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How To Tell When Someone Was Last Active on Snapchat

How To Tell When Someone Was Last Active on Snapchat

Can you see when someone was last active on Snapchat? Can you tell if they are online now? Does Snapchat notify of a person’s availability?

These are three of the most common questions we see around one of the world’s busiest social networks, so I thought I would put together a quick guide answering these and more.

Unfortunately, unlike some other social media platforms, Snapchat doesn’t include a clear way to tell whether or not a friend is online — but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to tell when somebody was last active on the app.

Keep reading to learn how you can tell when someone was last active on Snapchat.

How to Know When Someone Was Last on Snapchat

Since there’s no flashing green light feature that tells you who is and isn’t online, the easiest way to see when someone was last active is to look at their feed. Look for Snaps or Stories posted and see when they were posted. If they have very recently uploaded a Story, you know they are likely online or recently active. If there is quite a time gap between a post and the present time, they may not be online.

You can also send a Snap and keep an eye on the status. Snapchat uses icons to show you the status of anything you send. If the notification says ‘delivered’ but not ‘opened,’ the recipient is either offline or hasn’t opened the Snap. If it says ‘opened,’ then you know the person is either online or was recently active.

Of course, you can always check a friends’ Snap score too! the Snap score goes up with every snap and communication, so if the number is changing, their likely on the app.

Alternatively, you can use Snap Maps to check whether or not someone is active. This method isn’t always accurate, but it can be effective in some situations.

Snap Maps is a feature that shows users where their friends are while using the app; however, depending on your friend’s privacy settings, you may not be able to seem them on the map.

As long as the person doesn’t use Ghost Mode, which hides their location at all times, you should be able to see when they last used Snapchat and where they were when they were online. Users have the option to hide their location or keep the app from ever seeing it by turning off the permissions in their settings as well.

Unless you stay in Ghost Mode or have your location services turned off, Snap Maps will update your location regularly while you have the app open. You can limit who gets to see where you are, but otherwise, it’s a beacon to tell all your friends where you are and when you were there.

To use this method, just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Open Snap Maps and look for your friend.
  2. Select their Bitmoji from the map.
  3. Look at the gray status text underneath their name.

You will see one of a couple of messages: ‘Seen Now’ if they are currently online in a location, ‘Seen 23m ago’ if they signed off a while ago, or ‘Last seen’ if they signed off over a couple of hours ago.

Can You Tell When Someone is Active on Snapchat?

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many ways to check if someone is active on Snapchat. The best way to check is to use the Snap Maps method outlined above.

Alternatively, if you open the individual chat screen at the same time as the person you want to chat with, it will show a blue dot or their Bitmoji on the screen. This only works if you both are on the chat screen at the same time.

Other than that, there’s not really any way to know for sure whether or not someone is currently using the app. Unless, of course, you’re chatting with them at that moment.

More Common Questions

Snapchat can be a confusing app to get used to — particularly when it comes to managing your friends’ list, communicating with your friends, and managing your privacy on the app.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most common questions we get regarding Snapchat.

Does Snapchat Indicate a Person’s Availability?

On other major chat apps, users have the option to indicate their availability with options such as ‘Available,’ ‘Unavailable,’ ‘Busy,’ or similar statuses. This makes it much easier for users to control their privacy and let others know whether or not they want to be contacted.

Snapchat, however, does not indicate whether or not a user is available. While you might be able to check when someone was last online, you won’t be able to see their current status.

This, of course, can be a good thing for users who are concerned about their privacy when using social media. But it’s not so great when you want to know whether or not your friend is available to chat.

Can You Use Snapchat Without Notifying Your Friends?

Yes, you can use Snapchat without alerting your friends if you want to. If you want some alone time or need a few minutes to catch up with everything that’s gone on before socializing, there’s no reason you have to notify your friends that you’re currently using the app.

All you need to do is not post anything, don’t open the Snaps or chats of your friends, and stay in Ghost Mode for a little while. This will be enough to hide the fact that you’re currently online. Alternatively, you can switch your phone to Airplane Mode.

Why Does Snapchat Show I’m Active When I’m Not?

If Snapchat is showing you’re active when you’re not, it’s likely a time delay. If you were active four minutes ago, it may show that you’re still active for a short time.

Another option is that someone else is using your Snapchat account. Although the company will notify you if anyone else logs in via email, there are some tell-tale signs that your account is being used elsewhere:

  • You have to log into your Snapchat account frequently – Snapchat only allows you to log into one device at a time. If someone else is accessing your account it will kick you out.
  • Your location will be off – Snap Maps will show you in a different area or region. Unless the user lives with you or lives close to you the GPS signal will not reflect your current location.

If you are having issues with an inaccurate active status you can contact the Snapchat Support team to have the error corrected.

Final Thoughts

Whether or not Snapchat shows your status while you’re using the app is a common question among the app’s incredibly large audience.

While the app doesn’t show your status, there are a few ways you can check when someone was last on the app. But, as of now, there is no official way of seeing someone’s online status.

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