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The Best BBQ Hashtags for Instagram [Spring 2020]

The Best BBQ Hashtags for Instagram [Spring 2020]

What type of hashtags do you use for your barbeque-related posts? Are they a good mix? Will they be seen by everyone or will they be lost in obscurity?

Whether it’s the party or the food, barbeques are a reason for celebration. There’s something so appealing about socializing over grilled food that speaks to many people, but are your posts reaching those people?

Check your hashtags against these tips and suggestions. You have the keys to the foodie kingdom at hand. The only thing you need to do is sell your brand and reach those people salivating for your food posts.

Basic BBQ Hashtags – Getting the Main Idea Across

First, you need to define the barbeque. The obvious go-to choice is to put in a #bbq hashtag, but did you know that there are currently over 20 million posts on Instagram using the same tag?

Yes, everyone is eager to share their bbq-related posts. However, you may want to mix up your main bbq hashtag to reach more people. Some less competitive alternatives are:

  • #bbqribs – 286,000
  • #bbqsecrets – 5,000
  • #bbqlovers – 127,000
  • #bbqnation – 96,000
  • #bbqs – 114,000
  • #bbqporn – 259,000

Using the main idea creatively paired with another word can make your hashtag stand out. It also lowers the competition while still remaining popular.

You may also want to try simply adding an “s” or an emoji to the end of your hashtag. These versions of a popular word are not as competitive as their plain-Jane counterparts.

Other Hashtag Ideas:

#bbqsmoker, #bbqsauce, #bbqemcasa, #bbqpitboys, #bbqpitmasters, #bbqexperience, #bbqbeast, #bbqfamily, #bbqparty, #bbqtime, #bbqaddiction, #bbqlife, #bbqn, #bbque, #bbqseason

Specific Identifiers – Making Your BBQ Posts Stand Out

Next, you may want to identify specific things about your barbeque post. Are you talking about the party or the food? Where are you and what is your role at the barbeque? All these questions can be answered with the right choice of hashtags.

Location, Location, Location

If you’re at a bbq location, you may want to let your followers know with additional hashtag identifiers. Consider using hashtags like #backyardbbq or #beachbbq. Tagging your location can also lead to a 79% higher engagement rate by followers.

The Summer of the Q

Additionally, you can also identify seasons in your hashtags. Barbeque doesn’t necessarily have a season, but many people associate it with summer. So go ahead and hashtag your summer grilling with fun hashtags like #SummerStateOfMind, #ThatSummerFeeling, and #ThoseSummerNights.

Calling All Foodies

If you’re talking about bbq food, there is an entire realm of food-related hashtags you can add. Instagrammers are eager to share and comment on great food posts, but you may want to re-consider simply stamping on a #food hashtag on your post. The competition is very high with 297 million posts and counting on Instagram.

Another popular food hashtag is the provocative #foodporn with 174 million tags. While you certainly can include one of these popular hashtags in your post, you may want to think about also adding less competitive food descriptors like #foodgasm, #foodfoodfood, and #foodlove.

You can also get specific with your bbq items. For example, these food-specific hashtags may also make your posts stand out: #bbqribs, #bbqchicken, #bbqmeat, #grilledchicken, #grilledmeat, #grilledcorn, #grilledveggies, #grilledfish, #grilledshrimp.

Furthermore, you can also add food descriptors as hashtags. One of the most popular is #yummy, which has over 120 million posts. You can also use a variation of that to narrow down the competition. A good example is #yummyyummy, which only has 424,000 posts on Instagram.

Additional Hashtag Ideas:

#delicious, #foodie, #foodpic, #nomnom, #yougottaeatthis, #eats, #goodeats, #homecooking, #instayum, #yummie, #yumyum, #yumm, #yummyinmytummy, #yummyfood

Express Yourself

Finally, don’t forget to identify yourself at the bbq. Let followers know who you are, but remember to keep it in line with your brand. Try using identifying hashtags like #grillmaster, #bbqqueen, #mixologist, #bbqlovers, #bbqboss, #bbqking, #foodgawker, #foodlover, #truecooks, or #bbqaddict.

Final Thought

When done right, barbeque posts can draw in a huge crowd and attract new followers. Everyone has their own personal style when posting and using hashtags, but you should keep a few general rules in mind:

First, don’t use too many hashtags. Yes, Instagram allows you up to 30 at a time, but try to keep it down to about five hashtags. Any more than 10 and your post starts to look too cluttered.

Also, try to mix it up with high and low competition tags. You want to stand out but you don’t want to get lost in the crowd. It may thus be helpful to find a healthy medium and mix up your unique hashtags with a few that are insanely popular.

Creating unique hashtags is another great way to get noticed. Just remember to keep it short. It’s too confusing otherwise.

Lastly, keep your hashtags relevant to what you’re posting and double-check your spelling. Misspelled hashtags are an automatic trip to the great social media void for posts, so do yourself a favor and check one more time before you post.

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