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The Best Captions for Amsterdam

The Best Captions for Amsterdam

The capital of the Netherlands is a very popular tourist destination. So popular, in fact, that it has its own city card. The Amsterdam City Card is a great investment if you’re planning a visit, as it gives you access to museums, city transport, canal tours, and much more – all for a flat fee. There’s plenty to see in the city, so a little planning before you arrive will have a big payoff.

Amsterdam’s artistic heritage is on display everywhere. The home of such legendary figures as Rembrandt and Van Gogh, the city prides itself on its history and conservation of it. One of Amsterdam’s defining characteristics is bicycling. Bike paths crisscross the entire city and the locals prefer biking to most other forms of transport. When visiting Amsterdam, here are a few experiences you shouldn’t miss out on and ideas on how to caption your photos taken there.

The Rijksmuseum

As soon as you enter the Rijksmuseum, you will be surrounded by greatness. This is one of the most important museums in the Western world and the permanent home of the largest art collection in the Netherlands. Pictures without flash are allowed in and around the museum, so seize the opportunity.

Easily the most iconic painting in the museum is the Night Watch by Rembrandt. The giant masterpiece is over four meters (157 inches) wide and presents the perfect opportunity to memorialize your visit. Besides all the great art, don’t miss out on an opportunity to see the museum gardens for a little respite on your trip. Use some of these captions or let them inspire you to make your own.

The Rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum Captions

  1. “Sorry Jon Snow, this is the original Night Watch.”
  2. “When someone says priceless art, it’s hard to understand until you see it.”
  3. “An island of peace and quiet, the museum gardens are gorgeous.”
  4. “Unforgettable experience at the Rijksmuseum, the history of art on display.”
  5. “’The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.’ — Picasso.”

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace of Amsterdam continues to play an important role in state visits and allows reasonable public access. The building is one of the shining beacons of the Dutch Golden Age. It draws thousands of visitors every year with its splendor and old-world charm. Take a picture with the Amsterdam Maiden in Citizen’s Hall and marble gallery or under the massive statue of Atlas in the heart of the palace.

Palacio Real, Amsterdam

At every turn, you will see the might and opulence of old Amsterdam lavishly exhibited. This stately palace is a place of dignity and quiet pride, so try to convey that in your captions.

Captions for the Royal Palace

  1. “Just a tourist today, but soon it will be an official state visit.”
  2. “Holding the world on his shoulders, I know that feeling!”
  3. “I can see why they called this the Eighth Wonder of the World.”
  4. “The imposing exterior is nothing compared to the magnificent interior.”

The Western Church

The Dutch are really into towers; they’re everywhere in Amsterdam, and the Western Church is no exception. There are religious services Sundays, but the church is open to visitors year-round. Be sure to go up into the church tower for a terrific view of the city. If you can afford the time and price, take a guided tour through the church. It’s a great way to learn about its history and importance for the city.

The Western Church

Take a picture of the imposing altar, or enjoy a carillon concert every Tuesday for free. The full-sized church organ is another great opportunity to make a stunning photo.

Captions for the Western Church

  1. “Who knew churches could be so breathtaking.”
  2. “This church organ is bigger than my house.”
  3. “It’s not hard to get people to worship in a place like this.”
  4. “The view from this tower makes me feel like I’m flying.”

Canal Cruise

If you don’t go on a canal cruise when visiting Amsterdam, you’ll regret it. Amsterdam actually has more canals than Venice, and an outstanding way to see the sights in style is on a canal cruise. If you’re pressed for time, you can board the “100 Highlights Tour” for over 100 photo ops in about an hour. You’re going to be taking pictures constantly, so you won’t have a lot of time to think of captions. Here are some good ones to help you along.

Canal Cruise

Captions for Canal Cruises

  1. “The best way to get around is on the water. Sorry, cyclists.”
  2. “I wish this cruise would stop there, and there, and there!”
  3. “I hope we don’t see any canal pirates.”
  4. “Every city should have these, we just need to build canals everywhere.”
  5. “Eat your heart out, Venice.”

Have Camera, Will Travel

As you can see, there’s a lot more to Amsterdam than the Red Light District. The canals and beautiful architecture deeply permeate the city. The former home of Van Gogh and Anne Frank has enough historical gravitas for even the most demanding visitor. Don’t pass up the opportunity to see some of the greatest art in the Western world on display at the Rijksmuseum. Do yourself a favor and rent a bike when you visit Amsterdam. Nothing will give you a better feel for the city than seeing it on two wheels.

Have Camera, Will Travel

What comes to mind the most when you think of Amsterdam? Millions of tourists flock to it every year, but why are you going to Amsterdam? Share your responses along with your own Amsterdam-inspired photo captions in the comments section below.

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