Summer Hashtags – Sharing the Sun Life

What could be better than sharing your summer adventures with the world?

Instagram is a great platform for nature photography, but summer-themed posts cover so much more than beautiful sunsets. You can tag your beach adventures, your hikes, and your road trips. From family vacation pics to stylish seaside selfies, there are infinite options out there.

But which hashtags will make your posts stand out in the crowd? How do you make sure your videos and photos reach a wide spectrum of people?

Here are some excellent hashtags you should take into consideration.

Hashtags About Summer

The #summer hashtag is used on more than 382 million Instagram posts. It covers anything from professional photos to blurry car ride recordings.

Relying on this hashtag won’t get you new followers. While you do want to aim for popular tags, this one is simply overcrowded. There’s no way for your pics and videos to get noticed.

So let’s look at some more options.

#instasummer is currently used on around 4 million posts. #igsummer is considerably cozier, with only 44,000 posts so far.

How about tagging by year? #summer2018 was used on over 7 million posts. #summer2019 is already active, with over 87,000 posts. Most of them are fashion-themed for now, but this is sure to change when summer hits the southern hemisphere.

If you’ve started planning ahead, why not explore #summergoals? This hashtag has been used on 450,000 posts for now.

Hashtag Ideas:

#summernights, #summerdays, #summernight, #summerday, #summermornings, #summersunset, #summermood, #summeriscoming, #summerfun, #summerweather, #summervacation, #summersun, #summersunshine, #vacationtime, #vacationpics, #familyvacay, #familyvacay2018, #familyvaca, #hotsummer, #hotsummernights, #hotsummerdays, #hotsummernight, #hotsummerday, #summerphotography

Emoji Hashtags

In 2018, emoji hashtags were a huge hit, so you could also tag #summer2018 followed by a sun or palm tree emoji. On Instagram, emojis aren’t just for decoration. They are treated like any other character, so adding an emoji changes a tag.

For example, #summermood has been used on 1.3 million photos and videos. But if you add the “On!” emoji, you narrow it down to 27,000 posts.

People have used #funinthesun on over 4 million posts. Adding a smiling sun emoji brings you down to 49,000 photos and videos.

If you’re feeling particularly artistic, you can even use emoji-only hashtags on your posts. The palm tree and the bikini emojis are popular options on summer-themed posts. For summertime food posts, why not use the tropical drink emoji?

Beach Hashtags

Some Instagram users are stuck at home during the summer months. Uploading your beach moments is a great way to spread that special summer magic.

What are the best beach-related hashtags you can use?

#beach and #beaches are both too widely used. But #beachside is a great option, with 824,000 posts so far.

#beachtime is used on 2.8 million posts, which makes it too generic. Adding a palm or a wave emoji can take care of this problem.

Why not get more personal? Naming a beach activity you love can be the way to go. For example, #beachvolley is used on around 393,000 photos and videos.

Once again, you can use emojis to spice things up. For example, the surfer emoji has nearly 150,000 posts.

You can also add your current location to your list of hashtags. Take the time to explore the relevant tags. For example, you could go for #beachesofhawaii or #floridasunset.

Hashtag Ideas:

#beachstyle, #beachstylefile, #beachsoccer, #beachvolleyball, #surf, #summerswim, #icecream, #icecreams, #icecreamporn, #beachlife, #beachbum, #beachwear, #tannedskin, #tannedlife, #tannedlegs, #summerhat, #summerhats, #summershades, #beachesoftheworld, #beachesofinstagram

Mottos and Lyrics

Longer hashtags are a gamble. If you come across the right one, you might see a spike in your popularity. Here are a few fun suggestions.

#goodtimesandtanlines has over 26,000 posts. #sunsoutbunsout was used on over 399,000 posts, while the more traditional #sunsoutgunsout got used over a million times.

#girlsjustwannahavesun is a great option for group photos. #seastheday may not be a great pun, but it’s an excellent hashtag, used on over 124,000 photos and videos.

Maybe you have a #restingbeachface or you want to tell your followers you’ve got #sunshineonmymind.

When you can’t think of a caption, lyrics are a great option to go for. But some lyrics even make for good tags.

For example, 647,000 Lana Del Rey fans have tagged their posts with #summertimesadness. #gotthatsunshineinmypocket is another catchy hashtag. You can always go old-school and tag your photo or video with the Alice Cooper lyric #shoolsoutforsummer.

Hashtag Ideas:

#summerinthecity, #summerinthecity2018, #sunshineyday, #youaremysunshine, #sandsunsummer, #summermagic, #summerismagic, #summersquadgoals, #summerstateofmind, #oceanairsaltyhair, #oceanair

A Final Thought

If you’re unhappy with your current popularity, summer photos and videos could be the best way to break out. Tag your posts extensively and combine popular and less-popular tags. Instagram lets you use thirty hashtags on a post and it’s generally a good idea to make use of that.

Are you worried about using outdated hashtags? Some Instagram tags are here to stay, while others will go out of style in a few months. The best way to keep up with trends is to follow a lot of people.

Do you like fashion and lifestyle bloggers? Sport blogs? Pet photos?

Whatever your taste is, you’re sure to find a treasure trove of summer-themed posts. Leave feedback on your favorites and interact with people as much as possible. Your follower count will go up before you know it.

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