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Best Discord Servers for Dating

Best Discord Servers for Dating

Online dating is quickly overtaking in-person meetings as the most popular way for people to meet. Just about every channel that people use to communicate online has been co-opted to some extent for dating. The case of Discord is not surprising, but it is unusual. It started out as a VoIP software platform for gaming and found a lot of success there.

However, Discord’s extensive text chat features drew crowds from all over the place and now the platform is a gateway to just about any kind of community, including the dating world! If you want to jump in and try your luck, these are some of the best dating servers on Discord.


This is easily the most popular dating server on Discord. It has the biggest member base among dating servers, and the creators obviously take it seriously because it even has a dedicated website. It’s also one of the few Discord servers that explicitly promote dating. Other servers may have a dating community but they typically aren’t focused on dating.


Besides the aforementioned thriving community, PlayRoom is also packed with features. It has weekly dating events — such as speed dating — as well as giveaways, and some pretty advanced matchmaking bots. There is a matchmaker bot that functions similarly to Tinder in that you can look through member profiles and Like or Dislike them and match up with your Likes. It also has active moderators that respond to rules violations quickly.

PlayRoom takes donations as well, and there are three donation levels that correspond to perks in the chat rooms. 5, 10, and 15 Euro donations each grant incremental benefits. These include things like sharing images in chat, VIP chat rooms, and private voice chat, among others. All in all, this is the best place to start your Discord dating experience.


This one has a humble but growing community.  M&Y is a lot more relaxed than PlayRoom and they market themselves as an NSFW server. They’re LGBT friendly but not specifically focused on that part of the community. Most user testimonials make it seem like a very welcoming server.


They also have giveaways and matchmaker bots but their verification isn’t very robust. This server has a leveling system where every minute online grants experience and some actions have a minimum level requirement. There are paid roles that span from one dollar for supporters to $100 for the role of The Fabled Pervert of Legends. Each paid role gives increasing access to channel features.


Finesse is not strictly a dating server but it has a lot of the typical elements of one. Their expressed goal is to create and unite a community of creative people. Specifically, the server focuses on artistic endeavors. Users are encouraged to share their art, whether that be music, visual arts, or otherwise. There are roles, similar to your average dating server, but they’re a little different — most are geared towards artists and creatives.

Notably, this is a completely SFW server. Any NSFW activity is reportable and will result in a ban. It’s a server where creative types can become influencers, create tutorials, promote their twitch channels and generally have a good time. And, on the side, it’s a dating server as well.


The Cuties server is about as open as a Discord dating server can be. It basically prohibits anything related to gore, children, doxing, and spamming but all else is fair game. This means that you’ll be free to express yourself but tread carefully, as it also means you’ll be exposed to a lot of questionable material.

It has giveaways, custom emotes, and plenty of events. On the whole, the Cuties server claims to have a fun community, but you’ll have to be the judge of that. However, it’s certainly a growing community with 6000 members and counting. It has a wide selection of fixed and customizable roles.

A Primer on Discord Dating

Discord’s dating servers, in general, have a lot in common. Knowing this will make your experience a lot smoother.

For starters, when you join a server, try to get verified. Verification requirements differ from server to server but getting it will always give you access to a lot of features that you wouldn’t otherwise have. Another thing is to pick a role. Think of roles as tags that let people know what you’re into. It helps others learn a little about you up-front, and can help your interactions run smoother.

Some servers will require you to post pictures of yourself. This is done for many reasons, but the most important one is your safety and, of course, the safety of other members. It’s a good idea to have a picture you don’t mind putting online if you’re interested in using Discord dating servers.

Most importantly, don’t make the moderators angry. It’s a surefire way to make your stay on a server extremely short.


Discord Dating, a New Craze or a Passing Fad?

Here you have a good selection of Discord servers that have thriving dating communities. If you’re really looking to get into the Discord dating scene your best bet is PlayRoom. If you want to try your luck in a more NSFW environment there are certainly plenty of options, but a good place to start is M&Y.

Discord has thousands of dating servers, so there’s something out there for everyone. Do some digging and you’re sure to find one that perfectly suits you.

What is your experience with online dating through Discord? Do you think dating on Discord is going to become more popular as time goes by? Let us know in the comments below.

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