Instagram Highlight Ideas to Make Your Instagram Profile Stand Out

Instagram has come a long way since it first hit the market. It’s updated with all kinds of useful features all the time and Instagram Highlight is one of them. This option allows you to add special stories to your Stories Highlight section so they will be displayed on your profile for others to see.

You can name and save your favorite old stories, but they have to be posted on this social media for at least 24 hours before you can add them to your Highlights.

The highlights allow people to get a glimpse of who you are the moment they visit your profile. With that said, you can find some useful tips and Highlight ideas below.

Best Instagram Highlight Ideas

My Family

It doesn’t matter if you are promoting a brand or yourself, adding a Highlight with members of your family will tell people that you are also a loving human being.


Share your favorite book titles with your followers, especially if you are reading a book that can help them too. Make sure you save a book you’ve published to the Highlights tab.

My Favorite Music

Everyone likes hearing a good song, so why don’t you highlight songs you listen to when you work? You can also share direct links to favorite songs on Spotify.

Instagram Highlight music

My New Music

If you play an instrument, you can save your latest work. Add it to your highlights along with the lyrics for others to enjoy.


You can go a long way with a high-quality podcast in this world. The best way of promoting guests is by highlighting pictures of you and your guests. Screenshots and short clips from your latest episode make great Highlights too.

Email List

The Highlight section is a great place where you can promote your email list. You can make short clips informing people of what’s in store for them when they sign up.


Sharing the occasions when you had fun with your followers will, again, make you look more human. You can make videos when on the beach or in the park, or share some special moments from a party. Show the world that you know how to have fun!

My Art

You can share sneak peeks of your latest artwork or the entire piece. Sharing ideas, inspiration, and the creative process itself will let you get closer to your followers.

Happy Clients

There are many fake profiles on Instagram. Sharing business experiences with happy clients will not only make your business more visible, it will prove that you are genuine. Share customer reviews and other material about your work.


Save the material that makes you who you are. That includes books you are reading, podcasts you follow, and even people who inspire you.

My Articles

If you have the “Swipe up” option on, all the blog posts you share will be saved to your highlights. That way, your followers can read your latest articles without having to open extra tabs in their browsers.


You can post information about workshops or concerts, or any other event you organized. Share information about tickets, locations, and dates to let your followers know when and where to find you.

Instagram Highlight Shop

Highlight Your Shop Categories

If you’re promoting products on Instagram, you can create Highlights with product categories. Add products to the Highlights and make them available for viewing at any time.


Sharing some random posts or moments you want others to see is an excellent way of keeping your followers interested.

Your Social Media

You can engage followers with screenshots of tweets, Snapchat stories, and Facebook posts. Add the links to your social media profiles below to let people find you on other social platforms, as well.


Powerful quotes can have a profound impact on your followers. Share the quotes that drive and inspire you in your daily life and business.


Show your followers how much you enjoy traveling. Instagram Highlights of perfect white-sand beaches and famous landmarks around the world never get old.


Let people know what you are working on and where. Show them how you work and who you are working with. Most people love getting some behind the scenes content.


Show everyone what makes you happy. Your highlights could make them feel happy too.


Whether you are the one doing the interview or the person being interviewed, highlighting the interview along with the links can help people get to know you.

Over to You

Your Instagram Highlights can help you get more exposure. Highlights are a great way of keeping your followers up to date with what’s going on and give them a better idea of who you are. All you need is a bit of creativity and some brainstorming.


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