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The Most Downvoted Comments on Reddit

The Most Downvoted Comments on Reddit

Reddit is the biggest forum on the Internet, with thousands of sub-forums, a.k.a. subreddits. It is an excellent source of news and knowledge, covering all kinds of topics and niches. However, there is also a great deal of conflict around some Reddit posts.

Though Twitter is notorious for its feuds and drama, Reddit is just as bad in some ways. There have been major controversies on the “front page of the Internet”, leading to severe community backlash.

When a post or comment draws the ire of the Reddit community, it deceives serious downvote stacks. People often unite to fight injustice on Reddit even if they do not belong to the particular community or subreddit where the conversation is taking place. The biggest example is when all gamers united against the greedy and disrespectful way EA treats its consumers.

Read on to learn more about this and some of the other most downvoted comments on Reddit.

Why People Downvote Posts and Comments on Reddit

When you make a post or comment on Reddit, others can reply to you or vote with a thumbs up or thumbs down. Some people on this website are biased and they will downvote posts just out of spite.

On the other hand, the hate certain users and posts get is more than justified. Things that get the most downvotes are: trolling, inappropriate content, political agendas, racism or other forms of bigotry, people specifically asking for downvotes, and big corporate accounts trying to defend their bad business choices.

There is also a thing called brigading. It is when members of one subreddit go into another sub and downvote a comment into oblivion because someone drew their attention to it and they do not agree with it.

You may think downvotes are harmless, as they only affect the karma score of Reddit profiles – basically just Internet points. But in reality, the backlash against some people and companies on Reddit can have serious effects, both positive and negative. In the best case, it gets wrongdoers to reconsider their actions.

What Are the Most Downvoted Comments on Reddit

You are about to see that there are many reasons comments get tanked with downvotes. But one particular Reddit account is the absolute winner in the number of downvotes.

  1. EACommunityTeam on the Star Wars Battlefront subreddit – EA community representatives tried to justify why their already expensive game has microtransactions, which are universally hated in the gaming community. They claimed that players were supposed to feel a sense of accomplishment because they had to grind so much to unlock a few particular characters in Battlefront 2. The alternative was paying a sizeable amount of money, which was an outrage. They put Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader behind a paywall – that is, the most recognizable characters in the Star Wars universe and probably the main reason why some people bought the game. This comment had 683,000 downvotes before the thread was locked. Prior to that, the most downvoted comment had just above 20,000 downvotes. As a result, EA had to listen to the community and acknowledge they were in the wrong. Finally, they changed the game’s pricing.
    EA reddit
  2. 1PerfectlyBalanced1 on the thanosdidnothingwrong sub – Unlike the EA controversy, the second most downvoted comment in Reddit history was actually a joke. It is a reference to Thanos, the biggest Marvel universe villain, who tipped the scales of balance in the universe. This user asked for downvotes so the top comment and the post would have a balanced contrast of upvotes and downvotes. It concluded with 88906 downvotes.

    thanos reddit

    Image source:

  3. Roll20 manager NolanT on their own sub – This is another example of how Reddit “owned” a corporate representative. Basically, the manager of this virtual tabletop role-playing game company tried to justify why they censored a critique of their platform. This conversation showed why a company should not run their designated forum on Reddit, and it is better to choose community moderators. The post had 59778 downvotes.
  4. Admiral-_-Awesome on WTF sub – This one is NSFW so we will skip it. It ended up with 51972 downvotes.
  5. Bren12310 on BikiBottomTwitter- This user also asked for downvotes, providing a picture of Squidward. It reached 37749 downvotes.
  6. 96Phoenix on Me_irl – Another example of users asking for downvotes. He just pointed a finger to the ground and got 24333 downvotes before the post was locked.
    me irl reddit

Boo! Boo!

There are many other notorious downvoted posts, all in the range between several thousand and twenty thousand downvotes. What is the conclusion? People really dislike censorship and consumer mistreatment of any kind, and none of that will float on Reddit. Big companies need to improve their social media game, and more importantly, the way they treat their customers.

Regular Reddit users mostly get downvotes for fun, or if they are insufferable trolls.

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