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How To Tell if Someone Muted you on Twitter [March 2020]

Depending on who you ask, Twitter is either a vibrant social network that allows for interpersonal connections, or a cesspool of negativity and ignorance. Nevertheless, Twitter continues to be one of our favorite social networks, combing a strange amalgamation of microblogging, comedy, and social communities all with limited characters.  It’s truly unlike anything else on the internet.

Still, Twitter does try to help out users who aren’t interested in wading through a lot of baloney by making it easier to control your content preferences. Whether you’re reporting and blocking a harasser or marking that you don’t like a suggested tweet, Twitter allows users to customize their experience on the platform.

One of the easiest and most important ways you can take control of your Twitter feed is by utilizing the Mute feature [1], which allows you to hide the tweets of someone online without outright blocking them. But what’s the difference between blocking and muting, and can you tell if someone has muted you on Twitter? Read on to find out.

Has Someone Muted You on Twitter?

Muting someone on Twitter is a useful way of removing their content from your timeline without actually blocking them. It is a useful middle ground that enhances your Twitter experience while avoiding any awkward IRL social interactions.  Maybe you’ll eventually make up.  Maybe you’re just not ready for that level of permanence.  Your reasons are your own, but muting another user is a great way to slowly forget about them and their annoying Tweets.

Muting removes their Tweets from your timeline, but it does not tell the other person what has happened. So the answer to the main question of ‘Can you tell if someone muted you on Twitter?’ is no, so long as they aren’t using any add-ons.  Twitter very specifically designed this feature with silence and privacy in mind.  After all, it wouldn’t be very helpful for avoiding drama if it tattled on you.

Muting someone is not the same as unfollowing, and it’s not the same as blocking. You can still Direct Message a muted account and they can DM you. You just don’t see their Tweets in your timeline. It’s roughly the same as unfollowing someone on Facebook without unfriending them.

We all know someone who Tweets everything they do, including every single meal and random thought. Most of us have a family member (or 10) that we’re never going to agree with but that we can’t block without causing family drama. These kinds of people are everywhere, and while they usually don’t mean any harm, they do make using Twitter harder work than it needs to be.

However, anyone who uses TweetDeck [10] may be familiar with the ability to view muted accounts. For those unaware, TweetDeck is an account manager app that works as a Twitter dashboard. Those who have been around a while might remember Twitter’s “Dashboard App.”  This is the new and improved version, so you’ll need to snag the app if you haven’t already. To check if someone has you muted in TweetDeck, follow these steps:

Step 1

Open Tweetdeck and create a Home column in the main view.

Step 2

Add the person you suspect has muted you into this view.

Step 3

Post a Tweet to all your followers and then watch to see if it appears in the Home column.

If you see your Tweet appear in that column, you have not been muted. If your Tweet does not appear in the column, it is likely that you have been muted.

How to Mute Someone on Twitter

Muting someone is simple and fast, leaving you no time to second-guess yourself.  You just need to open a Tweet and select the Mute setting. You can unmute someone just as quickly, too.

To mute from a tweet:

  1. Open the Tweet and select the down arrow icon.
  2. Select Mute.

To mute from a user profile:

  1. Open the profile page of the person you want to mute.
  2. Select the three-dot menu icon on the page.
  3. Select Mute from the menu.
Twitter Mute

To unmute someone, you just need to visit their profile again and select the speaker icon to unmute them. The app sometimes differs and offers an option that says ‘You have muted Tweets from this account.’ Select Unmute if you see that.

The Many Uses of Muting

Muting someone on Twitter isn’t just about quieting the over-sharers or giving yourself space from difficult relatives. Sure, that is its primary objective, but it is also useful if you manage social media accounts for work or as a profession. I used to do both of those and used the mute function often.

Muting Individuals

Muting individual Twitter users is handy both personally and professionally. Personally, you get to avoid their Tweets while remaining connected. This avoids some of that awkwardness that comes with blocking or unfriending someone who will probably want to know why or find some new and exciting way to harass you. Professionally, it means you can clean up a commercial Twitter feed, filter out the marketing, spam, bots, and trolls, and keep your timeline free and clear.

It also means you can maintain and grow your follower count without having to actually give much thought to their Tweets. While someone’s personal follower count is still seen as a metric for popularity, businesses and organizations have to keep it as high as possible to gain validity and recognition for the business or group they’re supporting. Muting keeps the numbers but cleans out the feed.

Muting Organizations

Whether you’re muting candidates and PACs during election season, or just trying to mute brands who spam you with too much information, muting organizations online is a great option to clear out some of the clutter in your feed. If you’re finding a lot of spam, muting the account that sent it really works.  You might find yourself taking a few moments to go on a muting spree.  Thankfully, the process is so simple, you can get a lot of spam muted in just a little time!

Do you know any way to tell if someone muted you on Twitter? Tell us below if you do!