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Relationship Quotes

What is your relationship status? Do you have a soulmate or still searching for your second half? In any case, regardless of the answer, we have some really great quotes and sayings for you. They are universal, actually. These wise sayings will inspire you if you are happy, encourage you if you are trying to get over a breakup and help you understand what you really want if you want to find someone to start a new relationship.
Even a great relationship is a rocky road. We all are different, and even if you love your girlfriend or boyfriend most in the world, your couple, like any other, is not immune to problems, conflicts, and, of course, tough life circumstances. Probably, making a choice between staying with the person of leaving him [1] or her is the hardest one. However, the wise sayings below will help you understand if your efforts and struggle are worth it.
If you and your soulmate are very happy now, and want your relationship to move further, the gorgeous quotes we collected will help you express your feelings and tell your second half how much he or she really means to you. They are even better than simple sweet “love you” messages. By sending them you will show that you are not only enjoying the feelings you two share, but also think of them, analyze them, and appreciate them not only with your heart but also with your mind.
If you are only waiting for love, these awesome quotes will show you what kind of person you should choose and what kind of relationship you should build. Just take a minute, relax, and read the amazing sayings below. They will inspire you, encourage you, and motivate you to stay happy and make your second half smile every day!

The Best Quotes about Serious Relationships

Frankly speaking, we all are afraid of commitment at some period of life. Starting a serious relationship is one of the most important steps in life, so it makes sense that a person can be scared of making this step. Whether it’s an engagement which is followed by a marriage or a decision to move in together, there’s nothing wrong about having second thoughts. We are here to tell you the naked truth about all of the aspects of any serious relationships. And the quotes below might give the answers to your questions.

Quotes about the Power of Being Together for Couples

To start with, there is no a magic spell which could give you the power to turn your relationship into something perfect. Every happy couple knows that a loving and healthy relationship is a hard work which requires sacrifices, understanding, honesty and a lot more. But we want you to read these sentences to ensure yourself that the power of being together as a couple no matter what obstacles are there on your way isn’t something made up. It’s real and it works.

Good Quotes about Healthy Relationship and Love

Love is a nourishing source of strength for any healthy relationships. Without love what would be the point of starting one? Just to make it clear, you can understand and express love whatever you want, but it’s definitely the most moving power when it comes to being in a relationship. This and other ideas will be explained in the quotes below.

Quotes and Sayings about Bad and Troubled Relationship

Unfortunately, toxic relationships aren’t something out of ordinary. On the contrary, they have become widely spread among people of different age and nationality. The thing is, any relationship may have some ups and downs, and if you have entered the ‘downs’ period, it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad and troubled relationship and that you have to cut it off. We collected a few interesting quotes about toxic relationship so you could see the difference.

Quotes about Difficult Relationship Problems

As we were saying, any person may face some problems while being in a relationship. Sometimes these problems are a bit more difficult as they seem at first. Does it mean that it’s time to quit? Well, it’s your call. Problems are often given to you to test your intentions and true feelings. So don’t jump into conclusions and read these quotes to find out if your relationship problems are that big.

Beautiful Quotes about Happy Relationship

Though happiness is a subjective feeling and each of us put their own meaning into it, we all want our relationships to be happy. Once you get what you want, it seems that the whole world needs to hear about how happy you are right now. Share your happiness with others with the help of these beautiful quotes about happy relationship.

Great & Strong Relationship Quotes

When starting a new relationship each of partners want this bond to be as strong as possible. Guess, there’s no need in telling you that the strength of any relationship depends on the amount of effort both partners put into it. Love, trust, openness – these elements and many other are the essentials of strong relationships. Keep reading and you will discover what other things can strengthen your romance.

Amazing Inspirational Quotes about Relationship

Being in a relationship, it is really important to be on the same page with a partner. And it’s not only about having the same interests and goals, it’s about understanding the feelings and needs of the other person. The inspirational quotes about relationship will help you to express how you feel towards your loved one with the help of just words.

Perfect Motivational Relationship Sayings for Strong Couples

What is the meaning behind a collocation “a strong couple”? If you want to know our opinion, it is a couple who constantly work on their relationship in order to keep up the fire. No relationship will flourish, unless the two people work as one. Of course, there must be some motivation to work the things out when something goes wrong. Take a look at the quotes below and find out if you have what it takes to be called a strong couple.

Positive & Brainy Relationship Quotes

Staying positive no matter what obstacles occur on your way is one of the main rules about happy and healthy relationships. And if you need a bit of inspiration to keep positivity, you just can’t miss these wonderful quotes.

Long and Meaningful Quotes about New Passionate Relationships

To start new relationships is always so exciting. Those feelings each of the partners experience when they get to know each other are priceless. And we are not telling that new is always better. It’s just everything is so interesting and full of fresh emotions at the very beginning of a love story that it is hard not to share these emotions with others. And you know what? You don’t have to keep it inside. Let the whole world know about your new passionate relationship thanks to these quotes.

Quotes about a Very Special Relationship Bond

The bond between two people is always something special, isn’t it? After all, any relationships have different stories to tell, which makes them special each in its own way. The quotes below describe all of the unique things that happen to a person once they fall in love. And they are beautiful.

I Want a New Perfect Relationship Quotes

If you caught yourself thinking, “hey, I want a perfect relationship”, we need to stop you right there. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, since people are not perfect in the first place. Everyone has their own drawbacks. Striving for perfection isn’t something bad, but you have to start from yourself.

Short Encouraging Quotes about Past Hard Relationship

Did you break up with your gf/bf? Or it is you who has been dumped? Well, we all have been there. In fact, each of us has been in one of the situation described above at least once in life. The fact that you ended up the relationship means that there were hardships in them. Now you need to read something encouraging in order to get over the break up and move on.

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