San Jose Captions for Instagram – The Capital Of Silicon Valley

San Jose is one of the most expensive cities in the United States. Located south of the Fog City and the San Francisco Bay, it has something for virtually every type of tourist. So, if you’ve booked your ticket for the capital city of Silicon Valley, make sure to pack your phone or a camera to snap some memorable photos. To make your Instagram posts complete, we’ll provide some caption ideas for the city’s premier landmarks and places.

Lick Observatory Captions

The Lick Observatory has been at the forefront of the astronomy for more than a century. It was founded back in 1888 and is still functional today. The observatory sits over 4,000 feet above the city and the Silicon Valley, offering stunning views of the surrounding area. However, its mighty telescopes can show you stars and galaxies tens and hundreds of light years away.

This secluded and tranquil place silently towers above the city, representing its dedication to technological advancement and discovery. Whether you decide to snap some landscape photos or to post a photo of the night sky, your captions should reflect the importance and the unique vibe of this place. Here are some captions ideas for photos taken at the Lick Observatory:

  1. “San Jose, the capital of the Silicon Valley, sits at the palm of my hand. A breathtaking vista.”
  2. “Take a look at the night sky and imagine where we’ll be in a 1,000 years.”
  3. “Seeing fiery stars thousands of light years away sent shivers up and down my spine tonight.”

Winchester Mystery House Captions

If you’re a fan of the bizarre and macabre, then you’ll have to clear up your schedule and visit the Winchester Mystery House while you’re in town. The mansion was built between 1884 and 1922 by Sarah Pardee Winchester. It has 160 rooms and has such oddities as doors that lead nowhere (open to walls) and stairways that end in the ceiling. It is also rumored that the house is haunted.

Winchester Mystery House Captions

A tour around the Winchester estate is not for the faint of heart. It is shrouded in mystery and gives off a strangely creepy and dark vibe, despite its colorful exterior. Don’t be too surprised if you snap a photo of someone and they disappear from it before you upload the photo. The only rule for captions here is not to provoke the anger of the resident spirits.

  1. “I swear there was an old lady in this photo. She even smiled and posed in front of my camera, there by the window.”
  2. “If you don’t comment as soon as you see the photo, you will wake up in this house tomorrow. The only way out is to post a selfie from within the house. Good luck finding a smartphone in 1923.”
  3. “Just left the Winchester Estate. It was a blast. Wait, why is everybody wearing a Fedora and what’s with all the Ford Ts on the streets?”

Dr. Martin Luther King Library Captions

The Dr. Martin Luther King Library is a joint project by the city and the San Jose State U. It was opened in 2003 and citizens and university students can use it. The library has extensive research collections, including the Steinbeck, Beethoven, and Cultural Heritage centers. Numerous art installations, many of them award-winning, grace this beautiful library.

The vibe in and around the King Library is peaceful and academic. Tread lightly and speak softly while you’re there. The captions on the photos you snap here should reflect the intellectual and artistic flare of this place. Here are some captions suggestions:

  1. “Equality and prosperity have to be more than dreams. We have to make them come true!”
  2. “Take a look at the art installations around the library, they’re mesmerizing.”
  3. “Just got my book signed. I’m so happy! Now, off to the 5th floor to feast my eyes on the Beethoven and Steinbeck collections.”

San Jose State University Captions

San Jose State University is among the most beautiful places in the city, as well as the educational center of San Jose. It is famous for its great varsity teams, excellent quality of education, and a huge range of art facilities. If you have an open mind, you can find some great theater plays and music concerts there. The university grounds are also home to the Dr. Martin Luther King Library.

San Jose State University Captions

The vibe in and around the campus of the West Coast’s oldest public university is relaxed, academic, and not overly formal. This is thanks to a thriving network of art facilities on the campus. So, if you take some photos or selfies there, you should let your inner artist and scholar compose the captions.

  1. “If you need some food for the soul, visit San Jose State University.”
  2. “This bell was made in 1881 and is still on the campus. Now, that’s some tradition.”
  3. “The beauty of the Tower Hall can easily rival the halls of Ivy League universities.”

Hakone Estate and Gardens Captions

Hakone Estate was opened to public around 100 years ago. It is among the oldest Japanese gardens in the United States and the entire Western Hemisphere. The park spreads over 18 acres and is perhaps the most beautiful Japanese garden outside Japan. It has its own koi ponds, dry landscape garden, as well as bamboo and tea gardens.

If you’re looking for a quiet time to spend alone with your thoughts and nature, then the Hakone Gardens is the place to check out. Serenity is the main vibe you’ll pick up here. There’s no hurry, no pressure, only peace and nature. So, if you’re making a selfie at the garden or taking a panoramic photo, think of an appropriate Zen caption. You can even try composing a haiku. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it’s important that it is authentic and unique.

  1. “Motion in stillness and stillness in motion… Dry landscape garden is amazing.”
  2. “Nothing clears the mind like a cup of green tea and a walk through the garden.”
  3. “I now close my eyes, no clouds race across the sky, no clouds in my mind.”

Capture It and Caption It

Nowadays, if there are no photos on the social media from your most recent trip, it’s like you’ve never even been there. However, the photos you post are only complete if they have good captions. Choose them according to the situation and give your best to match them with the atmosphere of the place.

Have you ever been to San Jose? If so, what are your favorite sights and venues? Do you have other caption suggestions for our top picks? Let us know in the comments below.

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