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How To Leave a Facebook Group

How To Leave a Facebook Group
How to LEAVE a Facebook Group

Thousands of Facebook groups are created every day. Some of them cater to writers, some to athletes, some to cooking fanatics, and more. Whatever your interests, there’s not one but dozens of groups for you. Add to that any number of groups that your friends are inviting you to, and it’s easy to overwhelm your Facebook feed. Maybe it’s time to kiss some of those groups goodbye.

We’ve covered some common questions regarding Facebook groups and pages. If there’s something in your feed that you don’t want, chances are your answer is somewhere below.

How Do I Leave a Facebook Group?

It’s literally as simply as the click of a button. Just go to the group that you want to leave and look at the options just beneath the banner picture. If you’re a member of the group, then you should see the word Leave group on one of the options.

  1. Click the triple dotted icon to reveal a drop down.
  2. Select Leave group.

Voila. You now have one fewer group cluttering up your feed.

What Happens When I Leave a Group?

You probably don’t have to be worried about upsetting anyone by leaving. Other members will not be notified, nor the administrators. However, they will be able to tell that you’re not a member if they look in the right places. You’ll be removed from the member list, a list visible to anyone else in the group.

As for your end of things, you won’t see the group show up on your group list and you will no longer receive any notifications from the group. Finally, and most importantly, you won’t see any more posts to the group in your feed.

Perhaps most interestingly, your presence in the group will be erased, so to speak. For example. in the past other group members were able to see if you saw a group post. Now, even if you saw a post before you left the group, that information will no longer be available.

Can I Stop Seeing Posts Without Leaving a Group?

Maybe you want to be able to access the group when you need to but you’re tired of the constant posts. It’s possible to stop the posts from showing up in your feed without leaving outright. All you need to do is unfollow the group instead of leave.

Do the exact same thing that you would do to leave a group. Only, when you reveal the dropdown under the triple dotted icon, select Unfollow group. That’s it! Now you’re still apart of the fun, but without all the annoyance.

What’s the Difference Between a Group and a Page?

Maybe you don’t want to leave a group at all. Maybe it’s someone’s page that keeps bothering you with posts. It’s possible to follow various pages in order to see their posts in your feed. Many different entities like celebrities, websites, and organizations, have pages filled with relevant content. Following them will fill your feed with interesting quotes, links, videos, and more. However, with groups, pages, and profiles all floating around, it can be difficult to know which one you’re dealing with.

  • Profile – This is your personal Facebook home. You create a profile when you first sign up. You post pictures and status updates to your profile. You friend other profiles. You follow pages and join groups.
  • Page – This is similar to a profile in a lot of respects. You can post things. You can also post pictures. You can even like other pages. You can’t friend people and you can’t join groups. Facebook pages are intended as “profiles” for professionals, business entities, and public figures.
  • Group – These virtual spaces on Facebook are intended to bring people together of common interests. They also act as spaces for existing friends or members of a common community to come together and communicate. Members of a group can post to the group, regardless of who created it.

If you are looking to unfollow a page instead of a group, go to the page in question. Click  Following beneath the banner photo. Then turn on Unfollow this Page.

Is There a Way to Unfollow a Person Without Unfriending Them?

Maybe you’re tired of hearing your aunt wax poetic about her garden. That or you’ve had enough of your brother’s incessant political rants. Whatever your reasons, there’s someone in your life you could stand to hear a little less from. But you don’t want to unfriend them because that would create more drama than you bargained for. Facebook understands and has provided a simple solution.

You can opt to unfollow someone instead of unfriending them. Simply go to their Facebook profile and look to the bottom right of their banner photo. Click the silhouette icon to reveal a drop-down of options. Click Unfollow from the list.

As far as the person can tell, you’re still friends. However, you’ll now no longer see his or her posts in your feed. You can still see them if you go directly to his or her profile page.

How Do I Delete a Facebook Group?

Forget leaving a Facebook group. Maybe you’re looking to remove one altogether. You can only do this if one of the following is true:

  • You are the administrator that created the group.
  • You are an administrator in the group and the administrator who created the group has already left.

If you have the ability to delete a Facebook group, you can do so by removing all of the group members, including yourself. You can remove others by clicking on the settings icon next to each member’s name. Once all of the other members are removed, click Leave Group next to your name. The group will automatically be deleted once all the members are gone. You won’t be able to access it again, even if it was public.

Take a close look at your groups, favorite pages, and friends. A little housecleaning will go a long way toward fashioning a more enjoyable feed.

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