The Best TikTok Challenges [April 2020]

TikTok is a social media powerhouse that’s hard to rival. Even though most of its features aren’t a new thing, the way users interact and utilize them makes the app attractive.

Different challenges have been trending since TikTok first launched. Interestingly, businesses aren’t immune to them, and some companies use challenges for marketing and promotional purposes.

Business or just fun requests from friends, here are the ones you shouldn’t miss on TikTok.

1. Art Project

User creativity is what makes TikTok tik. Admit it, how many hours have you spent watching the most inspiring videos under a particular hashtag?

As for the Art Project challenge, the idea is to present users with the finest artwork you can make. Since the challenge took off, there were hundreds, if not thousands, of eye-catching paintings, custom clothing, signs, etc.

The thing with this challenge is that it might have the potential to last a long time. If the interest could drop a little by the time you read this article.

2. Beautiful People

Ed Sheeran needs no introduction and, indeed, he has the personality that can draw in crowds. Due to this, most of his new songs are picked up and lip-synced on TikTok. But the story of Beautiful People, featuring Khalid, was a bit different.

TikTok Challenges

Sheeran decided to make it into a fun challenge, and the reaction? A huge number of users followed suit and presented TikTok users with videos of their beautiful family and friends.

And yes, it’s was okay to show your grandpa or grandma in this challenge without attracting negative comments.

3. School Bathroom

This is a really interesting challenge because it plays on the idea that school bathrooms can be a fun playground. To be exact, TikTok challenged users to turn the bathrooms into entertainment hubs.

Accordingly, there was a torrent of videos with children using a school bathroom as a private dance club. There were those who thought the bathroom was a perfect place to showcase their singing talent or lack thereof.

Either way, this was one of the most hilarious challenges. And there are still users who find school or any other bathroom the perfect setting for TikTok posts.

4. Respect the Drip

Regardless of your age, you surely remember the time when your parents failed to appreciate one of your outfits. And this is exactly what happened to a TikTok user. The unfortunate event provided an incentive to spark a challenge and create an unforgettable line.

The line laments over the disapproval of a highly-coordinated outfit, but this isn’t the funniest part of the story. At the end of the line, the challenge required you to present the drip-worthy attire that can attract the most attention.

And there were a bunch of unexpected ballerinas, bunny rabbits, and whatnot. However, there were also outfits that had some serious wow factor.

5. Old Town Road

Lil Nas X has successfully merged county and hip-hop and created one of the most viral challenges on TikTok. Not only that, but this song has also become the soundtrack for various Yee-Haw and Yee-Yee Juice challenges.

Best TikTok Challenge

You could see various cowgirls and cowboys showcasing their dance moves on TikTok, aiming to lasso some of the stardust. Albeit this challenge was kind of short-lived, it teaches a valuable lesson.

Most people agree that the song’s meteoric rise to fame came partly because of TikTok. The challenge and the community-generated hype spilled over to mainstream charts.

6. Me Versus

This challenge sparked a series of snippets into the little annoying daily struggles everyone faces. It’s a special kind of digital satire that depicts those aggravating moments that might set your day off course.

Imagine chasing after a bug for a few minutes, only for the bug to run away just as you move in for the fill. Maybe you struggled with primary school math to figure out how much you need to pay for something?

These, and many more scenarios, are the gist of the Me Versus challenge. So when you feel at odds with the world, don’t hesitate to TikTok about it.

7. Obsessed

Obsessed is a peculiar challenge. It uses an old Mariah Carey song of the same name and merges it with TikTok dance challenges. And despite being more than a decade old, the song seems to have hit a nerve with the younger crowds.

As you might have guessed, the R&B diva participated in the challenge herself. Even though she failed to nail the approach, it was cute to see Carey perform live and dance on social media.

What’s more, the Obsessed challenge hints at a trend on TikTok. Namely, it’s not uncommon to see people merging different challenges to create their own take on a given routine.

8. Hashtag

This is a whole category of challenges, great for promotion and marketing. One such example is the Haribo challenge. This challenge was about a bunch of gummy bears that appear to be singing “Someone Like You” by Adele.

Haribo isn’t actually behind this trend and it all started as an office joke. Still, it stands out as one of the most viral and has inspired other businesses to do a similar thing. Hashtag challenges that are also popular include Fake Travel and Raindrop.

The Fake Travel one is particularly interesting because it prompts users to grab everyday pictures and objects and come up with dummy travel images.

9. Stair Shuffle

More than a year after its inception, Stair Shuffle still appears to be going strong. Judging by the number of people who jumped on the bandwagon, this is probably among the top three most popular challenges.

TikTok Challenge

And if you’ve been on TikTok for a while, you know the drill. Jump on a flight of stairs and perform a choreographed routine while ascending or descending the stairs.

The catch is not to fall, but, inevitably, there were some epic fails that attracted a lot of attention. On the other hand, there was a guy who managed to climb the stairs while juggling a few boxes.

10. Dope Robot

Dope Robot is a challenge for those with some serious dancing skills. As suggested by the name, you’re challenged to do a robot dance and make it all look good. Of course, there were attempts that made you laugh out loud.

But, the TikTok community has a huge pool of users who are actually experts at this. Nevertheless, this challenge didn’t manage to take off as much as some others on the list. If this doesn’t lessen the required skill and the cool factor.

11. Bottle Cap

Even though the Bottle Cap challenge didn’t start on TikTok, it took the social network by storm. And it’s one of those challenges that requires incredible skill and focus.

To remind you, there’s a bottle with a loosely fitted cap. Your job is to unscrew the cap with a single round-house kick. Of course, the bottle must remain in place and the only thing that should fly away is the cap.

This challenge attracted a lot of attention from celebrities who kept challenging each other until the fad died down. Jason Statham managed to Bruce Lee the cap off a bottle and retain his tough-guy image. What’s your favorite take on the bottle cap challenge?

12. DNA Test

DNA test is yet another music-inspired challenge and it came from Lizzo’s song “Truth Hurts”. There is a particular lyric that refers to a DNA test. The cheeky line was enough to prompt a bunch of users to lip-sync and offer their own take on the results of the DNA test.

In addition to the usual song and dance, the participants found a fun way to present you with the actual test results. They wrote it on a piece of paper, stuck it in their mouths, then pulled the results out on their tongue.

To further the humor, the video culminates with the user’s transformation into the given species or nationality. So there were green ogres, seemingly Swedish people wearing giant Ikea bags, ninjas, and whatnot.

13. Rave

This is one of those challenges that looks best when done in large crowds. The catch is to gather as many people as possible, play your favorite rave, and try to create good choreography.

The logistics of the challenge makes it a bit tricky, but there were more than a few users who managed to pull it off. In addition, Rave was a good opportunity for various dance schools to showcase their talents.

14. Couple Goals

Grab your significant other, find a nice romantic song to cover your dance moves, and try to outperform all other couples. Like most other TikTok challenges, this one focuses on the dance moves and the choreography.

But of course, there were couples who took a more fun approach and added a bit of comedy into the routine. And even though it might not seem that way, this challenge will always find its audience.

15. Twins

The aim of this challenge isn’t hard to guess. Persuade your twin to shoot a TikTok video then come up with an impressive dance routine. Sure, there were those who goofed around or found a fun way to show their sibling rivalry.

Either way, this is one of the cutest TikTok challenges and its popularity doesn’t appear to have waned.

Are You Up for a Challenge?

When all is said and done, TikTok challenges are here to stay as they promote the community engagement that’s at the core of the social network.

What are your favorite challenges on other social networks? Have you ever considered making your own challenge? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comments section below.

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