Telegram vs. Whatsapp – Which is Best For You?

When you’re looking for a messaging application for single and group messaging abilities, the two that seem to stand out are Telegram and WhatsApp. Maybe you’re trying to decide between the two, and want to know the differences between them. We’ll cover those topics in this post to help you decide which one is best for you.

Let’s get right into each messaging application, their features, and their functionality.



The Telegram messaging and chat application is becoming ever more popular. So, what can you do with Telegram?Telegram lets you chat and message worldwide. It’s a cloud-based messaging app that you use on your mobile device and your computer. It uses encryption to send and receive messages and data at a quick rate of speed, and you’ll know it’s secure when you’re using Telegram.

You’ll be able to have group chats with up to 5,000 members, which makes it perfect for coordinating with large groups of people. Telegram syncs from your mobile device to your desktop, which makes it really convenient when you’re a cross-platform user.

Need to send a document? Telegram can do that—and it’ll remain secure, plus you have the ability to set a self-destruct timer if it’s highly sensitive information. The servers that run Telegram are located worldwide for speed and security purposes. Telegram is free and anyone can use it.

Data within Telegram has no size limit or caps. So, you can send and received endless amounts of data and chats. Did we mention the security of Telegram? It’s a big deal, and your use of Telegram will definitely keep your information secure and out of the hands of hackers.

Telegram is an ad-free messaging application, which is really nice. You can use emoticons in your chats and messages with others. You’re also able to attach files, add a voice message, or use the awesome stickers Telegram offers its users.



WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging application that you can also use to make phone calls with. It’s a well-known messaging and calling platform that uses your phone’s Internet connection to send free SMS and voice calls worldwide. You’re able to message individual or groups.

The group messaging limit is 256 people with WhatsApp (whereas Telegram allows up to 5,000). You’ll be able to share messages, photos, videos, or documents up to 100mb in size. With the most current version of WhatsApp, you can feel secure as well—it includes end-to-end encryption to keep your information safe. Only you and the person (or people) you’re messaging or sending to can read and listen to the conversation.

You can use specific group and chat names relevant to you messaging needs and also customize or mute notifications, if you wish. And to make things even more convenient, you can sync your WhatsApp chat across devices from your mobile phone to your computer by installing it across platforms—same as Telegram.

An added perk of WhatsApp is you’re able to make voice calls without using your mobile data and racking up a hefty cell phone bill. This uses your available Internet connection so you can call your pal in London without a second thought.

WhatsApp sends chat, photos, and video quickly and seamlessly—even if you’ve got a less-than-stellar Internet connection. You can use the camera built into WhatsApp, along with or over your device’s built-in camera, if you prefer it. When you’re not in the mood to type, send a voice message instead—especially if you’ve got a long tale to tell.


We really think it’s just a matter of preference among users. Telegram and WhatsApp are both fantastic messaging applications that let you do a slew of things that regular messaging apps don’t even touch on.

The differences are that Telegram lets you have a group of up to 5,000, and on WhatsApp only up to 256 people are allowed in a group chat. WhatsApp allows you to make actual voice calls to friends and co-workers worldwide, using an Internet connection. That’s where Telegram falls short, but is still a great messaging app of choice if you don’t need to make any phones calls out of your mobile coverage area and just want a messaging app.

Both applications allow you to chat, send photos, voice chat messages, documents, files, and the like. Telegram allows for unlimited file size and WhatsApp restricts sending and receiving to 100mb.

Both Telegram and WhatsApp are secure because they use encryption and they’re both free to use. You can sync both applications across platforms. They are both available as mobile and desktop apps. The platforms and operating systems include Android, iOS, Windows phones, the Web, PC, Mac . . . and Linux for Telegram. Where WhatsApp is also cross-platform compatible, it lacks integration with Linux.

So, depending on what your needs are and what features are most important to you, it comes down to personal choice. Whether you choose Telegram or WhatsApp, you can’t go wrong, because they are both worthy contenders.

2 thoughts on “Telegram vs. Whatsapp – Which is Best For You?”

Avatar Sam Tux says:
I can use telegram in my desktop without signing in to mobile app first. And telegram is more secure then whatsapp. So I prefer telegram over whatsapp.
Avatar Alex Porubay says:
I personally think that Telegram is better, even if you don’t need your personal secure you still can make your buys.
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