The Best Modded Kiks [September 2019]

You’ve probably heard of Kik, the immensely popular messenger app used by people across the globe. People use Kik for all kinds of reasons – to look for love, to talk with their friends on the other side of the world, and yes, to troll people anonymously on the Internet. Whether you use it to communicate with friends, find a date or to troll people anonymously, most smartphone owners will have used the app by now. One interesting thing about the Kik platform is that people have created a number of modified versions of the program, and you can install those versions on your phone in addition to (or instead of) the “vanilla” Kik app.

(Kik announced on September 24th, 2019 that the app would be shutting down in order to focus the company’s energy on both their cryptocurrency Kin and their ongoing fight with the SEC. The original article continues below.)

To make a modded Kik, some clever coder takes the base app and tweaks it to do something differently. Some allow you to use the messenger in different ways while others enable you to circumvent some of the limitations built into the Kik platform. These mods are unauthorized and are frowned upon by the developers of Kik, but they don’t do anything about them.

What’s the point of a modded Kik?

A modded Kik does one or more things differently than the vanilla app. They might be faster, or have a different interface, or even add features. The most common mods change the look and feel of the app and little else. One thing you should be aware of is that some less well-known modded Kiks contain malware or worse. A good number of Kik APKs have been circulating that contains more than just Kik and the modifications. Proceed with caution!

There is also another side to modded Kiks. In the early days, Kik had a few flaws that   either left you exposed or unnecessarily slowed down the experience. Hackers were able to expose your IP address with a simple video link, crash cards could be sent as images or videos which could crash your phone and lag codes could be sent which were URLs that go nowhere, designed only to crash your phone. The majority of hack threats are from angry or frustrated teenagers but there are bound to be real threats out there. Given how much we use our phones and how much personal data we store on it, it makes sense to protect ourselves as much as possible.

Modded Kiks are often programmed to avoid these vulnerabilities. Lag codes for example are coded out of all of these modded kiks while the other vulnerabilities are sidestepped in some or all of the others.

If you’re looking for a modded Kik to star using, here’s our picks for some of the best.

6 thoughts on “The Best Modded Kiks [September 2019]”

Avatar Zee says:
I can’t search groups in these apps what to do
Avatar Heather says:
Will modded versions still work after shutdown?
Avatar Jeanie says:
Will Kik mods still work after shut down?
Avatar Leigh says:
How do you install the mode kik version
Avatar Gary says:
Is there any mode of kik, in which we can see the lurkers in a group??
Avatar Ren says:
Lynx remix
Avatar Lynx says:
I will try Ghost Kik first from this list, thanks.

I have only tried one of the versions of Lynx and it performed pretty well. It had plenty of options for UI customization as well as system tweaks.

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