How To Screenshot an Instagram Post

We all take a bunch of screenshots daily. After some messaging apps have introduced the option to delete your messages for everyone, screenshots have become even more significant.

On Instagram, it’s not only your DMs that you may want to screenshot. If you want to send a private post to someone who’s not following that person who posted it, taking a screenshot may be the only way. But can you screenshot Instagram posts? And will anyone find out about it?

How to Screenshot an Instagram Post

The short answer to the question, if you can screenshot an Instagram post, is – yes. It’s just like taking a screenshot of anything else on your mobile phone. Say you’re following a private account, and there’s a beautiful photo or a witty caption below that you’d like to share with your best friend.

If they’re not following the said person, they won’t be able to see the post if you send it to them the usual way. That leaves you with the screenshot option, and you’re doing nothing wrong.

Note that if you’re taking a screenshot to save a post for later, you can do it another way. There’s an icon in the right corner below every post, allowing you to save it to your collection, so you can go back to it when you have more time or wish to see it again.

How do you take a screenshot? It depends on what kind of smartphone you’re using. On many devices today, you have a screenshot icon within the menu you pull down from the top of the screen.

You may need to use both of your hands to screenshot an Instagram Story. Tap and hold the Story with one finger to make sure it doesn’t end until you manage to take a screenshot.

can you screenshot instagram post

Will the Other Person Know I’ve Taken A Screenshot?

For those who are worried about the author of the photo or text knowing you’ve taken a screenshot of their post, don’t worry – you’re safe. They will never know unless someone tells them. Instagram users don’t receive notifications when someone screenshots their posts or Stories.

At least not anymore. Maybe you didn’t know this, but until 2018, people were indeed able to see who took a screenshot of their Story. This feature was probably available because the whole point of posting a Story is for it not to be around forever, but to disappear after 24 hours. Taking a screenshot of it and making it permanent defeated its purpose.

Screenshot notifications may have been among the favorite features of those concerned about their privacy on Instagram. Still, there seemed to have been more users who were unhappy about it. As of the beginning of 2018, it’s not possible to see who took a screenshot of your Instagram Story. As for the Instagram feed posts, there was never an option to receive a notification when someone screenshots them.

However, there’s a teeny-tiny situation many easily forget about, where you get a notification when someone takes a screenshot of your photo. It’s when you send a disappearing image to someone via a DM. And that’s only in the case you’ve taken the picture by tapping the camera icon in the bottom left corner of the message screen.

Can I Download a Photo from Instagram?

You can’t. It was never possible to download a photo from Instagram. If you’re the one who posted the picture, it will be saved in a folder within your Gallery. If not, you need to take a screenshot or ask the person who posted the photo to send it to you.

However, you can save all the photos from your account to your phone. If you’ve accidentally deleted the whole Instagram folder from your Gallery, you’ve lost your phone, or it got stolen, don’t worry about recovering your photos. It’s quite easy.

  1. Log in to your Instagram account via a web browser.
  2. Click on your photo in the top right corner to access your profile.
  3. Next to the Edit Profile button, click the gear icon to access Settings.
  4. Choose Privacy and Security from the pop-up menu.
    screenshot instagram posts
  5. Scroll down to find Data Download and choose Request Download.
  6. On the next page, click on Next if the email you see is correct.
  7. Type your Instagram password and select Request Download.
  8. You will get an email with a link with all your photos and videos within 48 hours. Note that you can’t make more than one request every four days.

Other Ways to Share an Instagram Post

If you’re still not sure about screenshots, there are other ways to share interesting posts with others. If the author’s profile is public, you have two options:

  1. Send the post to your friend by tapping the Airplane icon next to the Like and Comment icons. It will appear in your friend’s direct messages.
    screenshot instagram post
  2. From your phone, tap the same Airplane icon and choose Add Post to Your Story to share it with all your friends.

Sharing Is Caring

Instagram is, without a doubt, an entertaining platform. Not only can you enjoy lovely photos, but you can also stumble upon a few wise words here and there.

If you’d like to share them with your followers, you can take a screenshot without getting in trouble because the person who posted will never know. There are also other ways to share great content with your friends, depending on the author’s privacy settings.

Do you take screenshots when scrolling through Instagram? Let us know in the comments section below.

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