How to Know if Someone Added You Back on Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the more popular social media-based apps available today. Many users enjoy the exceptional privacy of the application. From Snaps that automatically delete to sending cute and funny videos to close friends, the culture of this app is quite different from other platforms.

With options like sharing custom stories with smaller groups and being able to seriously customize who can see your Snap story, Snapchat pushes users to keep things private. It doesn’t tell you how many followers you have, it doesn’t list your friends, and doesn’t provide counts of likes or any of that. Instead, it makes you concentrate on the social side. Creating, sharing, and commenting, without worrying about much else.

Knowing if you’ve been added by someone on Snapchat is easy to do if you’re submerged in daily social media usage. But, if you’re shifting from Facebook or Twitter, the increased focus on smaller circles may take some getting used to. That said, it’s always nice to know if someone you follow has added you back. Here’s how to do it.

Has someone added you back on Snapchat?

There aren’t many direct ways to find out if someone added you back on Snapchat. Unlike on social networks like Facebook, where you receive not only a notification but a message within Facebook Messenger letting you know another user has added you, Snapchat keeps things a bit less direct.

You can always go to the ‘Friends’ list by visiting your profile and searching for their name. If they show up, you’re connected and ready to send messages and snaps. If it isn’t there yet, there are a few other signs that someone has added you back on Snapchat.

Of course, you do get a notification when someone adds you and expects you to add them back. But, just like you wouldn’t get a notification they accepted, you won’t either when the roles are reversed.

Check the Snap Score

Though you’ll receive a notification if someone adds you on the platform, you won’t be notified when the favor is returned. That said, it’s fairly easy to figure out whether or not someone has added you back. While anyone you add with a public Snapchat will appear in your Snap feed, if someone has added you back, you’ll be able to see their Snap score.

Assessing your friendship on Snapchat is easy for those with the know-how.

Open the app, slide to the left to open the Chat interface (or tap on your profile icon in the upper left-hand corner), then select the friend you want to view from the list. Tap on their Bitmoji or the silhouette (for those who don’t have Bitmojis) to open up their profile screen.

This allows you to see their username, their location on Snapmap, the ability to snap, chat, call, or video chat with the person, and to open up the settings menu for that particular contact. At the top of this page, next to the username of your selected friend, you can view their Snap score in all its glory, making it easy to compare it to your own score along the way.

If you aren’t friends with the person whose score you’re trying to see, you won’t be able to see it. It isn’t until you and that person have both mutually added each other that you can compare your Snapchat scores together, so if the score is missing, you know you’re lacking that reciprocal connection.

Interestingly, there is no way to hide your Snapchat score. Anyone who is your friend on the app can see this information.

Can you tell if someone has declined you on Snapchat?

Can you see if someone has not added you back on Snapchat? Like being added, you can see if someone declined your offer, but only indirectly. There are four signs that someone has not accepted your request to be friends.

You cannot add them as a friend when selecting them in search

If you select the person from your Snapchat menu screen but tapping the Add icon doesn’t do anything, the person has actively blocked you. Snapchat will not allow you to send a friend request if this happens. This behavior applies to sent messages as well.

Snapchat Privacy

As mentioned previously, some users value the Snapchat platform for its privacy culture. Whether they only accept close friends or those who they trust the most, getting added on Snapchat is quite sacred for some users.

Users who have their account locked down (for example, the screenshot below reflects an account that only receives messages from people they know), you can always try to send a message and see if they respond.

If you haven’t been added back yet, you won’t receive any response because they never received the message. This is another way to know whether or not you’ve been added, but it only works with more secure accounts.

If someone is dodging you, they may not respond to a message even if their account is not locked down for privacy. Either way, you’ll have your answer of whether or not someone is up for a connection.

There are a few things to consider when you realize you haven’t been added to someone’s Snapchat friends’ list.

  • They no longer use the app – Cancelling a Snapchat account may seem unnecessary while the person in question no longer uses it. This means you can send invites, but they won’t respond because they don’t have the app, or the notifications are turned off.
  • They took a short break – As stated above, these adds expire after 24 hours. If they don’t have access to the app, they won’t receive the request.

If someone doesn’t instantly accept your request on Snapchat, you can always send them a message via another outlet like text or another social media account. This may clear up any miscommunication about your real-life relationship.

We’re Friends – But I Can’t See Their Score

A lot of users have stated that they know they’re friends with another user, but still can’t see the other person’s Snapchat score. This seems to be a common glitch. If you’re positive that you and another person are friends, simply log out of the app and then log back in. This usually corrects the minor glitch.

You can also make sure your app is updated through the App Store or Google Play store. Either type Snapchat into the search bar or click the ‘Updates’ option in either one. Tap on ‘Update’ and see if the problem corrects itself.

If the person you’ve attempted to add doesn’t show a ‘Pending’ status, they may have accepted your add. Try logging out of the app and back in to see if their score updates before sending them a message or getting upset.

3 thoughts on “How to Know if Someone Added You Back on Snapchat”

Avatar Solov_Jdan says:
maybe there is an anonymous mode ?
Avatar Karen says:
So I recently found an old friend on Snapchat. But we have not added each other. I clicked on their username and instead of saying “Add Friend” it says “Accept Friend”. I don’t remember ever receiving a request from them. Could it just be a glitch? I also tried by checking other people that show up on quick adds but it just gives me the option of adding them.
Avatar J Patt says:
I have been trying to find the answer to this question but no luck. I recently had a friend who I could see snapchat score, then one day I couldn’t. This friend is still on my friend list and even asked if they had deleted me as a friend. The answer was no. This friend still receives my snaps and snaps me back. I never got a pending notification when I sent a snap. The only difference now is I don’t see the snapchat score. So did my friend lie to me or what? When I search the username, it shows us as friends. I’m confused as to what is going on.
Avatar Abbey Bell says:
J Patt same thing has happened to me. It’s made me question them. Would like some light on this matter
Avatar human says:
it’s cuz u still hv them as friends but they unfriended u.
and the fact that u can send them snaps is cuz of their settings which allow any stranger to contact them

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