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How To Reset Your Snapchat Password

Maybe you got the feeling you should go on Snapchat and see what’s going on with all your friends.  Once you opened the Snapchat application, did you forget your password?  Ah, Snap.  That’s the worst.  However, we’re going to help you out.

We’ll tell you how you can retrieve your forgotten Snapchat password if you’ve run into this dilemma.  So, let’s not procrastinate any longer.  Here we go.

iPhone and Android Password Reset

When you open the Snapchat application and haven’t already logged in automatically,  you’ll be on the Log in and Sign Up screen of the application.                                                                                                                                                                 Snapchat Login

Next, you’ll tap on login.  These instructions apply for both iPhone and Android Snapchat applications.  The next steps are as follows.

Resetting a Password Via Phone

So, now you’ve learned how you can easily reset your Snapchat password if you’ve forgotten it.  You can have it reset via email or your mobile phone.  You’ll just need to go through a few verification steps first.  This ensures that you are whom you say you are and makes sure your Snapchat account stays secure and only you have access to it.

You can also follow this guide if you’d like to reset your Snapchat password even if you know what it is.  This can be useful when you just want to change your password as a security precaution for your Snapchat Account.  It’s recommended to change passwords on any account now and then so; your accounts are less likely to be breached.