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How to Send a Message from the Reddit Mobile Website

How to Send a Message from the Reddit Mobile Website

The reddit mobile website is known for causing quite a few issues for its users, whether they’re using an iPhone or an Android smartphone. Particularly the private messaging functionality which can sometimes be off.

It probably doesn’t help that the reddit mobile app isn’t very intuitive either. So here are a few ways in which you can try to enjoy a fully working reddit website.

Access Your Inbox

The reason this method is up first is because it should work every single time, whether you’re using an Android or iOS device.

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  1. Tap on the envelope button located on the bottom sidebar.
  2. Tap on the pencil icon.
  3. Type a username.
  4. Write your message.
  5. Hit Send.

Send a Private Message by Using the Receiver’s Profile Page

Another thing you can do is use the same method available on the full desktop version of the website. By accessing the user’s profile page first.

  1. Tap on a user’s name.
  2. From his profile page tap the link titled “send message”.
  3. Write your message and hit send.

This will send the message directly to the intended user’s inbox.

You should note however that this might not always work. The mobile version of reddit may have some glitches with some older versions of operating systems on both Android and iOS device.

What to Do If the Mobile Website Is Not Working Properly?

The reddit mobile app as well as the mobile version of the website won’t always run as well as the full desktop version of the website. It’s a bit surprising that given the popularity of reddit, there’s still a lack of optimization.

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So what can you do if you still want to get full access to your favorite threads? Or, if you want to talk to some fellow redditors?

Well, there’s a workaround and it involves using the desktop version of the website from your mobile device, smartphone or tablet.

  1. From your Home Screen, bring up the apps list.
  2. Tap to launch the Chrome browser.
  3. Type and launch
  4. From the mobile version of the website, tap the three lines settings icon.
  5. Scroll down the list of options until you see “show desktop site”.
  6. Tap that option and wait for the desktop version of the website to load.

Now you should be able to use all the features, unhindered, such as sending private messages, checking your inbox, replying to threads, and so on.

If for some reason this doesn’t work, you may also try the following method.

Launch Reddit in Incognito Mode

  1. Go to your Home screen.
  2. Bring up your apps list.
  3. Tap the Chrome internet browser icon.
  4. Tap the three dots icon.
  5. Tap on the New incognito tab option.
  6. In the address bar, type

If you use this method, then you shouldn’t get redirected to the mobile version of reddit anymore. However, as you may already know, this also means that you won’t be able to access saved credentials.

Therefore, input your username and password, in order to access reddit. You’ll have to do this every time you use reddit in incognito mode, whether you’re using a PC, Android, or iOS device.

The upside is that there shouldn’t be any bugs or glitches to worry about regarding missing features. But, keep in mind that the desktop version of reddit won’t be optimized for use on a smartphone touchscreen.

You’ll have to often resize it in order to accurately hit buttons, read text, or access links.

Reddit Mobile Falls Short of Its Expectations

For a platform so useful and so popular as reddit, it’s disappointing that the private messaging feature didn’t receive enough attention from the developers. While the desktop website usually works flawlessly, the mobile user base is still waiting for a show of love.

Let us know how your reddit mobile website experience has been so far. Did you ever have to rollback your OS in order to use all its features? Do you use the desktop version regardless of the device you’re using? Share your experiences and views in the comments section below.

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