

This article will cover the Challenge_Required Instagram error and also show you how to fix some of the most common errors.

The Challenge_Required Error

There are several different versions of the Challenge_Required message, but the most common one is “InstagramAPI/Response/LoginResponse: Challenge required”.

If you see this error message or any other version of it that contains Challenge_Required, it means there’s an issue establishing the proper security protocols that Instagram needs to operate properly.

Basically, Challenge_Required is a method that Instagram developers use to check whether users are human or not. It was included to prevent bots from using the platform.

However, there’s another purpose behind the Challenge_Required method. Its other purpose is to make sure that you are the owner of the account you are trying to log in to.

If you are prompted with the Challenge_Required error message, Instagram is asking you to prove that the account belongs to you.

The error message is commonly displayed when you are trying to log in to your Instagram account from a web server.

Instagram Error

Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved. All you need to do is log in to your account from your mobile device using the Instagram app or from Instagram’s official website. Using a known device improves your chances of success. Once logged back in it’s a good idea to turn on two-factor authentication within the application’s settings.


If you are still getting the same error message, it means that Instagram doesn’t want to allow your server’s IP to connect. In this case, you need to use a proxy server.

What to Do If Instagram Stories Won’t Post?

Probably the most common error that Instagram users experience has to do with Instagram Stories.

This error doesn’t allow you to post anything on your Instagram Story and only gives you the option to repeat the process. However, no matter how many times you have clicked on Repeat, the outcome is the same. Fixing this problem, and just about any other Instagram error can be done with some light troubleshooting and a few simple techniques.

Troubleshooting Instagram Errors

One of the best ways to begin troubleshooting is to think about any changes you made to your phone or account when the issue started. It sounds simple but there are a lot of things that can interfere with your Instagram’s ability to function.

Think of things like:

  • Did your phone do an update recently?
  • Have you downloaded any third-party applications that needed access to your Instagram (like collage apps)
  • Did you use Instagram on another device?
  • Are you using a new Malware or Anti-Spyware?

There are many reasons your Instagram account is acting up. If you still aren’t sure of any changes you’ve made, or perhaps you’re not sure about how to fix them keep reading.

Server Issues

One of the first things to try is checking for Instagram outages. The best way to do that is by visiting Instagram’s official website and looking for recent messages. You can also check the Down Detector website for any reported issues or to report your own. If Instagram’s servers are having issues you’ll either need to wait it out or check for an update.

The developers usually notify users that their servers are down by posting it on the app’s official website. If there’s nothing on Instagram’s website, ask your friends that use Instagram if they can post and update their Stories.

Check the Internet Connection

Once you’ve checked for server issues you should ensure that your Instagram app is getting enough bandwidth to perform its tasks. If you are on wifi try toggling it off and connecting to cellular data and vise versa. You can perform a speed test to ensure your internet is acting properly.


Close the App and Restart it

A temporary glitch may occur resulting in odd bugs such as not posting content. Go to the multi-tasking center on your phone and swipe the app away. Although Android and iPhone are different operating systems, the app closure process is similar.

Open the app back up and try reposting the same content. If you still have trouble there are more things to try.

Check for Updates

Instagram regularly releases updates to fix bugs. Unfortunately, an older version of the app may have issues working with a newer version of your operating system. Check that your app is up-to-date by visiting the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

The easiest way to check for updates is to type ‘Instagram’ in the search bar. It should give you the option to update if one is available. If not, visit the ‘Updates’ option in either app store and update it from there.

Clearing the Cache

Android users are fortunate as their operating system allows them to clear the app cache without deleting any user data. If you’re using a phone that allows you to clear the cache head to the settings on your phone.

  1. Tap ‘Applications’ – Older versions may have an option for ‘Apps’
  2. Scroll to then tap on ‘Instagram’
  3. Tap the ‘Clear Cache’ option usually located under ‘Storage’ or at the bottom of the screen.

Offloading the Application

Apple users don’t have an option to clear the cache. You can ‘Offload’ access data by visiting the settings of your iPhone.

  1. Once in settings tap ‘General’
  2. Tap ‘iPhone Storage’
  3. Tap ‘Offload App’
  4. Confirm by tapping ‘Offload App’ again
  5. Tap ‘Reinstall App’

This will remove excess data that may cause issues. Once reinstalled your Instagram app and all of its data will appear normal.

NOTE: The same solutions can be used if you can’t upload a picture or video to your Instagram profile.

Going Beyond the Basics

If you are experiencing problems with the app itself, if the app frequently crashes or freezes, won’t open or runs slowly, the following solutions might help:

  1. Restart Your Mobile Phone – since smartphones use a lot of memory for running apps, something could have taken too much RAM. Restarting your smartphone should fix this issue.
  2. Reinstall the Instagram app – it could be that the problem is in the software itself. Maybe something wasn’t downloaded successfully in the recent update or there’s a bug that came with it. Uninstall Instagram, visit Google Play, and install the app again.

