The Best Twitter Desktop Clients for Mac and Windows [July 2020]

Twitter’s become a bit less hospitable to third-party clients in recent years, but it’s still possible to find some great third-party desktop clients that help you browse your favorite social network with ease. Though all third-party apps have to deal with limitations on adding certain features and only allowing a specific number of tokens per application for each users, third-party clients are far from dead. While most users will probably rely on the basic website for their desktop or laptop browsing habits, both Windows and MacOS have two great apps that are worth checking out, loaded with features, brand new settings and fantastic designs.

Everyone else

Finding even a third app to recommend has been a challenge. Thanks to Twitter’s constant changes over the last few years, many of the apps we would’ve recommended here just a few years ago have died, or fallen into disrepair. Apps like Fenice for Windows are still around, but the reviews are filled with mentions of bugs, inactive features, and a dead-end on new updates. Others, like Aeries, seem to be gone from the web, unable to be installed on your computer at all. It’s tough to make a decision on what to recommend, but if you’re trying to manage your brand accounts more than just using a basic Twitter service, you’ll want to check out Buffer.

Designed for companies that use social to promote products and services, Buffer is trusted by dozens of high profile companies, including Spotify, Shopify, Food52, and many more, and works with much more than just Twitter. Instagram, Facebook, and even LinkedIn are here as well. Although you’ll likely need to pay to get the most out of the app, Buffer let’s you schedule your posts way ahead of time, while providing analytics to view their performance. This really isn’t a consumer-facing app, but if you’re an influencer or you’re looking for something to post to all your social networks to, this is definitely the app for you. Just be prepared to shell out for the experience—

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Avatar Cheryl says:
I’m trying to find a good Twitter program, one that follows, unfollows, can ban certain words, can find certain topics/people interested in topics. It seems from what I’ve read so far that Twitter shuts down some of the good programs.

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