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How to Meet Your Future Spouse on Tinder

How to Meet Your Future Spouse on Tinder

Although it’s excellent at matching single couples, Tinder can also stir up a few controversies.

Now and then, a married person gets active on this dating app. And of course, it casts a shadow of suspicion among married couples, too.

Tinder officially discourages monogamous and married couples from using the app. However, many people report that they’ve found their loved ones actively roaming around there.

And if paranoia’s creeping in, you may want to see for yourself. This article will try to help.

Method #1 – Look for Evidence

Have you considered the possibility that your spouse is on Tinder? Or is it just guessing? Be warned. It’s a long and exhausting road that you’ll take if you don’t have enough evidence on their wrongdoings.

Therefore, it’s best to wait patiently and collect enough proof that something might be boiling under the surface. Then you can start with the more serious work.

Here are some things to pay attention to:

  1. Behavior: Is your spouse on their smartphone too much? Are they showing less interest in your relationship? If they’re constantly texting and try to hide their phone whenever you want to take a look, that’s suspicious. An honest spouse doesn’t hide that much.
  2. Existence of App on Their Phone: If they want to show you something on their phone, pay attention to the apps that they have installed. If you see a Tinder among the apps, there’s a chance that they’re still using it.
  3. Evidence from Others: Maybe your friend or relative bumped into your spouse’s profile while bumping Tinder, thus confirming that a profile exists.

Of course, this evidence is just the first step of the journey. It’s still too early to jump to any conclusions.

If you see changes to behavioral patterns, it doesn’t have to be related to Tinder. You should still talk about it. Also, the existence of the app doesn’t mean that they’re using it. Perhaps the profile is just a relic from a long time ago.

Method #2 – Use a “Spying” App

Let’s move from theory to practice. If you’re really suspicious of your spouse’s online activities, you can install a third-party tracking app.

This app will connect to your spouse’s device through the mobile phone’s ID. Usually, this means that you need to know the ID and password (Google for Android and Apple for iOS) of the phone that you want to monitor.

One of these apps is PhoneSpector. It’s a premium app that allows you to “inspect” any phone that you submit.

This means that you’ll get the following data:

  1. iMessages
  2. Texts
  3. Social Media (including Tinder) messages
  4. Calls
  5. GPS
  6. WhatsApp

All in your dashboard.

Just download, install, and follow the on-screen instructions and you can quickly start your surveillance mission.

Method #3 – Find Him on Tinder

If the above method is a bit overboard, you can always use the simple “catfish” way.

However, you need to make a plausible fake Tinder profile to make it work first. It’s a thorough process, but a simple one. You can look it up (TechJunkie has posted an excellent guide, too) online.

Once you have your profile, you should use Tinder Settings to narrow down your potential search range. If you tweak your search preferences correctly, your spouse may pop-up as a possible match.

  1. Launch Tinder.
  2. Tap your profile icon.
  3. Go to “Settings”.
    edit info
  4. Tap “Discovery” down at the bottom of the menu.

Here, you should try to narrow the search preferences as much as possible.


  1. Decrease the maximum distance to the lowest possible (your spouse’s right next to you).
  2. Include only their age range.
  3. Display their gender.

If your spouse is actively swiping on Tinder and you’ve created a plausible, attractive profile, they’ll sweep right.

As soon as you start your communication, you’ll be in the clear.

And that’s one of the ways to find out if your spouse is active on Tinder.

Don’t Overreact

As said, Tinder may be on your spouse’s smartphone, but it doesn’t mean that they’re using it. Even if you find out that it’s there, it’s best to talk about it instead of spying them behind the back.

Most of the time, it’s all just a huge misunderstanding that you can resolve with a long, healthy conversation.

Also, if you met your spouse on Tinder (it’s not unusual), they could just have that same profile from before.

What methods of inspection would you prefer? Did you have similar experiences before? Tell your story to the TechJunkie community in the comments section below.

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