Fixing Your Instagram Problems

Most Instagram problems aren’t serious and they can be fixed by trying something we mentioned in this article. However, if the problems persist, it would be best to contact Instagram’s Help Center. You can get the help you need by sending them an email or a message on Facebook.

12 thoughts on “Instagram Error Challenge_Required – What To Do”

Avatar Emma says:
Hi everyone. I am having the same issue now (USA) it says challenge required every time. I have changed the password and received numerous access codes to enter and when I do it still says the same thing. Any advice???? Im desperate :(
Avatar Josh Williams says:

Unfortunately I’ve had the same issue since June 9th 2020.
They are using the coronavirus as an excuse not to help people .

Avatar ZF says:
Same since May 23, 2020.

Like everyone else I have gone through the exact same thing and still have not been able to get this resolved. Received nothing valuable from their Help Line and I too am ignored; they are worthless when it comes to assistance.

I have a temporary new account for the meantime, but I lost all the people that I connected with.

Avatar _.janeeerah._ says:
My Instagram just logged me out I cried !
Avatar dee says:
did you ever get back in?
Avatar Renu Sharma says:
challenge required it show everytime when i open my instagram account.
Avatar Tanya says:
I’m having the exact same problem now. It’s sending the verification code to an email address I do not recognise or use. Did you manage to get this resolved. So far I’ve sent the picture of me holding the code on a piece of paper
Avatar Rashad Wooten says:
So I recently got locked out of my Instagram account, and the code they’re sending the reset password to is to an email that does not exist.. so there is no way I can unlock my account and there is not a customer support system where someone directly answers the phone soo now I was told to send a picture of myself holding up a number and my full name along with my account username attached to it. I have done that, and now I am wondering how long does it take for Instagram to get back to you? Flying out to LA Thursday and would love to upload photos of the time there, but I am locked out and have no clue why.. it sucks because I have been reading so many things online about this but Instagram is not doing anything… In my opinion, it looks very bad on their end.
Avatar Danielle says:
i have got the same problem. first i chanced my email account on my instagram and didnt confirm it and the next thing i was log out from my account and now when i try to recover my password they send a code to my old email that i have got no access to
i sent them a picture of myself holding up the informition they asked but it didnt halp.
im so frustrated and have no idae what to do next… please if you succeeded log in let me know how. thanks and sorry for my english not my native language :)
Avatar donathan says:
what is the email you contacted that required you to send a picture?
Avatar Matt says:
So guys I’ve tried everything. Tweeted at them, messaged on facebook, got instagram support only to say they won’t help and now are ignoring my emails. I get the challenge required issue but its not showing my email or phone number, despite when I send a password reset via email or phone, I receive them at my info. If anyone has any further updates or ideas, please let me know guys. Desperate at this point because instagram clearly doesn’t care.
Avatar Ato says:
We are having the same exact issue as to you Matt. Gone through the same password reset just to check if I got the correct phone number, and amazingly got the reset link to my phone. Its really funny that Instagram is sending the challenge code to another number thus LOCKING ME OUT!
Avatar Amoakowaa says:
Hey buddy am on the same level with you right now as am typing.The code is been sent to a number I have no idea about.Did yours work and how?
Avatar Louis richard says:
I need my Instagram back
Avatar Jeniphar says:
Hey buddy am on the same level with you right now as am typing.The code is been sent to a number I have no idea about.Did yours work and how?
Avatar Rashad Wooten says:
Same problem. So far what I have done, was take a picture of myself holding up a sheet of paper with a code on it, and send it to them.. so far I am waiting for them to email me back. Suck this is a problem for a lot of us
Avatar Stephanie says:
This is so frustrating!! I’m having the same problem (Australia) Both on my Iphones App and vis the website. Has anybody figured it out? I can’t believe they don’t have a proper technical support department.
Avatar HN says:
I have the same issue if anyone managed to fix the problem let me know
Avatar HB says:
Yes! I’m having the same issue! Tried to contact the help desk and they have zero resolution. Hoping someone can figure out a fix
Avatar Anthony says:
Having the same issue and no way to contact Instagram… tried new phones and even website but the same .. even got the code sent to my phone still no help (uk)
Avatar Angela says:
I can’t get beyond challenge required. Tries everything
Avatar clement says:
same problem (france) i’ve tried evrything and no way to ask to instagram to look for the solution
Avatar Lil says:
same problem (Germany) since yesterday…
Avatar jade says:
im having the same problem. now they(china)have access to my account without my permission and i feel harrased
Avatar jade says:
i also have alot of evidence about this issue
Avatar Adam Havlik says:
Hallo, i have the challenge required error and nothing helps… i did change the proxy many times but it did not helped, so i am asking for help
Avatar Cat says:
Adam, I am having the same problem. It doesn’t matter if it’s my phone or computer.
I was hacked multiple times last week and had to keep changing my password and then I changed my e-mail on the app-I am worried that’s what messed it up.
Avatar Gretchen says:
I am having the same issue. I got a report that China logged in and now I can’t do anything. I have spent too much time trying to research on how to fix.

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