The Best Captions for Jacksonville

Jacksonville is not your run-of-the-mill coastal city. It is one with the biggest area in the lower 48 States. Also, Jax, as the locals like to call it, is the 39th biggest metropolitan area in the United States by population.

If you’re going to the River City, make sure to drop by the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens and the Talbot Islands. We also recommend the Friendship Fountain and the amazing beaches around the city. All these places provide a breathtaking backdrop to your photos and selfies. As for the captions, that’s something we can help you with.

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens Captions

Jacksonville has a beautiful zoo. Together with the city gardens, it is located on the city’s riverfront. The entire location is spread over 117 acres, with the zoo boasting more than 2,000 animals and the gardens having around 1,000 plants. The zoo was founded in 1914 and has since been adapted to suit the needs of many exotic animals. If you’re more of a plant lover, the garden portion has several sections. In 2005, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens opened its first themed garden – Savanna Blooms.

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens Captions

The Zoo and Gardens in Jacksonville are bustling with life. There’s no need to hurry when you get there; go slow and soak it all in. Go to the Land of the Tiger and Giraffe Outlook for the best scenic photos in the Zoo. When you get tired, you can relax in the Gardens. When uploading your fresh snaps, we recommend nature-themed captions that convey the beauty of the place.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. “The Land of the Tiger is beautiful beyond belief. Check it out.”
  2. “There’s nothing better than a relaxing walk among the oaks and magnolias.”
  3. “Take a look at the stunning view from the Giraffe Outlook.”
  4. “Look at this leopard. A majestic beast, indeed.”

Talbot Islands Captions

There are two Talbot islands near Jacksonville – Big and Little – and both rank among the major tourist attractions of the North Florida’s biggest city. The islands are located some 15-20 miles to the east and northeast of the city. The biggest attractions on the Talbot islands are the local state parks. The islands are covered with marshes, dunes, and maritime forests. The wildlife you can find on the islands includes otters, bobcats, rabbits, as well as a host of tide pool creatures, such as oysters and crabs.

The islands are the perfect retreat for the active nature lover. Activity and the beauty of the untamed nature are the main vibes the islands give off. Therefore, make sure to capture them if you decide to post some photos online.

Here are some energetic captions ideas to help you catch the vibe of these beautiful islands:

  1. “It is unbelievable what beauty lies just 15 miles outside the city.”
  2. “Kayaking in the morning will build you up quite an appetite.”
  3. “Surfing near the Big Talbot Island is an amazing experience.”
  4. “Sunrise on the Little Talbot Island is something everyone should experience.”

Friendship Fountain Captions

The Friendship Fountain located in the western part of the Jacksonville downtown is a sight to behold. It looks beautiful during the day, but it truly shines at night when the colorful lights come on. The Fountain was opened in 1965 and once held the titles of the world’s tallest and largest fountain. St. Johns River Park surrounds the fountain. It has countless tables, benches, and ample picnic area, making it the perfect place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Friendship Fountain Captions

With over 60 spouts that can shoot water up to 100 feet in the air, the fountain looks majestic. The surrounding St. Johns River Park is a tranquil place, perfect for those who want to get away from the city. If you’re looking to enrich your Instagram profile with some casual picnic photos and colorful nighttime snaps, don’t miss the Friendship Fountain. When adding captions, make them cool and relaxed; make them easy like Sunday morning.

Here are some cool caption ideas:

  1. “Clear skies, sunshine, and ice cream near the Friendship fountain, that’s how hedonism is spelled.”
  2. “Once the biggest and tallest fountain in the world, the Friendship Fountain has a stunning light show after dark.”
  3. “Life is too short not to treat yourself to a lazy Sunday morning picnic by the Friendship Fountain at least once.”
  4. “The Friendship Fountain wakes up when the night falls over the St. Johns River Park. Lo and behold!”

Beaches Captions

The beaches around Jacksonville are somewhat less popular than those around Miami, Palm Beach, and Tampa, but they too have their fair share of tourists each summer. Neptune Beach, American Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Jacksonville Beach are among the most prominent. Like many beaches around the state, the most popular activities on Jacksonville beaches include swimming and surfing. Some like Jacksonville Beach also have golf courses, fishing piers, and fantastic restaurants.

Beaches Captions

Good times, fun, and relaxation are the first things people think of when someone mentions beaches. It is even more so in case of Florida’s beaches. If you’re going to one of Jacksonville’s beaches by day, the captions on your photos should capture the vibrancy and the beauty of the place. If you’re going there by night, some party captions are in order. Here are some day and night suggestions.

Day suggestions:

  1. “Training hard for the next PGA Tour event here at Atlantic Beach.”
  2. “A sunrise on a Florida beach is something that has to be experienced.”
  3. “Waxed and ready. Off to ride the waves on my new board.”

Night suggestions:

  1. “Beach parties are the best parties!”
  2. “Dancing the night away on the sand.”
  3. “Going for a night swim!”

Captions or It Didn’t Happen

If you’re traveling to Jacksonville, FL, keep your friends and followers updated on your activities. Also, make sure to caption your photos to maximize their effect and exposure on Instagram.

Have you ever been to Jacksonville? If so, would you go back there again? How would you caption a photo taken on vacation in Jacksonville? Share your impressions and caption ideas in the comments section below.

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