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The Most Upvoted Comments on Reddit

The Most Upvoted Comments on Reddit

Being the most popular message board platform on the internet, Reddit averages more than 540 million daily visits.

It’s safe to assume that such traffic is bound to generate billions of comments on a monthly basis, conservatively speaking. However, most posts are likely to become part of the haystack.

Now, pretend that you’re a horse, which would you eat first? You’ll probably want to stay away from the ones that humans like the most.

For a clue, a recent Reddit article listed the top-rated comments for the previous year, and there’s a popular subreddit that logs the highest rated comments of all time. Thanks to them, you can discover some of the most interesting and upvoted comments.

Here are the top 5, complete with context.

1. It’s All Nice with Rice

A witty joke at the right moment can earn a lot of upvotes. Especially if you manage to crack the joke on one of the subreddits with a lot of traffic like /AskReddit.

This is the case with the following comment, which has a rank of over 35,500. The opening poster (OP) asks: “What tasty food would be disgusting if eaten over rice?” One user replies: “Ice. Rice is amazing with almost anything else,” which received a lot of upvotes itself.

However, then the opening poster responded with: “This one had to be cooked for various reasons. I boiled rice with ice, and I was left with rice – 10/10.” Proving that there isn’t any food that won’t go with rice. This comment earned the poster a Reddit gold award.

2. A Story About Kevin

This post starts off with a loaded question from the OP: “Who’s the dumbest person you’ve ever met?” While you expect to read a lot of silly things, you can’t make the following story up.

A teacher shows up with an amazing story about a boy named Kevin. After a long post about a boy with an extraordinary low intellect, the teacher lists all the unbelievable things involving Kevin.

For example, there’s a bit where Kevin steals the teacher’s phone without turning it off. So the phone rings when the teacher calls the number. Yet Kevin wouldn’t admit that he stole it. Neither would he claim the ringing phone as his. Instead, Kevin starts denying that the phone is ringing. This is just one of the many anecdotes shared in response to the original question.

The post is now 5 years old, and it’s earned the poster 3 platinum awards, 13 gold awards, and 7 silver awards on reddit.


3. Best Life Choice

Not all upvoted comments have to be funny. Some are touching personal stories, like this comment that received almost 70 thousand upvotes. The OP asks about other people’s best life choices.

One comment traces all the way back to kindergarten years. The OP had to choose a prize for good behavior but instead of choosing a mini gumball machine, the OP decided to pick something else. Thanks to this choice, he gets this recurring warm and joyful feeling to this day. You really ought to read the post yourself, so we’re not going to spoil it.

4. “Roasting” the OP

“Roasting” in this context is when another Reddit user jokes with the opening poster. This comment has around 63,000 upvotes for an effective roasting of the OP.

The OP describes a situation where he went to hug a girl but she quickly grabbed his hand and shook it, probably to avoid anything more intimate. It was embarrassing for him to ask: “What are the most isolated places on earth known to man?”

To which a user responds: “Your bed, I’m guessing.”

5. Disneyland Goofy AMA

The opening poster starts off by saying he played Goofy at Disney World for a long time, which seems like a fun thing. Then one comment asks for a retelling of a magical moment at Disney World, which is things take a turn.

The man tells a heartbreaking story involving two young girls who survived a tragic accident. The story describes a concerted effort by those working at Disney World to make their day magical. It is a brilliant story and currently the most upvoted comment of all time.

Above and beyond comment, the whole thread is amazing and totally worth a read.

Share More Reddit Comments

These are some of the highest ranked comments on reddit. Considering the number of users, subreddits, and posts, there are probably thousands more that are worth a mention.

If you know of any funny, touching, or interesting Reddit comments, with or without a high number of upvotes, you must share them in the comments! Help us make the world go round.

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