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Poems for Mom

So, are you looking for the best poem for your mom? If the answer is yes, then you’ve basically just found it — here we have 40 fantastic cute, beautiful and not too long poems for your mother. We’ve done our best and collected only the best poems that will help you express your feelings. You’ll find everything you need here — so don’t waste your time and check the poems right now!
Oh, and by the way, we didn’t add any long poems here. We are sure that 8 or 16 lines are enough when it comes to the poetry on mother. The thing is, such short poems are the best choice when you write them in a card, when you send an SMS or when you need to learn them — so we’ve decided to make it as easy as possible for you. Plus, such short poems are still really beautiful and meaningful!

Cute poems for mom

Are you looking for some cute poems for mom on Mother’s day, like, to send in Facebook or to write in a greeting card? Maybe her birthday is coming and you need a poem that will look great on a birthday card? Or you just wanna find a really cute poem for her without any reasons?
The answer doesn’t really matter. All you have to know is: yes, we have the cutest poems right here, and we guarantee that they all are great. Checka them out!

Nice mom poems from daughter

The beautiful bond between mothers and daughters is one of the best things in the world. Yeah, mothers love their sons, too, but… You know what we are talking about, right?
We know that you love your mother, and that’s exactly why we’ve collected the following verses — these 5 poems will certainly surprise her. Be careful, because some of them will make her cry — so we recommend you to hug her her when she reads the poem!

Inspirational mother poems

But well, making her cry isn’t the only option you have. What about inspiring her? What about telling her that she is the best mother in the world or what about expressing all your feelings with some powerful words? We can help in all these cases. Just check the inspirational mother poems below and we are sure you’ll love them. As well as your mother, of course!

Short poems about moms

As we’ve already said, good poems for your mommy should be short. And here we’ve found 5 amazing short poems about moms, about motherly love and about being a mother — so choose any of them and make your mom smile today!

Beautiful poems for moms

Do you want to say something beautiful to your mom? To tell her that you love her, to say that she’s beautiful, or to say that you have great relationship? As we’ve said, the reason doesn’t matter. These great poems will work in 100% cases!

Famous poems about mothers

Do you prefer famous authors? It’s not a problem at all. Check these five amazing famous poems about mothers — these writers do definitely know how to make poems!

Poetry to mom that will make her cry

Something deep and emotional, maybe? We have such poems here, too! These poetry pieces are very, very meaningful… so they can literally make your mom cry.

What is a mother poem

What is a mother poem? A poem about your mom, about the motherhood, about your relationship or about your love? All these answers are correct. Take a look at the poems we’ve found for you and you’ll see what we are talking about!

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