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How To Undo Super Likes on Tinder

How To Undo Super Likes on Tinder
HOW TO Undo a Super Like on Tinder!


Super Likes on Tinder allow users to demonstrate an exceptional interest in a certain person. Users get to see who Super Liked them so they can decide how to respond.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to accidentally swipe up on someone’s profile, immediately triggering embarrassment on your end. iPhone users are especially susceptible to accidental Super Likes because the swipe-up gesture is how they access the Control Center on their phones.

This can create some real awkwardness, especially when you didn’t intend to like the profile at all in the first place. In this article, I’ll show you how to reverse the damage and take back that Super Like, but first let’s explain how exactly Super Likes work and what they do.

What Are Super Likes on Tinder?

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A Super Like is your way of expressing your strong interest in another’s profile. Instead of simply swiping right on the Tinder profile you like, you can either swipe up (or tap on the star icon) to send the Super Like to the other user. The person you Super Liked will be notified of your swipe and will have the option to either swipe left or right on your own profile. If they swipe right, a match is made instantly.

Free users only get one of these Super Likes a day, so you have to be mindful of when you use it. Tinder Plus and Gold users get five Super Likes per day, making it easier to justify using them. Any user can buy more Super Likes from Tinder as they see fit.

The biggest problem with Super Likes, however, is the activation gesture. With the entire interface of Tinder being designed around gestures, it’s easy to see why a swipe-up would make sense. Unfortunately, a huge number of Tinder users use iPhones, where a swipe-up from the bottom of the display is used to open Control Center on any screen. A slight miscalculation on where your thumb or finger lands within Tinder means a swipe-up might not open Control Center at all—it might accidentally cause an awkward social connection you didn’t mean to make.

How to Undo Super Likes on Tinder

If you accidentally Super Like someone on Tinder, you’ll likely be looking for a way to undo it before the person is able to see it. Tinder Plus users can use a paid feature to undo the gesture, while free users have to resort to other means.

Here’s how to take back Super Likes on Tinder.

The Paid Solution: Rewinds in Tinder Plus

Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold offer several digital benefits, including:

  • Five Super Likes per day.
  • New features like Rewind and Passport.
  • One free profile Boost a month.
  • No in-app advertisements.

The major feature we are concerned with here is Rewind, a feature that adds a small yellow rewind button to the app and allows you to reverse and take back your last swipe — something users have asked for since the service began. Tinder Plus subscribers can use the rewind button to rewind an accidental Super Like. You can only take back the last profile you swiped on, making it important to realize your mistake quickly before you swipe on another profile.


There is, however, another strategy you can take to minimize the impact of accidental Super Likes.

The Free Solution: Disclosures on Your Profile

When someone receives a Super Likes, they are notified immediately. When they receive the notification, they are of course able to view the other person’s profile, including the sender’s biography. This is where our free solution comes in. Placing a simple disclosure on your profile that lets others know that any Super Likes are accidental or unintentional is the perfect solution. This lets you feel a bit better about your accidental Super Like while allowing the recipients to know that you didn’t mean to Super Like them. Our recommended text is simple: just write something along the lines of “If I Super Liked you, it was unintentional.”

Now, obviously, this isn’t a perfect solution. For one, it does limit your ability to actually use Super Likes to their fullest potential, since sending a Super Like to someone will seem like an accident even if the swipe was purposeful. For another, not every Super Liked user will read your full bio before swiping left or right to your profile, meaning the disclosure won’t be seen by everyone. But overall, placing this sort of message right into your own profile allows you to have peace of mind when using the app in case an accidental swipe occurs.

Wrapping Up

Neither of these fixes are perfect for those accidental swipe-ups that happen from time to time without intention or meaning. The unfortunate repercussions of touch and swipe-focused applications are that, unlike with a mouse and keyboard, we occasionally perform the wrong action when navigating through our devices, and Tinder’s interface makes it easy to perform the wrong action. That doesn’t mean we should stop using the app completely—it just means we have to be careful when swiping around our phones, especially while trying to use Control Center on our iPhones.

Paying for Tinder Plus is the only true way to fully reverse and undo a Super Like within the app, but by taking the correct steps—including placing a disclaimer on your phone and not using Control Center within Tinder’s swipe interface—you can minimize the damage done by a rogue Super Like. While neither solution is without faults, both of these are workable approaches to reduce the embarrassment from an accidental Super Like.

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6 thoughts on “How To Undo Super Likes on Tinder”

Joseph Clovis says:
There’s another big reason why Superlikes happen by accident. We are accustomed to scrolling down below the photos to read profiles after we hit that little i button (for info). If we forget that we haven’t hit that button yet, we may just try to scroll down anyway and bam! Superlike swiped.
Raj says:
There’s another free solution no one thought of: Delete your account.
Sikshya says:
I went to their profile and in the top right corner under the 3 dots (Android), I found unmatch. That worked for me.
Hanna says:
OMG, thank you for that info!
Celia says:
I literally JUST got tinder and I was trying to figure out how to use it when I accidentally super liked someone who had already liked me, and we matched. I freaked out, which is how I found this article. The guy messaged me, and when I (reluctantly) went to my inbox to check the message, before I actually opened the conversation, I swiped right on the message in the inbox and it gave me the option to unmatch! I hit that unmatch icon so fast I never even saw what the guy said to me.
Robert Loggia says:
I don’t wana take the super like back I just wana kno the name of the person I super liked if possible ?
Afshin says:
I gave a superlike and now i cant take it back. It says that a Yellow arrow Will appear. I only see the yellow mark that allows you to swipe back and tried that and nothing came up from my super like. Only The last one i was not interested in. I bought tinder plus so i could work this out and now it doesnt work ?

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