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How to Add Google Photos to a Facebook Album

How to Add Google Photos to a Facebook Album
How to Add Google Photos to a Facebook Album!

Image-sharing via Google Photos is hard to beat. What’s more, the service/app is fully integrated with different social media platforms. It allows you to easily add photos and share them with other users.

The main focus of this article is adding Google Photos to a Facebook album, with a few tips and tricks on how to utilize more sharing options. Maybe you didn’t know, but you can share Google Photos to Snapchat as well.

Google Photos Sharing 101

There are two ways to add Google Photos to a Facebook album: via a browser or the Google Photos app. The actions differ slightly, so it pays to take a closer look at each method.

Browser Google Photos

Launch your preferred browser, log into Google, and select Photos from the drop-down menu. Find the images you’d like to add to Facebook and click the checkmark icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

Note: Clicking on the image itself opens the thumbnail in full screen. Do this if you want to add a single image to a Facebook album.

Repeat the process for each image and click the share icon; the first one on the right. Hit the Facebook icon in the pop-up window and choose “Continue to Facebook.”

Finally, choose the sharing destination from “Share to News Feed or Story” and click “Post.” One limitation of this method is that it doesn’t give you the option to add images to an existing album on your account.

Google Photos App

When it comes to adding images to Facebook, the Google Photos app is superior to its browser counterpart. To be exact, you get the option to choose which album you’d like to upload photos to. Here’s what you need to do.

Note: The method has been tested on iPhone 6S+ running iOS 13. The app layout may be different on Android but the actions are pretty much the same.

Launch the Google Photos app and navigate to the images you’d like to use. Tap the three horizontal dots to reveal the pop-up window and hit Select.


Tap the images you want to add and select the share/upload button (the first one in the upper right of the screen). Choose the “Share to” option from the pop-up window and tap the Facebook icon. iPhone users might not find the icon in the default carousel menu.

In that case, hit More, navigate down to Facebook under Suggestions, and tap on it. The same menu allows you to share Google Photos to LinkedIn, Slack, Snapchat, and other messaging apps.


Once the Facebook sharing windows pop up, tap on “+ Album” and select the one you’d like to add photos to. Of course, you can write a caption and choose who will be able to see the added images.

Other Sharing Options

As indicated, you can add Google Photos to an email and share images with your contacts. The actions are pretty much the same for the browser and the app, so we won’t include separate sections for both.

Find the images you want to use and select them, then click or tap the share icon. The pop-up window gives you a list of the most recent contacts or you can type an email into the recipient bar.

After you select the recipient, you can type a note in the “Say something” section. The recipient gets an email with an album/images preview and one click/tap takes the person to Google Photos to download or edit the images.

Aside from email-sharing, one of the most useful options is “Create link.” It generates a link for the photos you’ve selected and it’s easy to copy it to your clipboard, then share within an email, messages, or anywhere else you see fit.

Can You Add Facebook Albums to Google Photos?

The simple answer is yes, you can, but it might take more time and work than you’re willing to spare. That said, you can always right-click on individual images choose “Save as” and then upload them to Google Photos.

Another way to do it is via the “Download Your Information” option on Facebook. Click the arrow down in the upper right corner of the screen and select “Your Facebook Information” from the menu on the left. Click “Download Your Information,” deselect everything but Photos and Videos, and click on Create File.

After a few minutes, Facebook will notify you that the files are ready, hit Download, and open the zip file. Now, go to Google Photos, click the upload icon, and select Computer. Find the Facebook images file and select the photos/albums you’d like to upload.

Hit Thumbs up If You Like

Adding Google Photos to Facebook is a no brainer and you can do everything required via the smartphone app. In fact, it’s better to use the smartphone app because you get to add the images to a specific album.

How do you usually upload images to Facebook? Have you created an album that gets all the likes? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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