1 Month Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Girlfriend and Boyfriend

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Some might say that 1 month of relationship is not a very serious occasion, but if you found the one who makes your heart beat faster, do not listen to skeptics and express your feelings! The smile of your beloved girlfriend or boyfriend will show that your efforts were worth it! We, in turn, would like to help you find a perfect present in a huge variety of romantic goods producers offer to sweethearts. Below you will find gorgeous gifts for him, lovely cute presents for her and some really funny stuff! So everything you have to do is to choose the product you like the most, present it, and enjoy your soulmate’s reaction!

Good One Month Anniversary Gifts for Him

Ladies, if you want to find something really special for your beloved man, just check out these creative goods! Believe us, we have some great ideas for one month anniversary for you to choose from. We tried to take into account all the factors, starting from typical men’s interests to the time you two are together. Even the so-called ‘standard’ gifts we found can be personalized, so they will definitely show your boyfriend how much you think of him and appreciate his presence in your life.

Men’s Leather Handmade Wallet with Monogram

Mens Leather Pocket
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If you are looking for a present that will show how much your boyfriend and relationship with him mean to you, you should turn your attention to this gorgeous wallet. The biggest advantage of this good is that you can make any engraving you want, and it is included in the price. Thus, you can ask the seller to put any name or sign on its front, and you will get a great personalized gift. Moreover, it is made of natural materials, leather and walnut, so you get not only meaningful but also high quality good.

T-Shirt for Amazing Boyfriend

T-shirt Amazing BF
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This trendy T-shirt will show that there is no better boyfriend than the one you already have. It is made of the natural material, cotton, and that makes it comfortable to wear in any weather and season. The wide range of sizes guarantees you that it will fit your soulmate. The writing is not only funny; it also stays on even after multiple washes. This gift is perfect if you want to show that you like him a lot but do not want to rush things.

Wooden Personalized Engraved Flask for Him

Wooden Gift
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This flask is a great gift for any occasion, including 1 month anniversary. You can choose any text you want, so you can tell the seller to print the name of your man or some inspiring and sweet phrase. You can also choose the exact date when you two changed your relationship status and your names, so the flask will be a kind of reminder for your couple. Just imagine, if you get married, it will be the sweetest souvenir, the material proof of your everlasting love! Moreover, it just looks very elegant!

Great One Month Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

If you do not know what is a good one month anniversary gift for her, please, do not panic. We have some really great ideas for you. This section contains the description of three great gifts: one for those who understood that she is the one and want to express the feelings, one for those who want to get her something unbelievably beautiful and meaningful, and one for those who want to make their girl happy, make a nice gesture, and avoid all possible mistakes. You just cannot go wrong with the presents like these!

Crystal LED Light Musical Box With Colorful 3D Rose

Gift Idea for Her
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Skeptics would say that 1 month of relationship is too early to say “I love you”. However, if you feel that this girl is the one, is your second half, there is no ‘too early’ for you, especially if the feeling flows both ways. This crystal LED light musical box with colorful 3D rose is a really sweet gift. Without any doubts, there is no girl on Earth who would not like it. It also plays 18 classic romantic tracks that will melt her heart. It is a true artwork that will make your woman happy.

Handmade Preserved Fresh Rose

HandMade Rose
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This is a real rose in a beautiful golden heavy-duty display case is a perfect present for any woman. The flower itself is fresh; it is preserved for a few years due to the special technology so you can be sure that your girlfriend will admire it for a long, long time. The good comes in the gift box, so you will not have to look for something to pack it up. All in all, it is the awesome souvenir, cool indoor decoration, and, of course, the great symbol of the feelings you share.

Spa Gift Basket

Spa Basker
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If you met your girlfriend not so long ago and you keep getting to know each other better, you can get her something nice but universal, just like this awesome gift basket. Such a choice guarantees that you will not go wrong with the present. This set contains all the stuff girls like starting from a shower gel to bath bombs and cosmetic bag. Moreover, the basket is packaged great and looks nice. The beautiful shades of violet, thoughtful choice of bath products, lavender flavor, all this makes such a present nice and gentle. And do not forget that it comes with the attached gift note for you to write your girlfriend something heartfelt and sweet.

Perfect Gifts to Give Your Girlfriend for 1 Month Anniversary

It is considered that it is not easy to find a cool present for a girl. Well, it is partially true, especially when it comes to one month anniversary. However, there are some universal ideas that will help you find a win-win solution. Now you have a unique chance to demonstrate your intentions, so do not miss it! Any of these gifts given on this remarkable date will be a sign showing how much she means to you and that you are grateful for having her in your life.

Silk Roses with LED Strip Light in Glass Dome

Silk Rose
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Are you looking for something that will impress your girlfriend and show her how much she means to you? If yes, you should definitely turn your attention to this adorable romantic present. These silk roses in glass cover are not only the awesome decoration; they are also a symbol of your feelings. This good has no expiration date, so your sweetheart can keep it forever. Furthermore, she will think of about you every time she looks at this artwork!

Alex and Ani Bracelet

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This shiny bracelet will be a really nice 1-month anniversary gift. Without any doubts, any girl will like such jewelry: it is stylish, it is meaningful, and she will be able to wear it with jeans as well as the evening dress. It comes in the original Alex and Ani packaging with the card, so your girl will see that you chose a brand thing for her. Sounds great, right? In addition, 20% of the price goes to charity, so you have a chance to make your woman happy and at the same time to do something really good for the society.

Twelve Long Red Roses

12 Roses
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Some might say that roses are not a romantic gift; it is rather an annoying cliché. Well, it is the fact that women like it despite everything. These flowers are the recognized symbol of love and passion, so do not listen to skeptics and choose this gorgeous bouquet. It is a classic, after all! Moreover, they last for a long time, smell and look great. They also come with the good package and a free vase, so you buy the whole set of goods that will make your girlfriend happy!

Cute One Month Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend

If you are looking for something cute to congratulate your boyfriend on this special day for you, check out these sweet creative presents! Move away from standard gifts; show him how much you care about him and your relationship through the adorable things below. Of course, you can always choose snacks baskets, collages, wallets and watches, but first, look at these goods. Believe us, you will find some funny ideas as well as nice romantic stuff!

Yoda Best Boyfriend Ceramic Coffee Mug

Ceramic Coffee Mug
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The cups are commonly considered to be quite boring presents, but this one will not leave your man indifferent. The great wordplay makes this coffee mug not only cute and meaningful but also hilarious, so your boyfriend will definitely like it! Needless to say, it will make any Star War fan love his girlfriend even more! Show him that you always remember about his interests and he will appreciate that!

Let’s Get It On Personalized Hand Poured Soy Candle

Soy Candle
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Some might say that boys do not like anything romantic but it is nothing more than a stereotype. This wonderful set in cute gift box is the great idea for 1 month anniversary. Even though this date will not impress skeptics, you should not turn your attention to such clichés. If you feel something indescribable, something great, just express it! You should not doubt that a nice, personalized present with your name on it is a great souvenir that will make your man smile every time he looks at it!

Glass Keepsake Jar of Sweet Messages for Him

Jar with Message
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This wonderful jar is probably the most romantic gift for a boyfriend ever. It contains 31 nice and sweet love messages, so the one who gets this present can open it every day and get a dose of inspiration, good mood, and, of course, thoughts about you! Really, someone who reads such messages as “I’ll always be here for you” has no right to be sad a single minute! So don’t miss a chance to get him a super awesome inspirational bomb!

Best Funny Monthiversary Presents Ideas

There is nothing more precious than a smile of a person you like. You can get it by sending a sweet postcard, by giving a heartfelt romantic present, or by getting something really funny. If a sense of humor means a lot to your couple, choose the last option and check out the hilarious gifts we collected for you! We found the perfect present for girls and two awesome unisex presents that will make your soulmate laugh!

Funny Gift Bear

Funny Bear
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Here we have the gift for naughty couples! This bear is not only super cute but also hilarious. The phrase on the T-shirt shows how the boys who are in love feel, and if your girlfriend has a good sense of humor, she will definitely like it! Moreover, the T-shirt is removable, so she will be able to hide your little secret from family and friends. And, of course, she will always remember how much she means to you!

Funny Love Coffee Cup

Funny Coffee Cup
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So, you two have spent a great month together. Do you feel that your boyfriend or girlfriend is the best thing that ever happened to you? If the answer is yes and if you two are ironic and funny people, just order this great mug to show that you will like him or her no matter what. So don’t waste time, choose the size of this cool cup and present it to your beloved one!

Funny Otter Couple Sweatshirt

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The hilarious couple sweatshirt perfectly fits men and women, so you can present one to your soulmate and buy another one for yourself! The print is sweet and meaningful; moreover, you can forget about people that consider your second half to be super hot and try to take your place – this thing shows who is who! Anyway, it just funny, romantic, useful and really comfortable to wear, so if you are looking for a great gift, here it is!

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